TJ Osborne, Lead Singer of Brothers Osborne, Come Out Gay

A lot of today will be about the fallout of Morgan Wallen, but there is another huge story going on. TJ Osborne, the lead singer of Brothers Osborne, has come out as gay. In an article with Time magazine, Osborne revealed that he has been out to friends and family for a long time, but not the public. First of all, congratulations to the Nashville community to hold a secret like that back. Second of all, congratulations to TJ Osborne for finally just being able to live his life open. I’m sure he will take some heat for being a gay country singer, but I also think that most of the world doesn’t care. He and his brother still make great music, and they deserve everything that they have worked for. He talks in the article about if he thinks this might affect his career, and he said that he thinks in some ways. For example, playing a smaller fair in a rural town or showing up to award shows with a guy, and unfortunately, he might be right. However, I think that he has something that many other people who come out don’t have the respect of people in those types of areas. The Brothers Osborne are known and loved for making traditional country music and rock country music, unlike artists like Lil Nas X, who came out during the height of “Old Town Road,” which traditionalists hated already. I think that TJ has a chance to influence an audience that no one who has come out ever has. This defiantly won’t have the same effect as someone like George Strait coming out would. Still, I think that this could actually make a difference if TJ can navigate it. Congratulations again to TJ, and hopefully, he finds that just because someone might lean red doesn’t mean that they don’t wish him the best.


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