Adam Calhoun Drops “Pressure”

Adam Calhoun released his new country rap album “Pressure” on January 21st, and it’s not totally sure how well country rap enthusiasts will enjoy this album as of yet. As Adam conveyed in his “Pressure” vlog, he aimed for a hip-hop heavy album, and he achieved that. The problem is those fans that solely listen to his country rap content will not have much new material to listen to off “Pressure”. Every album has good and bad songs on it, and this album is no exception. Much of the album ditches the country genre and focuses on his hip hop skills and flow. This isn’t really a bad thing, as songs like “Bastards” really showcase what he is capable of in music, but other songs like the cover song “Pressure” sound kind of choppy and seem to miss the mark, even in the hip hop genre. His rhyme schemes and topic appear to be decent for the most part, as is expected from Calhoun; however, he did rhyme bubble gum with bubble gum in “Pressure”, which sounded awkward and out of place. Many of the choruses on this album lacked a bit, and many were somewhat monotone bland. Still, for a hip-hop heavy album that Calhoun really hasn’t had to date, perfection isn’t an expectation.

Some of these songs will have replay ability, like “Larry Bird”, “Small Town”, “Bastards, and “Tree Tire”, which were all written very well and have some content that country rap fans can gravitate to. Some others, however, may be looked at as sort of a “filler song” in between some others that will definitely linger with the main listeners. The vlog Adam posted on YouTube while producing the album was a very personal touch that should be well received. It gives an inside look at producing “Pressure” as a whole. A lot goes into albums like this, especially albums from an independent artist trying something different from the norm over his short career. It could have some improvements in certain areas. Still, with fresh beats and lyrics that stray away from industry normality’s, It’s a good step in the right direction. Overall, if you haven’t listened to “Pressure” by Adam Calhoun, it is definitely well worth listening to. The taste in this album will mostly depend on what you usually listen to or what brought you to country rap. If you came from primarily country music, chances are you won’t like a heavy hip hop album like this. However, if you came from primarily hip hop, this album may be a new taste that you’ve been waiting for.


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