The Colts have a type, and they prove it by acquiring Carson Wentz

           For those of which who are football fans, you might have heard of Lucas Oil Stadium. As Yankee Stadium was called the “House that Ruth Built,” this stadium was called “the house that Peyton built.” As someone who has been to the stadium, I can say that it is a fantastic place. I love the city of Indianapolis, and I believe that it incorporates the heartland of America. That is something that the Colts had in a quarterback for a long time, a blue-collar guy who cared about football more than anything, and they got the ultimate reward as a result. That magic has been something that Indy has been chasing ever since February 4th, 2007. They thought they had something with Andrew Luck, but it didn’t work out. They then got Phillip Rivers, getting back a southern boy from Alabama, and while the results were ok, it wasn’t a Super Bowl.

However, the Colts are going from one country boy quarterback to the next, as they have acquired Carson Wentz from the Philadelphia Eagles. Rivers, known for wearing a bolo tie and cowboy boots, has never hidden that he is a country boy. Although he is quiet on social media, there are plenty of pictures showing up to games in a truck wearing his square dance-ready formal attire. The eight-time pro bowler finally called it a career after 2020, playing for sixteen seasons with the Chargers and one with the Colts. Rivers lead the Chargers as far as the AFC championship game but never made a Super Bowl.

Now comes in Carson Wentz, after five up and down years in Philadelphia, to replace Rivers. Wentz got a lot of crap in 2020, having his worst season and getting replaced by Jalen Hurts later on in the season. Still, he has been an MVP caliber player for more than half of his career. Looking at Wentz on Instagram, he features him with a custom Ford Super Duty and works his farm side-by-side and other toys. He also has an Instagram page dedicated to this, the Wentzbrosoutdoors page. This page features Wentz and friends out hunting, working the land, and playing with the dog.

      I think it’s pretty apparent the Colts have a type, and maybe that is because of the city’s location. Indianapolis is right in the heartland of America, known for being a bunch of hardworking folks. The organization started out with drafting Peyton Manning, who played with them for thirteen seasons before moving onto the Broncos, a southern boy who grew up in Louisiana and played football for Tennessee. Then they drafted Andrew Luck, who they had for six seasons before abruptly retiring. Despite his skill, they never got further than the AFC championship. That started a rotation of QB’s before the Colts went for another southern boy with Phillip Rivers and had minor success. They are not betting again on a redneck to take the next step with, which now puts the ball in Wentz’s court to either put up or maybe be put out of the league.


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