MGK Drops “Tickets To My Downfall” with Short Movie

If you haven’t heard about it already, “Tickets to My Downfall” by MGK is being heavily considered at as the best Punk Rock album in the last 10 years, and its justified. MGK struck something extraordinary, using his versatility to create something many have been longing for without even realizing it. Punk Rock seemed to be mostly dead, not getting a ton of new content for people that grew up with it, in the likes of Blink-182, among others. What’s even more interesting is that Blink, Travis Barker, is one of the guys who helped with the percussion on the tracks for “Tickets to my Downfall.”

If that’s not enough, MGK released a short film titled “Downfalls High” on January 18th to help promote the album. Adding a film to the songs and tying them together for a story line gives the album more life and adds a visual to the music. It’s worth watching, and the storyline will not get spilled here, as this short film perfectly showcases everything that was expected of it.

There aren’t many artists that have done this sort of storyline with music, aside from Tech N9ne releasing “Kathartic” a year ago for his album “N9NA”. It’s not all MGK; this album contains features from across many music styles, including Halsey, Trippie Redd, BlackBear, and Iann Dior. These features create a whole dynamic that makes it extremely hard to stop listening to. If you’re listening for the first time while watching downfalls high, it will draw you in quickly, with “Title Track” kicking off the film.

It could be written about forever, but your best bet is to go watch and experience it all for yourself. If you aren’t into movies, the album itself is an absolute blast from the past that alone is worth listening to from beginning to end. If MGK sticks with this punk rock style, he’s only going to get bigger and better, which is suitable for everyone that’s been waiting for punk rock to return.


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