First Wheeler Walker Jr. and now Upchurch apologizing?!?!?!

For lack of a better term, Upchurch is a smartass. That’s why we love him, though, because he does shit to rile people up while making his followers laugh. One of his latest videos, named “My apology video…” is a prime example of this. Released on February 18th, the video is meant to be a spoof of Morgan Wallen’s apology on Instagram for saying the N-word. He first talks about the situation and talks about how Nashville is turning soft. Nashville was always an outlaw city, but now it is a pc city.

He doesn’t defend Morgan Wallen for saying the N-word. He does, however, say that he thinks the situation was blown out of proportion; Upchurch says that “cancel culture” people are treating black people worse than presumed “racists” because they are telling the entire black community how they should feel. He says that he has many black friends, and none of them give a shit about what Morgan Wallen said.

           Upchurch then further talks about the Dixie Chicks dropping their name to the Chicks and saying that dixie is just where they are from. It isn’t a racist word but a geographic location. He takes a few jabs at Luke Combs, talking about how he is a sellout and how his reps told Upchurch to take down the “Outlaw” video because it put Combs in a room with the confederate flag. Combs has been outspoken about how he was uneducated about the flag and has apologized for it before cancel culture got to him. He also dropped the bomb about how Combs got his record deal. After all, the music industry offered it to them in exchange for not being around the confederate flag anymore; Combs took the deal, Upchurch didn’t. I think that the link between Luke Combs and Ryan Upchurch is fascinating. Even though Combs wants to shake it, it is remarkable that country music’s most prominent name right now started with a feature on a rap song just a few years ago.

Upchurch cannot be changed or manipulated, no matter the power behind it. Overall, it seems more artists should push back like Upchurch has and stand their ground where they can. That may be dependent on big record labels taking complete control of the content we listen to daily. Upchurch released the album “Mud to Gold” last week, and the album was number one on iTunes up until last Friday. He has a following, and even though his actions and beliefs get him labeled as a bad guy, Upchurch brings honesty and insight well beyond his years. He will be ignored by many, but he isn’t going anywhere, which is a testament to his own hard work. Check out “Mud to Gold” on iTunes and the full video below.


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