Adam Calhoun for President?!?

Adam Calhoun has always made waves with his unapologetic opinions and stern tone in his YouTube videos. This hasn’t changed even a bit during this sensitive time in United States history. The video “Tough Time To Be A Proud American” was released on January 7th, which contains his blunt opinions on the sad events at the United States Capitol Building. Adam expresses his views about politics, his disappointment with our current president, and his disappointment with politicians in general. This seems to resonate with many Americans currently, especially after the last stimulus bill passed with much “unneeded” spending to non-American entities. After talking about this, Calhoun says he will be running for president in 2024. It seems as though he does not care what anyone says to him about it, saying if Trump and Biden can be president, “I can be president” (Timestamp 4:33). He uses strong language when talking about running for president and recent events, demonstrating his passion for these matters. Regardless of political view, patriotism may just be what many Americans need to get through the dark period we are currently experiencing.

This isn’t the first time he has referenced running for president either; he released a video on December 16th titled “I’m Running 2024”. This video, posted to YouTube about 3 weeks prior, also talks about his extreme disappointment in current politics and government. Whether or not Adam will be running for president is currently unknown. The next election is 4 years away, and many things change quickly, and weirder things have happened. Kanye West has expressed his interest in running, so Calhoun definitely qualifies if he can do it. Hearing more from Calhoun may become an exciting commodity that people won’t keep themselves from watching.


Big Smo Has Beef With Upchurch

Upchurch is no stranger to beef and controversy. A year ago, Upchurch had a diss rap battle with rapper Scru Face Jean. Each exchanged 3 songs battling each other, which, overall, were all done exceptionally well. It was good for publicity for both Upchurch and Scru, as their fan bases grew during the aftermath. But now Upchurch has a new Beef, with an artist from his genre Big Smo. Upchurch talks about the situation with Big Smo in his video “TuH-BaCCa BArnZ” on January 9th, and something seems weird about the whole thing. Upchurch shows a picture of a comment Big Smo left on “No Jumper” under Upchurch’s interview video. Smo’s comment says, “Get the real Kuntry Rap Boss on the show,” which does not seem to be totally accurate.

Big Smo has not been a prominent artist over the last few years; however, he has spent the last 21 years in the music industry. Spotify shows Big Smo with right around 110k monthly listeners, and his most listened to song, “Where You From” was released 3 years ago. It seems like Big Smo is trying to start beef to get more popularity as Upchurch gets 1.5 million listeners every month. Furthermore, Big Smo’s comment continues by saying, “F***** dip spit bottle and no media experience, it was hard to watch!”. Upchurch is a very laid-back guy and stays honest about who he is and hasn’t been media trained like many artists. Calling it unprofessional is unfair because he isn’t trying to act like a professional. Also, due to his shorter than average career, he has demonstrated that nobody can really tell him what to do and when to do it. Does it look a bit unprofessional? Maybe, but he is also not your typical celebrity. Only time will tell if this beef will actually escalate and perhaps produce some diss tracks at each other. It will be fascinating to see in a growing Country Rap culture.


Could Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs Surpass Two Country Music Goats?

Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen… bam… click bait. These two are on absolute tears right now. Wallen is having a remarkable comeback from his controversy in the beginning of the year, with “Sand on My Boots” climbing the charts as his first single back. Luke Combs is sitting on his 12th number one hit with “Cold as You.” We could very easily be watching two all-time greats at the beginning stages of their careers, and it’s a lot of fun. There have been artists before that started hot and phased out, artists like Hunter Hayes had his first six singles all do well before disappearing. I think we are watching these two challenge some of the greatest commercial country artists, Luke Combs could realistically beat out George Strait for the most number ones of all time, and Wallen could challenge Garth Brooks for the best-selling artist of all time. How possible is it and how hot are these guys right now? Funny you ask, read on to find out.

