Adam Calhoun isn’t afraid of Politics in Music

There are two things that people believe politics should stay out of, and that would be sports and music. Regardless of your stance, it tends to be a very divisive topic in this day and age. Many artists have political lines or songs now to drive their views to the people, and Adam Calhoun definitely does this throughout much of his music. It’s not a bad thing per se; however, it could definitely split the room depending on your company and the people around you. Songs like “Racism” or “The Patriot” have a ton of political content, and that might be good or bad for his popularity, but it gets his name out for sure. It seems to be his staple when he writes music, which appears very different from what the rest of the music industry does. Adam Calhoun is the type of artist that says things how he feels, unapologetically and without remorse. It gets what he says off as clearly and straight-to-the-point as he can. It’s good to stand up for what you believe in, as everyone should, however many of his songs also add “political slurs” to the mix. This could cause a complete alienation of many who don’t think as he does. Adam Calhoun definitely has turned around his life with music after spending multiple years in prison for aggravated battery. And his time in prison, and his time dealing with the system and politics, may very well be the reason he writes music as he does. But one thing for sure, like him or hate him, he’s a fast-growing name in country rap.


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