Justin Moore has a New Album Coming, Plus Knows Our Website Exists!

Justin Moore and his cohost JR the Handler just dropped the biggest “Justin Moore Podcast” yet for personal reasons. At exactly 30 minutes, JR gives us a little shout-out and talks about an article I wrote ranking all of Justin Moore’s albums, which can be found here. The entire podcast will be posted below, and it’s worth a listen.

I also want to personally thank JR for being so supportive of our little website. We have had many little conversations on social media, and it has really been a driving force and motivation for me to keep going and expanding. None of the stuff we are trying to do here is easy. You don’t get a following overnight unless you have deep pockets, which we don’t, but when someone like JR talks about what you are doing, it makes you realize you are on the right track. As of the time I am writing this article, I have about 450 social media followers, which is less than the number of people who live in most country artists’ small towns, but just having that one person saying your name to thousands of country music fans is wild.

After this colossal thing happened, the duo went a step further and announced “Straight Outta the Country,” a new album. The album will be dropping on April 23rd and will feature eight tracks, including the single “We Didn’t Have Much.” At first, eight tracks don’t seem overwhelming, and honestly, I was a little disappointed that the album would be so short. However, Justin then dropped a little nugget that these eight songs might not be the only songs we will be getting this year. If we get, say, sixteen Justin Moore songs throughout 2021, that would be great. From the outside looking in, it seems like the covid pandemic didn’t affect when the new album dropped because he wasn’t due for one last year. However, I can’t help but feel a little bit frustrated because many other artists delayed albums till this year, which will saturate the market a little bit. Still, I am super pumped for the new music, and if it’s half as good as the last album, we are in for a treat.

Double albums seem to the trend right now, and the fact that Justin Moore is hopping on the trend solidifies that. Although Moore doesn’t really call it a double album or confirm it is a double album, it seems likely that this will be the case. Obviously, Morgan Wallen has shown that a double album can work. He released thirty songs back in January. Going into April, it is still the top-selling album on the planet. We have already seen Thomas Rhett announce “Country Again (Side A),” and last year, Granger Smith dropped “Country Things” in two parts. Chris Young has a double album coming as well. Now Justin Moore might be doing it next. I like this trend; when we get an album from a favorite artist, there comes a sadness level, knowing this might be it for a few years. However, in an era where we stream music instead of buying physical copies, why not release fewer songs every few months? The only thing that really screws this up is radio because it takes almost a year for a lot of songs to go number one, but besides that, I think this would be awesome.

So that was my morning. When you listen to a podcast, and you hear your own website’s name gets mentioned without warning, it’s a little bit of a pleasant surprise. Thank you, Justin Moore and JR, for the support, and hopefully, we can keep growing this thing to the level I believe it can reach! Also, remember, “Straight Outta the Country” is coming on April 23rd!


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