Luke Combs just got it all overnight right? Amazing music, extremely hot wife, money, fame? It just popped up one day… right? Don’t tell Luke Combs that. He struggled early to get any traction or attention on music row. He was told that the songs he brought to the city were terrible, and he should just give it up. Those songs by the way included “Hurricane” and “When it Rains it Pours.” However, after grinding for a while, Combs finally did get the chance he deserved, and after “Hurricane” slowly climbed the charts to #1, the rest of the music took off. In fact, Luke Combs has never not had a song top the charts, he is a perfect 11 for 11 to this point, and “Cold as You” will probably ring the bell in a few weeks. You might say, “who cares, there are lots of artists with radio success who no one cares about,” and you would be correct, but out of his singles, the WORST selling one still is certified gold. I don’t think I need to really sell Luke Combs; I think he’s doing ok, but the streak he is on is fucking crazy, and it just started.

            Ya know what, I will continue to sell Luke Combs, and I’m going to do it by comparing him to, who else, Justin Moore. Justin Moore has had 19 songs released as singles, of those, 10 have topped the charts. In reality, that’s a widely successful career, that’s more than Eric Church, Lee Brice, and Chris Young. Moore released his first single in 2008, Luke Combs released his first single in 2016. That’s how fast Luke Combs has been piling up number ones, he is dwarfing Justin Moore’s numbers and Justin had an eight-year lead on the guy. This is why I think that Luke Combs should be compared to the likes of George Strait, or Alan Jackson.

            First off, I am by no means saying that Luke Combs is George Strait. I am however saying that I do believe that Combs could challenge him for the title of most number one hits by the end of his career. Luke Combs is 31 years old, which gives him about 19 more years of relevance. Let’s say that he has two number one songs per year, that would be 38, plus at the 11 he already has would be 49. George Strait has 44 number ones, and although Luke probably won’t be able to keep up the pace he is on, it’s not impossible. The other part of this is likeability, an artist can do well on the radio but not actually have many fans. Who doesn’t like Luke Combs? He has found the perfect formula of love songs for the girls, 90s country for the traditionalists, and rock songs for the hardcore guys. Anytime Combs comes around me, nosebleed tickets are selling for well over $100.

             So what about the either guy at the top of the country music world? Morgan Wallen is still too new to have the crazy stats Luke Combs has overall, but what his two albums have done in a short time are crazy. Morgan Wallen was another guy who didn’t exactly pop off right away. He was on “The Voice” but failed because he didn’t sing One Direction as well as he sings country. He went to Nashville after that and released “The Way I Talk” which died early on the charts. In 2018 he released the album “If I Know Me” and it didn’t really make much noise. His second single, “Up Down” with Florida Georgia Line topped the charts but didn’t really do much at the time for Wallen. The next single, “Whiskey Glasses” really is the song that changed his career. After that, the mullet came out and the rest is history. Wallen is 4 for 6 with singles going number one, and that’s only because “7 Summers” got dropped off the radio because of the bullshit N-word thing.

            Wallen essentially took 2021 off from the public eye, yet his album “Dangerous” will probably be the best-selling album of 2021, setting a shit ton of chart records in the process. I really don’t think this is going to be a phase either, Wallen has done something similar to Combs in the fact that he has captured a wide audience. He has the look, which is literally setting a trend across America with the mullet and cutoff flannel. The women love him, songs like “7 Summers” went from being a demo he teased on Instagram to a platinum selling smash hit. Men love his as well, songs like “Country A$$ Shit” are meant to fire up his redneck following. I think that Morgan Wallen has a legitimate chance to be the next Garth Brooks.

            The thing about Garth Brooks is that no one really thinks about him as a true country artist or a radio successful guy. He is known as a cowboy who stayed true to himself musically yet competed with the biggest pop stars in the 90s. He also is known for his crazy energy during performances and often is considered the best performer of all time. He is second to only “The Beatles” in all time album sales. I’m not exactly sure how streaming numbers will translate to album sales, because in reality no one buys albums anymore, but I would expect Wallen to be making his way towards the top of the charts regardless.

