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Artists today are trying to look for ways to make profits in ways besides music. Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, and Dierks Bentley, among other things, have opened restaurants and put out alcohol to make money. However, some artists don’t have that sort of brand yet to pull off, so they look at other ways to have a side hustle. Jon Langston started pushing his farm, Ozora Farm, on Instagram last April, as an outdoor escape for his family, friends, and other recognizable names. He sells merchandise for the farm, with donations from that going to the Live to Hunt foundation. The Ozora Farm is a fantastic way for country artists to get out into nature, show off their outdoorsman skills, and increase their creditability as country people.

Jon Langston isn’t on the fast track to success like some artists seem to have been lately, and that is a shame for fans of rock-influenced country music. Langston started making music in 2013 when he played small bars and frat parties and has been organically growing a loyal fanbase from his experiences. He released songs like “All Eyes on Us” and “Right Girl Wrong Time,” which are both really good but never really made any noise since they were released independently.

Finally, Luke Bryan came along and offered Langston a record deal, so his music could be more widely heard. The debut single under Bryan’s label was “Now You Know,” which peaked in the mid-’30s but is an absolute jam. His follow-up single, “Happy Ever After,” is another rock-influenced song but should be able to get higher than his last single. Langston has released songs here and there, but his fans really crave the full-length album, which will hopefully come out in 2021.

Ozora Farms first popped up on Instagram last April, about a month into the pandemic. At first, the page posted about merch, but soon after, Langston started showing pictures of the game he killed on the farm. He has killed turkey, coyote, deer, and duck throughout the past eight months while also catching bass in the pond on the farm. The progress of goats and ducks that Langston grew has been documented as well. Langston looks to continue to grow the Ozora Farm brand, and as his music career progresses, it will be cool to see what the farm can become.

Although we couldn’t find exactly where the farm is located, multiple pictures were tagged with Tennessee. As a result, it seems like Langston should have plenty of special guests drop by, and he hasn’t disappointed. Morgan Wallen was the first artist to appear on the Ozora Farm Instagram page. Wallen had a beer in hand and a fire in the background. A few days later, Travis Denning and Mitchell Tenpenny were at the farm, unsuccessfully turkey hunting. In the music video for “Damn, I Need a Dirt Road” (a great song) featuring Langston at the Farm. The members of Lanco stopped by at one point to hang out recently as well. With the farm being in Tennessee, expect to see more stars head out to the farm as well.

2020 seemed to be the year of collaboration on social media. TikTok stars have the hype house where they get together and make videos together. Some Nashville-based artists came together to form the 615 house, where they do the same thing. However, likely, none of them will actually have successful careers besides their online following. As a fan of people who do the things I do, I want to see the Ozora Farm turn into something like that. I want to see Travis Denning fishing and Langston out hunting deer. I want to see Morgan Wallen fishing by day and shotgunning beers by night. Music is much more enjoyable when you support genuine people you feel you know on a more interment level. Good work Jon Langston and keep up the excellent work. Below you can take a look at the farm in the music video for “Damn I Need a Dirt Road.”


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  1. You couldn’t find it? Lol it’s public record. Look at the address the LLC was filed under. Took like 30 seconds.

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