Big Smo Has Beef With Upchurch

Upchurch is no stranger to beef and controversy. A year ago, Upchurch had a diss rap battle with rapper Scru Face Jean. Each exchanged 3 songs battling each other, which, overall, were all done exceptionally well. It was good for publicity for both Upchurch and Scru, as their fan bases grew during the aftermath. But now Upchurch has a new Beef, with an artist from his genre Big Smo. Upchurch talks about the situation with Big Smo in his video “TuH-BaCCa BArnZ” on January 9th, and something seems weird about the whole thing. Upchurch shows a picture of a comment Big Smo left on “No Jumper” under Upchurch’s interview video. Smo’s comment says, “Get the real Kuntry Rap Boss on the show,” which does not seem to be totally accurate.

Big Smo has not been a prominent artist over the last few years; however, he has spent the last 21 years in the music industry. Spotify shows Big Smo with right around 110k monthly listeners, and his most listened to song, “Where You From” was released 3 years ago. It seems like Big Smo is trying to start beef to get more popularity as Upchurch gets 1.5 million listeners every month. Furthermore, Big Smo’s comment continues by saying, “F***** dip spit bottle and no media experience, it was hard to watch!”. Upchurch is a very laid-back guy and stays honest about who he is and hasn’t been media trained like many artists. Calling it unprofessional is unfair because he isn’t trying to act like a professional. Also, due to his shorter than average career, he has demonstrated that nobody can really tell him what to do and when to do it. Does it look a bit unprofessional? Maybe, but he is also not your typical celebrity. Only time will tell if this beef will actually escalate and perhaps produce some diss tracks at each other. It will be fascinating to see in a growing Country Rap culture.


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