If you look back the past ten years, there were artists like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and Carrie Underwood dominating the genre, but these two just feel bigger. Luke Combs is just on fire, and although he is far away, he could eventually end up at the very least challenging Strait for the most number ones of all time. Wallen has had a roller coaster of a career so far, yet his controversies (that no one actually gives a shit about) have really only vaulted his success to the next level. I can’t wait to look back in 2030 at this next decade, because I want to see how much more success these guys had over the third most successful artist of the decade (Thomas Rhett maybe?) It will be interesting to continue to track these guys, because I think we are watching two all-time greats battle it out to be the biggest name in country music.


New Music Roundup

           Due to Covid, 2020 pretty much didn’t see any music released. Artists like Hardy still pushed an album out, and other artists like Dustin Lynch released music right before the pandemic that pretty much was just lost. 2021 has been the complete opposite, as everyone seemingly everyone has released new music. Alan Jackson, Chris Young, Clay Walker, Florida Georgia Line are among dozens of artists with new albums this year. The end of 2021 and 2022 will continue to see that trend, with many artists releasing new singles from upcoming albums. With that being said, let’s look at artists that should be releasing music within the next few months.

Brantley Gilbert 

           Sitting on his latest single, “Worst Country Song of All Time,” Brantley, Hardy, and Toby Keith are grinding up the charts as we speak. The single is the first off his upcoming project, and hopefully, we see it by the end of the year. “Fire and Brimstone” will be two years old in October, a good indication that it will be replaced with fresh music very soon. “Brimstone” didn’t reach the level of success of some of Brantley’s past albums, with songs like “Fire’s Up” not making it past the mid-’40s and “Hard Day’s” dying in the high 20’s. It did breed “What Happens in a Small Town” being a number one, but that song won’t go down as a favorite of Brantley Gilbert’s biggest fans. 

           I’m not sure if Brantley will still try for radio success or if he might transition to just making music for his fans. I’d like to see him go back to his rock roots a little more, making music that sounds closer to Lynyrd Skynyrd than George Strait is his bread and butter. I’ll always buy his shit, though, so I’m excited to see what happens with his next album whenever it comes out. 

Cody Johnson

           October 8th is the day! “Human: The Double Album” will finally be released. To date, nine songs from the album have already been released, ranging from classic Cody Johnson jams such as “Til You Can’t” to slower, more meaningful songs like “God Bless the Boy.” It also features the legend Willie Nelson on “Sad Songs and Waltzes.” Like Brantley Gilbert, Cody’s last album “Ain’t Nothin’ to It” came out in 2019 and spawned three singles, with “On My Way to You” reaching the low teens, “Nothin’ on You” and “Dear Rodeo” both dying in the ’40s. 

           Like Brantley Gilbert, Cody Johnson isn’t out there trying to make radio country music. If Gilbert is Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnson is George Strait. He makes very traditional country music, proudly repping his Texas roots and mixing traditional country sounds with modern-day storylines and relatability. I would argue that Johnson is the most underrated artist in modern music. Hopefully, “Human” can be Cody’s huge radio breakthrough, and he can start country music’s renaissance. Still, even if not, it will be a fantastic album that his fans will truly enjoy.   

Cole Swindell

           Cole Swindell, for me, is something of a guilty pleasure. I admit that he is basically just a Jr. version of Luke Bryan, but I just like the guy for some reason. I get excited when he releases new music, and a new album has to be coming soon. “Single Saturday Night” finally topped the charts recently, after about a year and a half. His new single is “Some Habits,” a slow ballet where he talks about how some habits can’t change from being single to being in a relationship. It’s a good song, not my favorite, but it seems like it’s trying to be the opposite of “Break Up in the End.” Two singles recently usually mean that an album is on the way. I’m willing to bet early quarter one of 2022 will be the release of it. 

