Kris Kristofferson Retires

Kris Kristofferson has done it all, and now he has decided that he has done enough. Kristofferson has several accolades to his name, including awards from the ACMs, CMAs’ and Grammys. He also has an acting award from the Golden Globe awards, among various other awards. He had multiple hit songs and hit records throughout his musical career, including the 1973 hit “Why Me” off the gold-selling album “Jesus was a Capricorn.” He got to be a quarter of the Highwaymen, along with Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings. Of the group, Willie Nelson is now the only active artist. He starred in “A Star is Born” in 1976 and “Blade” in 1998.

All of this would lead someone to believe they had a successful career, but it goes beyond that with Kristofferson. He is the father of 8 kids, spanning 32 years between the oldest and youngest. He is a Bachelor of Arts from Pomona College and a Bachelor of Philosophy from Merton College. During his time there, he won boxing awards and played rugby while writing music on the side. He then served in the Army, where he became a captain and in 2003 was awarded the Veteran of the Year.

I do not blame Kristofferson for being tired; he worked his ass off for a long time and deserved to take a break. I will regret never seeing him live, but I think he is making the right choice. Between COVID and the stress of creating music and film, it seems like a good time to kick back and not have to worry about it. Congratulations, Kris Kristofferson, on a successful career, and enjoy the next chapter of your life.


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