It’s More Than Just Filling the Freezer: A Collective Summation of Maine Meat Collection

Maine Meat Collection was created for the shared love of the outdoors and the resources it provides through fishing, hunting, and other ways of recreation. It started when Connor Dugan had the idea of starting a small, amateur group of ragtag guys, myself and Tyson Porter, who not only wanted to walk in the woods and provide for their families but also document it along the way to share with others and to look back at someday. After all, as we grow older and the world continues to change, it’s satisfactory to reminisce about the way things were, the people we met along the way, and the adventures having been a part of.

            We all have a sense of respect and appreciation for how the natural environment works and all the different elements, species, and factors that make it the way that it is, but we are more interested in how we can make a positive impact on the environment while still providing for ourselves and those we care for. So enough with the bullshit, we hunt and fish in order to fend for ourselves rather than wait in line at a grocery store register. After all, how can proper wildlife and fisheries management be done without killing a few things along the way? The way we do things is by having nothing go to waste, everything we catch or kill we be used for some purpose. This spectrum reaches from the smallest of game-like Red Squirrels all the way up to big game animals like Whitetail Deer. While a trophy animal would be preferred, at the end of the day, we want to put organic, lean, and delicious meal on the table while still properly maintaining an area’s natural populations for many species. We are not all experienced in the countless areas of hunting or fishing, which is why we like to document and video it along the way and hopefully provide some insight or a good laugh to our followers. The great thing about our group is that we all have our own unique skill set and different things that we have learned in our years of hunting and fishing. We help each other along the way and teach one another new things to help us all out in the long run while still busting each other’s balls.

            Even though we are based in Maine, our content does not solely resonate from the Pine Tree State. We will soon be documenting a 2-3 day hunting trip, “The Roosted Tour,” down in my home state of Connecticut on a mission to fill the freezer with some Wild turkey meat. Not only will we be Turkey hunting but we will also be fishing for stocked Rainbow, Brown, Brook, and Tiger Trout in nearby streams and lakes with a chance of catching a couple native Brook Trout along the way. The spring has always been one of my favorite times of the year due to the variability of options such as walking miles in the woods in search of fresh deer sheds, wading a 10-foot wide stream catching 16+ inch trout, saying “Goodnight Jim Kite” to a strutting Tom next to your decoy, and the possibility of doing all of those in the same day. So if you’re interested in seeing a Turkey’s final chapter and Trout being walked on a stringer, keep a lookout in the near future.

            We make it our mission to keep ourselves educated and hopefully further educate others on the proper ethics of being an outdoorsman. We have had the pleasure of going to the University of Maine with obtaining, or currently obtaining, degrees in different environmental fields, which we use to guide us on our trips into the wilderness. Even though we want to put meat on the table and fill our freezers, we still know the importance of conserving nature’s resources for the future and for others. Whether this means releasing the smaller fish we catch or passing on an immature deer, we understand that careless and ignorant outdoor practices will have a noticeable effect on its resources. There are those who do not agree with what we do or our methods in doing them, but at the end of the day, we have our own opinions, and we can justify every animal or fish that we harvest. Everyone’s opinion is respected, and we are more than happy to share our insight and viewpoints with anyone. However, if they cannot respect our opinions as well, then we invite them to kindly fuck off. We do what we do not only because it’s what we enjoy but because it is what we are. I can’t even begin to imagine my life without being behind the business end of a rifle aimed behind a buck’s shoulder or without taking “one more cast” over and over.

            Our mission is to enjoy the outdoors, share it with others, and not get hungry while doing it. We will continue to do what we do and smile about it, regardless of how many people are watching. If you share a passion for the outdoors like us or want to become more educated and involved, please check us out on Instagram @mainemeatcollection and Youtube @Maine Meat Collection.

            Happy Hunting and Tight Lines!


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