Dierks Bentley 

           This will be an interesting case; what will Dierks Bentley do with his new album? He basically is on record saying that he released “Gone” to stay relevant in these weird musical times. “Beers On Me” is his current single, featuring Hardy and Breland, and will probably make its way to the top of the charts. What makes this interesting is that I don’t think Dierks cares to release a radio country-friendly album; I think he wants to do another bluegrass album. He released the live album “Live from Telluride,” which features “Pride (In the Name of Love),” which he does as bluegrass. 

           “The Mountain” was released way back in 2018, so Dierks is due for a new album. With his second single climbing, I would expect any day for a preorder to come up. I just hope that he makes the album he wants, not the one that the record label tells him to make. Dierks Bentley has grinded to being one of the top names in country music very quietly. I think Dierks will fade much better than artists like Luke Bryan will; he makes more timeless music that mixes relevancy and reflection of who Dierks really is. 


           Hardy is about to change country music. 33 artists, 14 songs, 14 weeks, one album. Mixtape Vol. 2 is here. Almost every artist who is remotely relevant is on this album. Highlighted by Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore, Dierks Bentley, David Lee Murphy, Jon Pardi, and of course Ernest and Morgan Wallen, this album is going to be fucking insane. Hardy is literally taking over country music right now. My man has fifteen songs on country radio that he wrote, two features with Dierks and Brantley, and his own single climbing. He writes everything for everyone. 

           Hardy has to be on cloud nine right now. He recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Caleigh. He is opening for Jason Aldean on his “Back in the Saddle” tour, and everything he touches turns to gold. I don’t think he’s going to slow down either in 2022, as he will get his second number one with “Give Heaven Some Hell” and hopefully a third with another song off “A Rock.” 

Jason Aldean

           “If I Didn’t Love You” with Carrie Underwood is going to be a smash. Aldean knows that he can pretty much release anything and have it be a number one, but he also knows what his fans want. He usually stays in his lane with a big guitar sound and rocking songs. I would expect more of the same on this next album. The next album will also be his tenth career album, a massive accomplishment for the artist of the decade for the 2010s. I think the artists that came out in the late 2000s are doing something cool and teaming up a little bit more. Aldean, Underwood, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert are all a part of that generation who know they are the cream of the crop and taking advantage as they know their best days are probably behind them. 

Justin Moore

           2021 will go down as a massive year for Justin Moore. He now has ten career number ones as “We Didn’t Have Much” topped the charts. He released “Straight Outta the Country,” an absolute smash record, even if the numbers don’t necessarily back that. He already announced a new single from a new album that will probably drop in 2022 as well. Moore is touring arenas right now all over the country. While I don’t see him jumping up to the level of popularity as Luke Bryan, I think he has a chance to have even longer-term success if he stays in his lane and keeps doing what he’s doing right now. I could see him going down as someone on the same level as Tracy Lawrence, someone who had an excellent career with a few all-time great songs but maybe overshadowed by George Strait and Alan Jackson for most of his career. He just got onto “Mixtape Vol. 2” with Hardy, which speaks to the state of his career right now as well. He can be the “country guy” in a time where pop is ruling the country airwaves. 

Thomas Rhett

           Another guy with a double album on the way, Rhett, released “Country Again (Side A)” was released early in the summer. He hinted that “Side B” will be out before the end of the year, and “Redneck Be Like” has been released as a single. “Side A” was his best album ever, so hopefully, “Side B” is more of the same. “Be Like” is much poppier than anything on the first side, but if you can get over the fact that it isn’t the next great country song, it’s actually fun to listen to. I think “Side B” will produce more great music, and Thomas Rhett might be angling himself to be one of the faces of country music for a long time with Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs. 


