We Want to Feature Your Farm or Ranch!

We want to feature your farm! One thing that we wanted to start doing in 2022 was getting more involvement from our readers. We also, as mentioned in our 2022 preview, wanted to branch out a little more from country music. What does that equal out to? We want to promote farms!

How to get in contact with us…

All you have to do is contact us here or DM us on Instagram. If we don’t reply its just because we didn’t see it, so make sure to contact us until we get back to you.

What does that mean for you?

We want to promote farmers and all the hard work they do to keep our country running. We don’t care how long you’ve been doing it, what you do it for, or how big your farm is. If you grow crops, raise cattle, raise poultry, or anything else that is farm or ranch-related we want to promote you! 

What do we ask from you?

We only want one thing in return for sharing… share us! Promote the article that your farm is a part of to your friends and have them share it. If you REALLY want to, send us some merch and I will promote it and wear it with pride! 

What do we need from you? 

All we need is a fact sheet of your farm, whatever you want to tell us. The year started, what you do, what you’ve done, a history of the farm, what you want to do in the future, whatever you want. I will include all that information in the article, but I can only include what you give me, so be very detailed. 

Another option is to write your own. If you choose to go that route, I will not change or edit anything, but I will make sure to give you all the credit. If that’s what you want, feel free to let me know! 

When will your farm be posted? 

The goal is to do a “farm Friday” every week. That gives us a total of fifty-one weeks this year to promote fifty-one farms. We will post them as they come in order, so the sooner we get your message the sooner you will get promoted! 

This is a genuinely free and easy promotion of your brand and what you do. As an FFA alumnus, I understand the importance of farming. In 2022, farmers get a lot of unnecessary shit without any praise for keeping the country fed. We want to do whatever we can with the small following we have to change that. 


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