“The Car Song” by Woody Guthrie

           What if I told you there was a song released in the 1940’s that is one of the best and most fun country songs were ever written? Music has changed so much in the past 80 years; back in the 40’s songs were basically only played on guitar. Now when people write and perform songs, they often don’t even use instruments, just computers. However, Woody Guthrie didn’t have any of this technology at his disposal, just his voice and guitar. The song is “Riding in My Car” which I stumbled upon writing a High School report. I was looking at the music of the era. This song came up multiple times as one of the most popular and singable songs ever recorded. It didn’t disappoint either, “Car” is hilarious. The highlight of the song is the lyrics…

“I’m a-gonna let you blow the horn, I’m a-gonna let you blow the horn, A oorah, a oorah, a oogah, oogah, I’ll take you riding in my car.”

Guthrie makes some interesting noises for the “horn” that you can’t help but laugh at. I don’t want to spoil the song too much because it Is very short, but I feel like the song needs to live on and be shared. One interesting note is that the song was covered by Bruce Springsteen and found on his album, “Til We Outnumber’ Em.” Don’t even tell me that I don’t know anything about or don’t like classic country music because I am writing about a song from the 1940’s. That is almost as classic as it gets, and I don’t see any other country site promoting music this old!


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