10 Artists Upchurch Should Team Up With

Obviously, it’s been no secret that Upchurch has made it his life mission to take down mainstream country. However, he had massive success teaming up with a country legend in Clay Walker. This got me thinking, who are other artists that Upchurch could team up with that would not only benefit him, but benefit both artists? I tried to pick artists who are wild cards or outlaws. Artists who failed at making it into the traditional country mold or have similar followings to Upchurch. Here are my picks.

10. Tyler Farr

            Tyler Farr came on strong, with “Redneck Crazy,” “Whiskey in My Water,” and “A Guy Walks into a Bar.” Then his career sort of went the wrong direction, and he hasn’t had a hit since. The thing with Farr though is that despite not having radio success in almost ten years, he still is relatively relevant. Currently he is on Night Train Records, Jason Aldean’s label under the Broken Bow umbrella. That might stop this from ever happening, but let’s look at why it could be good.

            Tyler Farr already has appeared on multiple songs with Colt Ford. “Chicks, Trucks, Beer” was on his first album, and “My Truck” was on Colt Ford’s “Love Hope Faith” album. Upchurch is definitely a less PC version of Ford, so it would be a step further than that sort of clean rap, but instead of fighting to be relevant to an entire country maybe try to become relevant in a new lane. Tyler Farr has always come across to me as a real redneck, so why not join Upchurch and appeal to that crowd?

9. Trey Lewis

            Anyone ever hear of “Dicked Down in Dallas?” Listen, if Trey Lewis can turn his success from this song into long term radio success, then good for him. But there isn’t much precedent for viral songs like this to the artist into radio success long term, but never say never. However, if Trey Lewis doesn’t make it on radio, why not dip back into what made him famous? Lewis and Upchurch in a room together could lead to hilarious music. “Dallas” will make Lewis have a career in music forever if he wants it, but I think aligning with underground country rap would help him with peak popularity.

8. Florida Georgia Line

            This will probably never happen, just saying it up front. However, the band that lead Nelly to put out a “country” EP could lead the charge in bringing country rap truly mainstream. I also think there’s a chance that Upchurch wouldn’t want to work with FGL, so that dynamic would be interesting, but I think they could make some magic. Imagine the heat that Upchurch could bring to “Cruise” if he was on it instead of Nelly. Just let that set in. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think this would be a sick combo.

7. Trace Adkins

            If it wasn’t for his newest album, Trace wouldn’t be on the list. However, since then he has released music with both Pitbull and Snoop Dogg. Trace has been a polarizing figure in country music for much of his career, but I don’t think he really gives a shit. “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” is a song that will forever live in infamy as one of the weirdest jams in country music history. What does Trace have to lose by teaming with Upchurch?

            It would actually be perfect. Upchurch would gain because he would get another legit huge name on one of his songs. Although it isn’t Alan Jackson like he might prefer, Trace is a respected name that never really had his “countryness” doubted. It might be worth it for the two to go in together on a song.

6. Josh Thompson

            Thompson never really had radio success as an artist, but for anyone who knows his music, its fucking fantastic. I honestly think of him as Morgan Wallen, just ten years to early. After trying hard and being disrespected, he gave up and went into song writing. Recent songs to his credit include “One Margarita” “Drowns the Whiskey” “I’ll Name the Dogs” and “Ain’t Always the Cowboy” among many other hits. I think that he could write a good ole hit with Upchurch, something that mixes “Black Sheep” with some of his more country songs. Josh Thompson isn’t the household name that some of the other people on the list are, but I think the quality of this song would be better than anyone.

5. Kid Rock

            This is where the list turns into artists, I think who would be cool to team with Church to artists that I actually could see making it happen. Imagine the guy who helped get Morgan Wallen in trouble one time teaming with the guy who publicly said the Morgan Wallen drama was a bunch of bullshit. The guy who has been in trouble with the media at least 1,000 times, yet still has one of the best bars in the entire city of Nashville. The guy has a song called “Bawitdaba” where the first minute and a half he just yells his name. He also did the exact same thing Church did, going from rap to rock to country. He had a few hits like “All Summer Long” and “Picture.” I think a night of Upchurch and Kid Rock together would be great for Instagram as well. I think the rap song that would come out of these guys coming together would be fucking amazing.

