The Ryan Upchurch News Roundup

One of our favorite artists at this site is Ryan Upchurch, obviously. We have posted a bunch of articles about him, like this one and this one, from songs to things he has said; however, recently, we have been sort of quiet on him. To recover from this, I decided to do an entire Upchurch roundup on his life and everything he has come out with in the past few months.


           If you don’t know, Upchurch and ex-girlfriend Nicole Arbour went to court because she was accusing Upchurch of harassing her. The story stemmed from Upchurch being at her apartment and getting into an argument with her. He stormed out, forgetting his wallet. He claims that he attempted to retrieve the wallet from Arbour for the next four days, but she refused to return it. At that point, Upchurch got the police involved. Arbour claimed she feared for her life and filled for a protective order, which eventually got denied. 


           Even though I admit I haven’t watched it yet, Church released a documentary called “The Holler Boy: The Rise of Ryan Upchurch” to YouTube. The documentary, which has over 1.2 million views, runs two hours and features interviews from his mom, friends of the rapper, and of course, Ryan himself. Overall, the documentary has a lot of great reviews, so go check that out if you want to know the history of Ryan. 

The Record Label

           Upchurch announced that he signed Chase Matthews to “Holler Boy Records,” his newest endeavor. Chase Matthews is sort of a chip off the old block in relation to Upchurch, releasing music that blurs the lines between country and hip-hop. The first song they did together, “This Side of Town,” is an absolute smash. Go check out Chase now!  

Country Album 

           Finally, something I can talk much more about. Upchurch released the album “Same Ol Same Ol” recently, and it fucking slaps. The album touches on a bunch of different topics, including his usual middle finger to record labels and haters. It also talks about growing up in the shadows of Nashville, pokes fun at pop country, and even features a living legend with Clay Walker. 

           The album has also spun out a bunch of music videos. “Black Sheep,” “Real Country,” and “Same Ol Same Ol” have all had videos released. Personally, the video for “Same Ol” is the best, but they are all worth watching. 

New Rap Song 

           Another rap album might be on the way at some point soon, as Church has released a new song and video for “Look At These Dudes.” The album cover is actually pretty cool, as he is standing in front of an army green camo Lamborghini that he bought as a fuck you to record labels. The song has a video, which features his creepy little wooden doll friend that he has had in his Instagram stories. 

           So now we’re all caught up on the newest and latest on Upchurch. He has been pretty busy with music, and as mentioned, I think a rap album could be coming, probably early next year. I also still expect a rock album; a new “Creeker” might very well be the new album on track to come out. Upchurch does things his own way, being unpredictable and releasing music as he feels it is a good time. He won’t stick to schedules or do what “he should.” Hopefully, there’s a lot more exciting news around Ryan Upchurch to come. 


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