Upchurch Enlists a Country Legend for “A Little While”

Ryan Upchurch has been on a country tear in 2020, releasing the album “Everlasting Country” and now returning with the single “A Little While.” Upchurch has been teasing this song for a while now, as he has said he would be working with a country music legend, and he didn’t disappoint. Clay Walker was featured on the song, an artist with six number one songs and a timeless influence.

 A Little While” is a short song, with only a 3:08 run time, but it is content-rich and feels appropriate. The song is about how short life is and why you should enjoy it before it is gone. It’s a wholesome message, which in the last year, is needed now more than ever. Clay Walker has thrived in the country music industry for over 25 years, which is touched on in the line “Feeling like a country superstar from a past time,” referencing Walker’s long and successful career. He really had a traditional country sound throughout his career, which adds to the appropriation of him being Upchurch’s duet partner. This song seems like a blast from the past, and how country music sounded in the early 2000s. Artists should note this and realize that there is still a place for country in country music.

Over the last 10 years, country music hasn’t been what it used to be; it’s become extraordinarily generic and vanilla.The top artists in the genre have found a profitable formula, and they are afraid to divert from that. The result of this is all new radio music sounds very similar. Sure, this may make them more playable or repeatable. Still, most new music misses the mark for people who enjoy country music for its lyrics and traditional sound. Upchurch has made his mission to exploit and reshape the country music industry. Getting a star of Clay Walker’s caliber to back him says a ton about his career trajectory.The reality is a 90s era country music star. An artist with a substantial underground following might have released the best song in 2020. The video for the song has been posted below.


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