The Truck Brand Bracket: Chevy Reigns Supreme

It’s a question as old as the first time someone strapped a 2×4 to a combustion engine. What is the best truck brand? It started with the “Galion Allsteel Body Company” modifying Ford Model T’s with pickup and dump bodies. Then in 1924, Dodge decided it wanted to get into the game and released a ¾ ton pickup. Not wanting to be outdone, GM released trucks under the GMC and Chevy brand in 1931.

           As the years came and went, so did truck brands. International and Studebaker both introduced pickups that would eventually die. Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Isuzu all tried and failed with pickup trucks during the Japanese manufacturer invasion. When it was shaken down, Ford, GM, Dodge/Ram/Chrysler/Fiat, Toyota, and Nissan were the only brands to continuously produce and sell trucks.

           However, things have changed. The year is 2021, and EVERYONE is getting back into the pickup game. The Ranger is back from the dead, as is the Colorado, and rumor has it the Dakota might not be far behind; hell, even the Maverick nameplate has made it to a pickup. Volkswagen is making a pickup; Honda is as well. Hyundai is bringing that they are claiming as a pickup to market.

           Electric vehicles are also getting beds thrown on the back. The CyberTruck has been everywhere in the news. Hummer is coming back out with an insane vehicle, as is Ford with the new Lightning. Startups such as Rivian are coming up from nowhere to try and be the kings of the pickup game; even the Diesel Brothers attempted (and failed) to get their hands into it.

           With all of that being said, we wanted to see who truly the best pickup truck brand is in 2021. Who has taken over 100 years of engineering, technology, field testing, reliability, customer feedback, and all made the best truck out of it?

Round 1

Ford vs Bye (Why does Ford get a bye? Because I drive one)

Ram 94% vs VW 6%

Toyota 97% vs Subaru 3%

Chevy 97% vs Hyundai 3%

GMC 97% vs Mitsubishi 3%

Jeep 90% vs Honda 10%

Nissan 87% vs Tesla 13%

Cadillac 50% vs Lincoln 50%

Round 2

Ford 95% vs Lincoln 5%

Ram 90% vs Jeep 10%

Toyota 88% vs Nissan 12%

Chevy 76% vs GMC 24%

Semi Finals

Ford 71% vs Toyota 29%

Ram 47% vs Chevy 53%


Ford 47% vs Chevy 53%

Your Winner

Dear Chevy… can I get a sponsorship from this?


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