4. Wheeler Walker Jr.

            This combination would be absolutely electric. The guy behind the songs, “Fuck You Bitch,” “Drop ‘Em Out” and “Eatin’ Pussy/Kickin’ Ass” combining with the guy behind songs like “Rolling Stoned.” I can only imagine what type of music would come out of these two smoking a bunch of weed and writing together. Wheeler Walker hasn’t had music out in a few years now, and, his next album will probably get him canceled the day its released, but it’ll be fantastic. The best thing about these guys is that they don’t give a shit about cancel culture. They aren’t trying to be offensive to anyone, but they don’t have a filter either and will say exactly what they feel. They are almost uncancelable however because of that, they are just going to keep coming back.

3. Craig Campbell

            I really think this is going to happen, and I think I created this if it does. Craig Campbell is the definition of having bad luck in his music career, yet he has managed to stay relevant because of his talent. His song “Keep them Kisses Coming” was on its way to #1 when his record label abruptly closed, and the song dropped off the chart. A few years later he released “Outskirts of Heaven” which was easily the best song of 2016, yet the radio deemed it “to country” and it didn’t gain radio traction.

            Backed by a new investor, Campbell has the freedom to pave his own career path. His new song “Never Mine” was sent to radio, but unfortunately since radio is just a bullshit record label game, it probably won’t get the airtime it deserves. Recently, Campbell teamed with Cypress Spring and Demun Jones on the song “Take Me Back” which is a fantastic country rap song. Campbell has done a number of other features on underground artists like Kristen Kelly and Justin Lee Partin.

            So why should an Upchurch combo come as a result of this? Upchurch recently teamed with another artist that feels like he is similar to Campbell at this stage of his career in Clay Walker. Walker had a few number ones in the 90s, and has had a fantastic career, but his newer music doesn’t sell the same as it did in his prime. I think Campbell also matches this and is a big enough name that it would bring attention to Upchurch’s music. Both artists could receive bumps from teaming up, plus I think the song that would come out of it would be fantastic.

2. Brantley Gilbert

            I don’t want a Church/Gilbert country song. Give me a Creeker 3 hard core rock song from these guys. Let’s be honest, no one turns to Gilbert to get a fix of traditional country music, we listen to him because he’s modern-day southern rock. I want to see the two guys just absolutely tear it up. Unfortunately, this will never happen, because of one name, Big Machine Records. Big Machine will never let Brantley do music with the guy who is trying to take them down, so this will have to be a dream that stays just that. If you want to get a fix of what it might sounds like, just play “Read Me My Rights” and “Hillbilly Psycho” at the same time, and then imagine a crossover.

1. Justin Moore

            This one was easy and let me spoil it by just repeating Big Machine Records with Justin as I did Brantley. But damn the song would be amazing. Upchurch regularly names Justin in his songs, “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” comes to mind. I think the fanbases between the two are very similar, so it would produce good numbers. Justin is only thirty-seven, so he probably has at least another eight years of relevance, but eventually the radio will move on. This could be a cash cow for Justin, turning into the biggest name that is willing to work with country rap artists. It makes a lot of sense for the two to come together, but unfortunately, like Gilbert, it’ll be a long time if it ever happens. If you want to hear this combo together, listen to “Black Sheep” with “Jesus and Jack Daniels.”


Jelly Roll is Ryman Auditorium Bound

Jelly Roll is a pretty badass dude. While I am no expert on the man’s history, I did listen to this episode of “Bussin with The Boys” where he dives deep into his past.

For those who don’t know Jelly Roll’s music, it’s in a similar lane to that of Adam Calhoun, Struggle Jennings, and Upchurch. Some of his most popular songs are “Save Me,” “Creature” and “Fall in the Fall.” He has never really given a shit about fitting in or doing what will make him famous or rich, instead he has paved his own way. Interestingly enough however, that path he is paving has now taken him to the mother church of country music, the Ryman.

