Adam Calhoun gearing up new album “Pressure”

Adam Calhoun made a significant announcement on his Instagram today. His new album “Pressure” is set for coming to iTunes for preorder on Tuesday. “Pressure” is Calhoun’s seventh studio album and his first release since “Legend” was dropped last year with Struggle Jennings. With Calhoun being independent, he can make albums as much as he wants. Since dropping his solo album “AmerAcal” in 2018, he has released music fast and furious. Since Calhoun often raps about politics, it’ll be interesting to hear his take on events such as the election and other political events that have transpired. Since his last album was released, he has put out a few songs, “The Patriot,” “That White Boy,” “The Slaughter,”” Ratchet Strap,” and “Just Hold On” could all be on “Pressure.”


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