Adam Calhoun Releases “Larry Bird” from “Pressure” Album

Adam Calhoun’s new album, “Pressure,”  releases next Friday. To promote it, Calhoun dropped the music video for the song “Larry Bird.” The video hit the internet last night and has already climbed to over 100k. It’s an abnormal look for Calhoun, as much of the song isn’t as much “country” as it is a rap song with some references to being a hick. It’s possible that this one song doesn’t follow the same themes as the rest of the album, but “Bird” lacks the “country” vibe that Calhoun has used throughout his career. Calhoun has been doing a vlog about the writing and recording of the album, which depicts making the album. He teases snippets of songs that will likely make the album, but it still isn’t clear how or where it will fall into the genre. It is promising to hear that his lyric structure seems exceptionally well thought out, which hasn’t always been the case on Calhoun songs. The small parts they tease also sound different than anything he has released in the past. This is a very refreshing sound, especially with other genres, especially country music, to get a generic sound. For those like Calhoun or like to dabble in hip hop heavy music, “Pressure” drops January 22nd, and the preorder is available now.


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