A few days ago, Jelly Roll at the Ryman. As a guy who grew up in Nashville, you could see during his set the emotions of performing at a place he grew up right down the road from. Most outlaw artists such as Jelly Roll hate record labels and mainstream country, but at the end of the day the Ryman is a different level. If an institution like that recognizes you, you’ve made it to a certain level. Jelly Roll might not be a household name, but the guy has 717k followers on Instagram and ten years of music behind him, so he’s very well established and ready to take the next step. Could that step be radio? He mentioned that he has radio friendly enough music that he might shoot his shot with.

Could Jelly Roll be the guy that pushes country rap to the next level? He just might be. With Adam Calhoun seemingly moving on from the game, Upchurch wanting to stay on the path he is on and doing it his way, Jelly Roll might be the guy that infiltrates mainstream country and flips it on its head. Now, if you’re like me, you don’t necessarily want country rap being the next phase on country radio. I would rather turn on the station and hear steel guitar and southern twang, BUT if we are acting like Dan + Shay are the biggest stars in country music, than country rappers deserve to be there just as much.

Country rap is on the up and up, and Jelly Roll’s latest accomplishment is noteworthy. The mother church of country music is recognizing Jelly Roll and his music. That’s massive, and it would be sick if he brought out the other boys that night. I haven’t seen any of these guys live in concert yet, but as the genre grows the tours will follow. I think it would be absolutely badass if they did a tour together, or even if Jelly Roll and Upchurch teamed up and Struggle Jennings and Adam Calhoun did it and went on tour. On social media, these guys are similar size or bigger than artists selling out arenas, why not give it a shot? Congratulations to Jelly Roll! Lets see whats next!


The Machine Gun Kelly Concert Saga

I’ve wanted to see a Machine Gun Kelly concert for awhile now. Machine Gun Kelly has been around quite a while. At least long enough to see him at Warped Tour in 2012 (I feel like I’m WAY too young to already date myself). He has been mostly hip-hop music throughout his career, and to me, he has been very good. MGK didn’t fully develop his vast popularity until the drop of Tickets To My Downfall (spoiler alert, there is an article here talking about it!). I was determined, as were many people, to see him perform TTMD live, and the tour just so happened to be coming to The Big E, which is local to me. Getting tickets is the first step, right? After that, you make plans and just enjoy the show. Well… if only it was that easy. 

I found out on April 29th MGK was coming to The Big E in September, the day before tickets went on sale, April 30th at 10 am. I was working third shift (11 pm to 7 am), but I knew after work I HAD to stay up to get a chance of a lifetime. That is exactly what I did, and the headaches started. At 10 am, the Big E website decided it didn’t want to do anything that morning and crashed. It was down for nearly an hour at this point, and I had no idea at all if it was just me or the thousands of people that also wanted to go. I stayed persistent and finally, after an hour and a half, got the 7 tickets I ordered for my friends and me into the cart. Then, the checkout cart crashed 8 times as I counted. I finally got a payment receipt just after 12 pm, exhausted but triumphant. At that point, I went to bed for my 3rd shift that night. All that’s left is to plan and go, right? COVID numbers were down, I had plenty of work time, I was not worried about going.

Of course, I didn’t think dumbass people would try to cancel the concert due to his name. Many people were worried by his name, which if you have listened to him before, you would know his name has nothing to do with firearms of any sort. Some people interviewing Western Mass News also pointed out vulgar language, the debacle surrounding the tickets, and the Big E’s limited seating for the concert itself. The backlash seemed to be everywhere, and I wasn’t at all sure what was going to happen if so many people didn’t want to see MGK perform at all. It all seemed very ridiculous to me, but that is pretty much the way of the world these days, and the Big E confirmed the concert was still on. So, I took the night off yesterday (also on 3rd shift this week) and went with my girlfriend, myself, and 5 good friends.

