This Site Is Going Redneck

I have done ya fucks a disservice. I and much of the world clump two groups of people who really have nothing else to do with each other together. Country music has been my life since high school, and I love it. But there’s a deeper part of me that grew up in high school, and that’s the part that I’m really going for. Although I’m from Connecticut, I want to point to an artist the entire country love, Aaron Lewis. That man is from Longmeadow, Mass. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking shit about Aaron Lewis; I love that man. Still, if a man from Longmeadow, Mass, can have the feelings and political views he does, a guy from eastern Connecticut can be a redneck. Now, hear me out, believe it or not, Connecticut has hillbillies and rednecks; in fact, it would put some of them up against any of the rednecks I’ve met from every part of the country. Going back to my boy Aaron Lewis, if you’ve ever heard the song “Northern Redneck,” it’s a lot of people’s actual lifestyles up north of the Mason Dixon.

           All that being said, what made me realize that country music was just not the exact path I wanted? Look at the current country music “people.” I won’t name names, but if you ask me politely, I’ll probably tell you. You have people who are self-proclaiming themselves as “the guy in country music” promoting pop stars. You have guys who self-proclaim themselves as “suburban” making videos trying to tell us what country music is and isn’t. You have people from the city that one time listened to Willie Nelson at a frat party writing lazy-ass blogs shitting on literally anything, not by Tyler Childers. Listen, I got into this wanting to push back and fight against this. I wanted to go against the “new wave” of country music, and I still will, but there’s so much more to that than what I have found. I love beer, boobs, trucks, and doing stupid shit with all 3 of those things. I believe my boy Tyler Farr has a song called “Chicks, Trucks, Beer” that summarizes mine and many other people’s idea of a good time.

           Anyway, your boy recently went to the Trucks Gone Wild in Maine, not the first time I went, but the first time I went with this website in my mind. Let me say it fucking clicked. I love my redneck side. I love redneck culture. I love all of it. I talked to a guy who built a Toyota mega truck with a Cummins motor. All the parts were essentially either from eBay or the junkyard. The same guy who put a stripper pole on his truck and had two (warm) kegs ready to go. I saw beads handed out to hot 23-year-old girl hot chicks and ugly 68-year-old fat chicks, and I fucking loved all of it. (If you don’t know, beads for boobs.)

I watched my boy show up with two thirty racks and struggle to finish both. It was incredible, and everyone was happy. No one sat around bitching about how Florida Georgia Line ruined country or how the country is going to shit. Everyone just had fun; if you started a conversation with anyone, they talked and smiled. If you needed a beer and your cooler was on the other side of the field, some random stranger would spot you.

           Listen, redneck culture should be the new thing. Country music is beautiful; Hank Jr. is in this new lane of the website, Brantley Gilbert is as well. Justin Moore is still the god of this website. However, from now on, we won’t be limited to just country music anymore. Fuck it, I love southern rock. I also heard Katy Perry at the mudbug last weekend. I heard rap, pop, country, you name it. Redneck is about having fun, so from now on, it’s all positive fucking vibes from me (sorry, Kelsea Ballerini, no more Instagram fights) and good times. Country music is mostly a lost art at this point, but I want to promote the people that still understand and sing to our culture.

           You might not agree with everything I post, but to be honest, I don’t give a shit if you don’t. I’m here to promote the lost demographic of redneck. The same ones are the “silent majority” who are too busy working the fields to take place in random polls and shit. The ones who are the backbone of America and can’t catch a break. The ones who are farmers, foresters, construction workers, and etc. Boys, girls, people of the blue-collar lifestyle, let’s remind America who keeps them fed and what they would do without them.


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