Craig Campbell Wants to Work With Upchurch

           Country rap is getting big, and we have already seen some significant names in mainstream country jumping onto the trend. Upchurch teased that he was working with a major country legend, and he didn’t disappoint when he released a song with Clay Walker. Another artist with multiple number one hits is working his way into the genre as well. A few weeks ago, Craig Campbell posted a story calling on Upchurch to do a song with him.

           For those who don’t know, Craig Campbell is one of the most underrated artists who never really had radio success, as his top song topped out at number nine on the airplay chart. However, his lack of airplay success doesn’t mean he doesn’t make fantastic music. His song “Fish” plays off the idea of a guy and a girl wanting to fuck, but instead, he throws a spin zone in the lyric and says fish instead. The song starts with…

“The first time we did it, I was scared to death,

she snuck out in that cotton dress,

jumped on in, and we drove to the lake,

put her hand on my knee and said I can’t wait,

I had everything we needed in the bed of my truck,

turns out my baby loves to… Fish.”

           This was the song that I learned about Craig Campbell from and not the only funny song he has. Another song like “Fish” is “Topless,” which I’m sure you can imagine. He does have a serious side though, “Family Man” was his debut single, and “Outskirts of Heaven” is one of the best country songs ever written, like fucking ever. Campbell has been well underappreciated by the radio, but that might not be such a bad thing because of some of the music he has coming out now. Since the end of last year, Campbell has periodically dropped some songs, including “All My Friends Drink Beer,” “Flyin’ My Country Flag,” and his most recent song, “Good Things Come to Those Who Drink.” The thing is, the dude is just way too fucking country for 2021. He makes music that 90s country singers would hear and probably enjoy, not the Maren Morris crap on the radio right now. He is getting punished for being traditional.

           So where does an artist like Campbell go when he gets fucked over repeatedly by country radio but has way too much talent to pack it in and call it a career? Why not team up with rappers? Well, in 2016, Campbell teamed up with The Lacs to release the song “Back to Georgia.” More recently, he teamed up with Cypress Spring and Demun Jones for the song “Take Me Back,” which is an absolute monster of a song. Let me just be clear, Campbell isn’t a rapper, but he adds traditional sounds to the country rap we know and love. He isn’t trying to be someone he isn’t but instead trying to join a genre on the rise when the one he loves has repeatably let him down.

           Now with all of that information in mind, that brings us to now. Craig Campbell tagged Upchurch in a story a few weeks ago. I think that would be absolutely fantastic if the two worked together. Upchurch has consistently pushed to destroy labels and mainstream music, so to have artists in “that world” wanting to work with you is a major win for Upchurch. This marriage between the two seems just so perfect. The best part is that it could work two ways. Upchurch could have Campbell on a rap song, like “Take Me Back,” or the two could duet on a country song. Either way, this needs to happen; I’m starting the #UpchurchCampbell now, or whatever it has to be for this to work. Until that happens, here are some music videos from the one and only Craig Campbell.


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