Let me tell you, this concert was worth ALL of the headaches and issues that seemed to lead up to it. In the opening part of the concert, MGK rose up out of what appears to be a prescription bottle of some sort (video of the opener does appear on my TikTok @Wrecked_DT, as well as youtube) and proceeded to play many songs he has had over the years. Most of “Tickets To My Downfall” was played, as well as a couple songs produced during covid, and some of his a little older, very popular hip-hop music. After roughly 2.5 hours, a sore throat, and a voice I couldn’t seem to find, we all left one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Not from Big E show, but from same tour.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to report of the Big E itself; other than every alcohol line was long, the cheapest Bud Light you could find was $8, and there were a lot of people (about 80,000 people on opening night). Also, parking was weird, but it’s not really surprising with all the people around. If you get a chance to go see MGK live, do it. He is one of the best live performers of this generation that you will EVER see. Hell, he bought 2 kids to sing with him and pulled a kid out of the crowd to TAKE OVER ON DRUMS for a song. He ate his first funnel cake on stage and proceeded to strum his guitar with it, comparing the feel on his fingers to “semen.” That may be because he was high for the concert (he smoked quite a bit on stage, but it doesn’t change the experience) but nonetheless, take the chance to go if you can. I promise you will NOT regret it. 


The “Field Of Dreams” Is A Dream No Longer

            I’ve hit a pretty severe writer’s block as of recently, and I couldn’t really place where it stemmed from. This was until I saw the Yankees and White Sox play in the Field Of Dreams game, and suddenly, I needed to talk about it. Based on a movie with Kevin Costner, the Field of Dreams was released in 1989, and the basic premise was one of the most memorable lines from the movie “if you build it, he will come.” This movie was legendary to any baseball fan, and now the dream has come true. Just a very short distance from where the movie was actually shot, The Yanks and White Sox teed up for what could be one of the best moments in baseball in recent history.

The intro didn’t disappoint anyone, as the first one through the corn was Kevin Costner himself, setting the cinematic scene for both teams to shortly follow. As both teams shake hands with Kevin, and they line up between 1st and 3rd base, Costner delivers an awesome speech to everyone in attendance, talking about the movie and the significance of the event. In an interview with the Fox broadcasters, he later goes in-depth as to his feelings with the whole event, including design and execution of making the entire thing possible. Then the actual game started, which was an edge-of-your-seat type game.

I won’t sum up the whole game, but it came down to 3 9th inning home runs into the corn to decide the winner. Liam Hendricks, arguably the best reliever in baseball to date, was on the mound for the Sox to close out the game in the Iowa cornfield. After a leadoff single, Hendricks locked down 2 outs, with Aaron Judge at the plate. In classic Judge fashion, he put a ball over the right-field corn for a 2 run shot, putting the Yankees within one. Liam proceeded to walk Gallo to bring up Giancarlo Stanton, whose only hit also came in the 9th, with another 2 run shot to put the Yankees up 8-7. Most people thought that the game was just over after that.

But that was only the top 9th inning. Liam gets the final out, and they go to the bottom of the inning. Zach Britton on the mound gets the first out and allows a free pass to Seby Zavala (who also hit a home run in the 4th inning) to bring up Tim Anderson. Anderson saw 1 pitch in the whole at-bat in the 9th, and it was all it took. Anderson deposited this ball into the corn in right field for a walk-off win for the White Sox. This game was a wild one, featuring a total of 8 home runs in the game, Jose Abreu hitting the first-ever in the 1st inning at the Field Of Dreams. Watching the movie as a kid, I always wondered if the movie would become an actual reality. I don’t have to wait to find out any more, the dream is real, and it was one of the most enjoyable MLB moments that I’ve been alive for. Tune in next year, as the dream is once again revived for a Reds vs. Cubs showdown