Even Wheeler Walker Jr. Is Apologizing In 2021!

           For those of you who don’t know Wheeler Walker Jr., well, we probably aren’t friends. Wheeler’s raw, unfiltered music makes “Dicked Down in Dallas” look like a song that you could sing at church. Songs titles from Wheeler look like “Finger up My Butt,” “Sit on My Face,” and “Fuck You Bitch.” For anyone who says, “Oh, maybe they are just funny song titles,” no, it is precisely what you would expect it to be. If you are soft and a plastic potato makes you offended, DO NOT listen to this man. If you want to laugh your ass off and not take life too seriously, then absolutely crank his shit up.

           However, something is happening in 2021; whoever calls the shots on what is right and wrong has decided that everything is racist and wrong. Celebrities aren’t allowed to make mistakes, and if they do, they are forced to disappear forever. We have already seen Morgan Wallen come out and talk about his latest scandal. This video is basically five minutes of Wallen saying he is glad he got caught to truly fix himself. I’m not sure that is true, but he has been quiet for almost a month, and I don’t think he will come back in the foreseeable future. That led to spoof videos from Upchurch, but even more entertaining than his, Wheeler Walker Jr. broke his silence on it.

           Walker, talking about his TMZ video leak, admits that he was on heavy drugs and tide pods. He also talks about how he needs to be better at bitches and sluts, and the guy who is giving him a blowjob. Finally, he talks about how he is currently 26 minutes sober, potentially a record for Wheeler Walker Jr. He then apologizes for all of his music and how using the words skank and hoe, titties, and more. Finally, he performs a poem from Lil Wayne.

           The video is worth a watch, trust me. If you want to hear the most sarcastic, unapologetic apology video ever that will make people squirm who can’t take a joke, watch it. After you watch it, go get in your truck, crank up some of his vulgar music and ride out to a very public place. Let people squirm at the lyrics of Eatin’ Pussy/Kickin’ Ass and the rest of Walker Jrs. Hilarious music.


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