Upchurch Teams Up with His Mom for “Fallen”

           Upchurch has become a significant force in the country rap community by being an outlaw, unapologetically putting out any genre of a song he wants whenever he wants. However, in 2019, he released a song that did something potentially no artist has ever done before. “Fallen” off of the album “Parachute” is a song that he dedicated to his mom, known by fans as “Mama Church.” The thing that sets this song apart from others is that he features his mother in the song’s chorus! Although there have been duets between a child and parent-like “Tear in my Beer” from Hank Williams Jr. and senior, we haven’t become aware of one between a son and a mother. It becomes apparent where Upchurch got his voice from, as Mama Church holds her own in the song. Upchurch posted a video called “AXE MII 2” on his YouTube channel. When asked about what his favorite song he ever recorded was. He replied by singing the chorus to the song, and then stated, “favorite song I ever done.” As someone who has released 14 albums in just four years, that is high praise for the song. Music in 2020 is generally written to sound good in concert or be checklisty to become a hit on the radio, but “Fallen” is neither of those things. It’s a song about the people who are there when you hit rock bottom and those who help you back up from that. It feels like it has his soul in it. It is not written just to trigger emotions from the listener; it just has an honesty that makes the listener want to relate it to someone in their life. Upchurch’s brand is honesty and transparency.  He makes the music that people signed to big record labels can’t make because they don’t fit the “Nashville mold”.  Many of his songs are loud jams; this one is a refreshing break from that, which still holds up to his previously mentioned “brand”. Below is the music video for “Fallen” and the video for Upchurch’s YouTube video about the song, which he talks about at 3:48.


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