Adam Calhoun for President?!?

Adam Calhoun has always made waves with his unapologetic opinions and stern tone in his YouTube videos. This hasn’t changed even a bit during this sensitive time in United States history. The video “Tough Time To Be A Proud American” was released on January 7th, which contains his blunt opinions on the sad events at the United States Capitol Building. Adam expresses his views about politics, his disappointment with our current president, and his disappointment with politicians in general. This seems to resonate with many Americans currently, especially after the last stimulus bill passed with much “unneeded” spending to non-American entities. After talking about this, Calhoun says he will be running for president in 2024. It seems as though he does not care what anyone says to him about it, saying if Trump and Biden can be president, “I can be president” (Timestamp 4:33). He uses strong language when talking about running for president and recent events, demonstrating his passion for these matters. Regardless of political view, patriotism may just be what many Americans need to get through the dark period we are currently experiencing.

This isn’t the first time he has referenced running for president either; he released a video on December 16th titled “I’m Running 2024”. This video, posted to YouTube about 3 weeks prior, also talks about his extreme disappointment in current politics and government. Whether or not Adam will be running for president is currently unknown. The next election is 4 years away, and many things change quickly, and weirder things have happened. Kanye West has expressed his interest in running, so Calhoun definitely qualifies if he can do it. Hearing more from Calhoun may become an exciting commodity that people won’t keep themselves from watching.


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