Ranking all 30 songs from “Dangerous”

The final article about “Dangerous- the double album.” Over the past month and a half I wrote about all thirty songs, only taking a short break during the N-word controversy out of respect for anyone unhappy with Wallen. Not that I have written all the reviews I can finally move onto other artists. What I thought would be a good idea at first just wasn’t, but I wanted to stick it out anyway. This article will be me ranking all 30 songs on the album from my favorite to least favorite. I won’t write why I do or don’t like a song, because I already did in the album reviews. Without further a due, here we go…

30. Me on Whiskey

29. Livin’ the Dream

29. Need a Boat

27. Wonderin’ ‘bout the Wind

26. Quittin’ Time

25. Wasted on You

24. Warning

23. Neon Eyes

22. Whiskey’d My Way

21. Your Bartender

20. More Surprised Than Me

19. Heartless

18. Dangerous

17. 7 Summers

16. 865

15. Still Goin Down

14. Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt

13. Country A$$ Shit

12. Only Thing That’s Gone (featuring Chris Stapleton)

11. Somebody’s Problem

10. Blame It on Me

9. Somethin’ Country

8. Sand in My Boots

7. Outlaw (featuring Ben Burgess)

6. Cover Me Up

5. Watcha Think of Country Now

4. Beer Don’t

3. More Than My Hometown

2. This Bar

1. Silverado For Sale


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