Stop Shitting On Music All The Time and Just Like What You Like

           First blog into redneck culture life, country music. I’m sorry, but also, I’m really not. I’m very annoyed with this whole shitting-on country music thing. Look, there’s been some shit, and there’s been some good stuff recently that has been thrown under the bus for really no reason. Listen, “The Worst Country Song of All Time” is a little bit lazy, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I started listening to country music in the bro-country era, so I think I relate to it better than a lot of stuff. I apologize for not being born fifteen years earlier, so I might not have gotten into country pre-90s era, but I’m a bro-country baby, and I’m not the only one.

           I saw many videos shitting on “Where My Country Girl’s At” by Trace Adkins. While I realized that Pitbull really doesn’t belong in country music, I don’t hate the song. I don’t really understand what people hate about it. Is it the best country song ever? No. If somewhere were to say introduce me to country music with one song, I probably wouldn’t pick that one. However, as a seasoned country music fan who can have my own opinion, I don’t hate it. Look, it’s not George Strait, or Alan Jackson, or Johnny Cash. But Blake Shelton has been in a Pitbull song, Florida Georgia Line exists, and so on and so forth. Country music has always been influenced by other genres (southern rock much), and while rap isn’t exactly a dream for country music fans, it’s happening. I’m not saying we need to kick true country music to the curb; I love the Highwaymen and all four members. I love George Strait; I love his predecessors, but it’s 2021. Let’s fucking embrace this shit. “Dirt Road Anthem” is amplified by Ludacris. “Bottoms Up” is amplified by T.I. “Say About Me” by Chris Janson is amplified by Offset.

           The thing is rednecks, like having fun. Okay, maybe “Redneck be like” by Thomas Rhett isn’t exactly what I’m going for. However, if you’re asking me “Redneck be like” or any Dan + Shay song to be played on repeat, I’ll take Thomas Rhett. However, here is the other thing, if I were to say “Redneck be like” or “Sweet Home Alabama,” all of a sudden, that might change. But we have to look at the current state of country music before we start bitching. Like I said in my last blog, I was at a mud bog and heard Katy Perry. This might go against all I’ve done since the website’s existence, but I don’t care about “what is country.” I want to go with what do rednecks like. I hate to break it to my upper-middle-class readers (who I love), but no one gives a shit about “how country you are.” If you like it, if your boys like it, if your girl likes it, and if it sounds good coming out of your truck’s speakers, FUCKING SEND IT.


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