Luke Combs Opens Up About Mental Health Battles

            Artists are starting off 2021 by opening up about struggles they have with themselves. Ryan Upchurch put out a video recently that brings up mental health and encourages people to control it. Luke Combs has a beautiful wife, lots of money, and might be the biggest star in the genre right now. However that doesn’t make him not human, and recently he has brought his personal struggles to life. On a preview for “The Big Interview with Dan Rather” Combs talks about his past struggles with anxiety when he was younger, and how he still struggles with OCD today. Combs states that many people with OCD are often trying to keep things perfectly strait like blinds or a carpet, however it is different for him.

“My version of messing with the blinds or straightening the carpet are thoughts that I play over and over in my head, it’ll be something about my health. I’ll be worried that I’m about to have a heart attack, or a stroke. It becomes this very obsessive thing that I, you literally can never have an answer to.”

            Mental health issues is a huge issue in today’s landscape, and the pandemic has done nothing to help it. The suicide rates last year were on the rise, as the unfortunate thing is that people don’t see beyond the numbers. Luke Combs opening up on his struggles shows that it is ok to not be perfect and have struggles, but you can deal with those struggles and deal with it. The entire interview will be this Wednesday at 8 eastern time on Axs TV, and hopefully it will be on YouTube for those without access to that channel.  If you are struggling with a mental illness, and need someone to look up to, check out the interview and then don’t be afraid to get help. It takes someone strong to get help, and it will make life so much better.


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