The Machine Gun Kelly Concert Saga

I’ve wanted to see a Machine Gun Kelly concert for awhile now. Machine Gun Kelly has been around quite a while. At least long enough to see him at Warped Tour in 2012 (I feel like I’m WAY too young to already date myself). He has been mostly hip-hop music throughout his career, and to me, he has been very good. MGK didn’t fully develop his vast popularity until the drop of Tickets To My Downfall (spoiler alert, there is an article here talking about it!). I was determined, as were many people, to see him perform TTMD live, and the tour just so happened to be coming to The Big E, which is local to me. Getting tickets is the first step, right? After that, you make plans and just enjoy the show. Well… if only it was that easy. 

I found out on April 29th MGK was coming to The Big E in September, the day before tickets went on sale, April 30th at 10 am. I was working third shift (11 pm to 7 am), but I knew after work I HAD to stay up to get a chance of a lifetime. That is exactly what I did, and the headaches started. At 10 am, the Big E website decided it didn’t want to do anything that morning and crashed. It was down for nearly an hour at this point, and I had no idea at all if it was just me or the thousands of people that also wanted to go. I stayed persistent and finally, after an hour and a half, got the 7 tickets I ordered for my friends and me into the cart. Then, the checkout cart crashed 8 times as I counted. I finally got a payment receipt just after 12 pm, exhausted but triumphant. At that point, I went to bed for my 3rd shift that night. All that’s left is to plan and go, right? COVID numbers were down, I had plenty of work time, I was not worried about going.

Of course, I didn’t think dumbass people would try to cancel the concert due to his name. Many people were worried by his name, which if you have listened to him before, you would know his name has nothing to do with firearms of any sort. Some people interviewing Western Mass News also pointed out vulgar language, the debacle surrounding the tickets, and the Big E’s limited seating for the concert itself. The backlash seemed to be everywhere, and I wasn’t at all sure what was going to happen if so many people didn’t want to see MGK perform at all. It all seemed very ridiculous to me, but that is pretty much the way of the world these days, and the Big E confirmed the concert was still on. So, I took the night off yesterday (also on 3rd shift this week) and went with my girlfriend, myself, and 5 good friends.

Let me tell you, this concert was worth ALL of the headaches and issues that seemed to lead up to it. In the opening part of the concert, MGK rose up out of what appears to be a prescription bottle of some sort (video of the opener does appear on my TikTok @Wrecked_DT, as well as youtube) and proceeded to play many songs he has had over the years. Most of “Tickets To My Downfall” was played, as well as a couple songs produced during covid, and some of his a little older, very popular hip-hop music. After roughly 2.5 hours, a sore throat, and a voice I couldn’t seem to find, we all left one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Not from Big E show, but from same tour.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to report of the Big E itself; other than every alcohol line was long, the cheapest Bud Light you could find was $8, and there were a lot of people (about 80,000 people on opening night). Also, parking was weird, but it’s not really surprising with all the people around. If you get a chance to go see MGK live, do it. He is one of the best live performers of this generation that you will EVER see. Hell, he bought 2 kids to sing with him and pulled a kid out of the crowd to TAKE OVER ON DRUMS for a song. He ate his first funnel cake on stage and proceeded to strum his guitar with it, comparing the feel on his fingers to “semen.” That may be because he was high for the concert (he smoked quite a bit on stage, but it doesn’t change the experience) but nonetheless, take the chance to go if you can. I promise you will NOT regret it. 


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