2022 Year Preview

  Here we go… Beats Beer Bonfires 2022 edition! Happy New Year Y’all! It’s great to know that we made it through another Covid year and are on to 2020 two… I mean 2022 of course. Anyway, we aren’t here to go down that political rabbit hole. Let’s reflect on last year and talk about what’s going to happen moving forward. Although we started writing in 2020, this year we made some huge moves towards growth. First off, we moved the website to WordPress, which is a million times better for making a website than our previous site builder. We wrote and posted over 100 articles, ranging from the EPAs attempts to destroy the aftermarket car market, to Kelsea Ballerini being the hottest woman in country music. Speaking of Kelsea, we had our first beef as a blog with her over Instagram. From that we learned that we don’t want to be trolls, but hype men for the people and music we like. Kelsea, I apologize for calling you out.

          First off, 2022 will be a big year to grow the socials. Last year we got to 2,100 followers, this year… 100K is the goal. We can’t do it alone though, we need you to like, share, follow, and tell your friends about all our content. We realize that we have been inconsistent this past year, but that’s about to change. In fact, we have 5 months’ worth of content almost completed. One thing that we are learning is that to be at the top of your game you have to be obsessed with the content. We are always trying to learn how to make better content, and hopefully that shows up as time goes on.

           The content is going to change too. We never wanted to be an only country music website, we want to get into everything that good ole boys like me love. Trucks, beer, tractors, farms, forests, fishing, hunting, and more WILL be covered in 2022. Like sports? How about PBR, NASCAR, and of course, the four major sports leagues, MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL will all be present in some capacity. Events? We are going to travel to at least 1 NASCAR race and more if they will have us, the PBR event in New York, Trucks Gone Wild, and the SEMA Auto Show.

           With all that being said, country music will still be a major player on the website. First off, it’s something that a lot of us have grown up on and love. We want to keep the greats like Johnny Cash, Waylon, and Merle, all alive and relevant forever. We want to support artists like Justin Moore who the national media ignores for no good reason. Artists like Riley Green are making fantastic music, but get ignored by radio because it isn’t pop enough. But, we do like to turn up sometimes, and artists like Florida Georgia Line, Morgan Wallen, and Hardy are still going to be present on the website. 

           Let’s be real here, if you’re a true redneck you don’t box yourself into doing things a redneck should do. That’s exactly the demographic we are after. Other “country music” or “country people” driven sites are fooling you. They don’t know what it’s like to go sit on a tailgate around a bonfire in the middle of a pasture on a Friday night. We do that shit. They think that if your pickup truck plays anything but country music from 1940, you’re a poser pussy. Guess what, we listen to everything from rap to country and most of our friends do too. We grew up going to school all week and then working all weekend, they didn’t.

           This isn’t a website that is going to spread hate. This is a site that is going to take country back for country people. Ya know what Dustin Lynch, Jon Pardi, and Jon Langston did over Covid? They all worked their properties, grew crops, and created habitats for hunting. Like their music or not, that’s country shit. Not to call anyone out, but there are PLENTY of “country people” who didn’t do that. Keith Urban doesn’t farm or do any outdoor work, yet his airplay time is way more than the real blue-collar folk. 

           Look people, country life is meant to be fun and rewarding. Let’s not let people who heard a John Denver song one time but live in the middle of a city tell us what country is. In 2022, we are going to take country back. Were taking being rednecks, hillbillies, farmers, blue-collar and all that shit back! We are going to listen to George Strait, then Upchurch right after and it’s going to be fantastic. We are going to go jump in a mud puddle for no reason. We are going to shoot guns before President Brandon tries to take them all away from us. We are going to drink too much beer or whiskey and piss some people off. We are going to do it all. Welcome to Beats, Beer, Bonfires 2022 edition.


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