Ryan Upchurch Goes On “No Jumper” Podcast

Time and time again, Ryan Upchurch continues to show his integrity and humbleness as he continues to grow as a person and artist in music. Upchurch appeared on the podcast “No Jumper” on December 24th. Upchurch is protective of his message and doesn’t do a lot of interviews. In this hour-long interview with Adam22, Upchurch covers everything from his career and rise to fame, beefs, and controversies, to just everyday life. It is a cool new level of looking into Upchurch’s mind, who is already known for his transparency. He talks about the Katie Noel situation in depth, which he never fully disclosed what happened previously. He talks about how the former relationship started and why Upchurch and Katie are no longer together. If you are not familiar with this situation, Katie Noel was an upcoming country artist who dated Upchurch for a while, which ended up very poorly, and “rape” allegations quickly debunked. Most of Upchurch’s fans stuck by his side, and Katie’s career seems to have faded after their hit single “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” was released and passed. Upchurch also talks about being an independent artist and how much work it is, and how important of an asset it is to him, which spoke volumes to his character. He even talks about going into Big Machine Records just to get the contract offers to hang on his wall at home, so he can collect them. Upchurch won’t sign to a record label; he writes plenty of music and completely controls his image and brand. He also defends that he is a real rapper, although he doesn’t claim to be in the rap industry or know much about it. He even says that he only wears his necklace to impress Adam22. The interview is worth a listen if you like Upchurch, and the video is posted below.


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