Review of Upchurch’s “Miss My Buddies”

In 2020, Upchurch has released a ton of relatable, popular music in the country rap and country community. “I Miss My Buddies,” which was released November 9th, is a prime example of this. This song’s content resonates with anyone who used to spend time drinking on the porch or convoying around the town in pickups with their buddies. The timing of this song being released is perfect, as it serves as a dual purpose between years gone by and even a short-term reminder of what life was before the Coronavirus pandemic. He talks about all of the good times he had with all of his friends, doing crazy shit and hanging out with everyone he’s close to. Everyone feels this way, in one way or another. 

“You don’t know what you’re missin’ ’til you start to grow up and you were high on life with a lift on your truck.” 

That line was taken from the beginning of verse 2, and which talks about how life gets busy, and things change. You lose time for the people close to you that you used to have so much time for. It’s something many of us deal with as you grow up, and it gets tough to balance spending time with the people you love and work with. Upchurch has songs that resonate with many people, and his content in his music is always spot on. This song is absolutely no exception, as it contains many different ways for people to connect with it. This song is a little different from Upchurch, as he tends to write a lot of uplifting, upbeat, high energy music. As his country music side became very prevalent, so did the content of his music. It’s songs like this that will widen Upchurch’s fan base and further cement himself into music history books.

“I could use another night in a truck all muddy rollin’ through Music City tryna make a girl love me one more night on the town; I wish to take me back to bein’ young, dumb, and on that strip”


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