If You Like Rare Cars Go to Newport, Rhode Island

I was skeptical at first, seeing that I have never heard of this museum. It is also a newer museum, opened sometime in the middle of 2017 in an old missile manufacturing building. The Newport Auto Museum is one of the best auto museums I’ve ever been to. Each car was meticulously cleaned and perfect, and most of them were set up on platforms with accent lighting and showed off as a piece of art. It doesn’t matter if you are into new cars, old cars, supercars, or alternate history cars; they have almost everything for every taste you could have. Pictures are allowed, so you can go and take pictures of any vehicle in the showroom, and even interiors are on full display and easy to see (no, do not even think about sitting in them, you may be escorted to the nearest exit). They do “open hood” weekends, and from what I was told by an employee, it is usually every other weekend.

The first car I walked to was the first car you see as you enter, a beautiful red Lamborghini Countach, and it’s a perfect example of a classic supercar. I knew once I saw that this museum was going to be amazing. That initial hunch did not let me down at all, as I proceeded to walk by many rare or exotic cars from a BMW I8, a 1993 Jaguar XJ220, and a 2018 Mercedes AMG GT-R, and a new NSX. For people into classics, the next area I walked into had a 1957 Bel-Air and a 1957 Desoto, with a Dodge Hellcat and Demon both lurking behind them. I won’t spoil the entire museum for you, but instead, I strongly encourage a trip to see everything they have. It isn’t the same cars all the time either, me and my girlfriend were lucky enough to briefly tour the storage area, where my eyes instantly locked onto 2 McLarens sitting side by side on battery tenders. The employee told me that they usually rotate some cars in and out monthly, so you won’t see all the same cars on every single visit.

I wouldn’t even mind if I saw the same cars because the museum was excellent, and I would go back every time I find myself in or around Portsmouth, Rhode Island. If you have yet to go, if you can’t tell already, I STRONGLY recommend paying this museum a visit.


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