Hardy Releases “Give Heaven Some Hell” To Radio

           Hardy is releasing his next single, “Give Heaven Some Hell,” to radio this month. “Some Hell” is the follow up to “One Beer,” the song with Lauren Alaina and Devin Dawson, which went #1. Hardy seems to be following the same path that Morgan Wallen did, having “Rednecker,” his debut single, top out on the radio at #23. In contrast, Wallen had “The Way I Talk” top out at 35. Then Wallen released “Up Down” with Florida Georgia Line, which went to #1 and even spurred a drinking game. Hardy used his friends to help boost an already great song as well on “Beer.” Wallen’s third single was “Whiskey Glasses” and is arguably the song that changed Wallen’s career forever. With “Some Hell” coming out, Hardy is hoping to follow that success as well. He is definitely primed to do it, being one of if not the best songwriters right now and having an understanding of what he does well. Hardy being best friends with Morgan Wallen, doesn’t hurt him either. However, it is worth saying that Hardy would be fine without any help based on talent alone.

           “Give Heaven Some Hell” is an all-around fantastic song. In the song, his friend dies, and their friend group is at the funeral, sharing all of the good times they had with the guy. The chorus is about how when the friend gets to heaven, they expect him to fuck some shit up. Then once they all get to heaven someday, they can continue to be loud and wild. Hardy does this fantastic thing where he takes a heavy song that can trigger emotions; I know for me it did, but make it upbeat and fun to listen to. The song makes you want to scream out every lyric with your windows down, but at the same time can bring a tear to your eye. I also like how it ties back all of the wildness to this religious side, where Hardy says things like, “You had a wild side, but you had amazing grace.” It balances the fact that this guy lived life to the fullest and loved God, and is a church-going man. The bridge is about reflecting on a time at church when the friend gave himself to God, “I was there when you raised your hand,” and how that experience together grew them closer. 

           Hardy is a master of songwriting, and I think that he might go on to be one of the top songwriters of all time. He can see words and phrases differently than others. “Give Heaven Some Hell” shouldn’t have taken this long to be written, it is a straightforward phrase that seems like it should’ve been discovered, but it wasn’t until Hardy came along. I’m not a songwriter, but I can appreciate cleverness in words, and for some reason, Hardy lyrics just hit differently. It might be how he says things, it might be the delivery of how he says something, but either way, it only works. I cannot wait to hear “Some Hell” on the radio. I hope that it is a bigger smash than “Whiskey Glasses” and launches Hardy’s career bigger into a whole new stratosphere.


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