Canadian Country Artists of the Year

We are breaking down the Canadian Country Artists of the Year! You might remember at the end of last year we did a whole bunch of brackets for the 2022 Beats Beer Bonfires awards. We set a bunch of goal metrics to cut artists that weren’t relevant or popular, then from there left it up to a fan vote. The best part of all this is that since it was a fan vote, you can’t get mad at me if you disagree with the outcome! Go vote for yourselves next year! Anyway, now we are going to announce the winners of each of the awards. Since there were way too many categories, we are going to split it up and release them throughout the next few months. If you like the articles, please be sure to share them with your friends, and on socials!

First up, we look north of the border to give out our first round of awards. For those who don’t know, Canada has a poppin country music scene. Some of the most underrated singers today all call ham “Canadian bacon.” For this article, we have three awards to give out. First, we will go through our “Group/Duo of the Year.” Following that will be “Female Artist of the Year,” rounding it out with “Male Artist of the Year.” To be eligible to win the awards, said artists or groups must be from out of Canada. This is going to lead to a lot of unfamiliarities for our American readers. I challenge you to go look all these people up. Let’s get to it ay?

Canadian Group of the Year

Alright, confession time. I don’t have any of these bands on my phone… yet. Yet that doesn’t matter, because plenty of Canadians love them enough to get them nominated! High Valley might be familiar to Americans because of the songs “Make You Mine” and “She’s With Me” from a few years ago. James Barker Band dropped a song “New Old Trucks” that had some success in America with Dierks Bentley. Besides that, I doubt that the casual fan has heard of Time and the Glory Boys or The Reklaws in America. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have a great year though. Let’s see who won

High Valley

James Barker Band

Tim and the Glory Boys


It does make sense that the most successful band in America had the best luck on an American-based website. Yes, High Valley took the title! In 2021, High Valley had a number one with “River’s Still Running.” They followed that up with the current single “Whatever it Takes.” We will see if that song gets them back in the running for the awards next year if it charts well. For those who don’t know them, it’s been a slow burn. They have been making music for over twenty years. In 2010 they finally found Canadian radio success. In 2016, they gave American radio a chance. They, unfortunately, failed to go #1 here, so they went back to their wheelhouse in Canada. The move paid off, and a huge Congratulations to High Valley. They are the first-ever award, the Beats Beer Bonfires 2022 Canadian Group of the Year Award!

Canadian Female Artist of the Year

Alright Americans, I have good news for you. This category you should have heard of, know it or not, all four of these nominees. One of them has been around for a hot minute, even though she’s struggled to gain traction in America. The next one was on one of the hottest songs in 2021. One of them had a massive individual debut, and the final one is still fighting her way in American airplay. But, this award doesn’t care about what you’ve done in America, and all four of these ladies had success in Canada. Although none of the four actually topped the charts, all of them had top 10 hits and will look to step it up in 2022. Now, let us meet the nominees.

Lindsey Ell

MacKenzie Porter

Tenille Arts

Tenille Townes

Tenille Townes is your winner, beating out MacKenzie Porter in the fan vote finals. Townes isn’t new to the country music scene despite being only 28, as her first single “Home Now” debuted way back in 2009. After failing to make an impact for nine years, her talent was finally recognized. In 2018 her song “Somebody’s Daughter” went platinum and gave her her first Canadian #1. Last year her song “Girl Who Didn’t Care” went top five and gave her the chance to get nominated. 2022 looks positive for Townes, as she released a new song “When’s it Gonna Happen” and should have a new album coming. Note, MacKenzie Porter and Tenille Arts both are on our hottest female artists right now list, which can be found HERE. Congratulations to Tenille Townes on winning the inaugural 2022 Beats Beer Bonfires Canadian Female Artist of the Year!

Canadian Male Artist of the Year

Then there was one. The final award that we are going to announce right now is the Canadian Male Artist of the Year. This one has some heavy hitters in, but we got this one right. In fact, the winner was so happy that he got the award, he moved to America to pursue a career here.

Brett Kissel hasn’t had an American single, but that hasn’t stopped his music from coming south of the border. In fact, he has eight gold records and three platinum records. I hate to say it, but Canada alone ain’t getting him those accomplishments. Dallas Smith can’t miss in Canada. Every song he has released went to at least number seven on the chart, and most of them are either gold or platinum. Dean Brody also has a lot of commercial success up north. Although he isn’t a household name in America, he has one or two songs on your buddy’s playlist. Jade Eagleson is the new young gun. Although he might be the least accomplished on the list, it’s safe to say his best days are ahead of him. Let’s see who takes it.

Brett Kissel

Dallas Smith

Dean Brody

Jade Eagleson

Listen, this deal was completely up to the fans, but I can’t say that I’m sad Jade won. Friend of the blog, Jade had a monster year in 2021. My man released two number one songs. “All Night to Figure it Out” and “More Drinkin’ Than Fishin.” He also released a new album “Honkytonk Revival.” He was the first artist to rep the Beats Beer Bonfires shirt in a picture that I saw…

Look at that face, gorgeous. Anyway, the man with the best mullet in Nashville is going to start grinding in America in 2022. That means he will be on American radio soon. He gets to start his 2022 with the best and most exclusive award ever. Congratulations Jade for winning Beats Beer Bonfires Male Canadian Artist of the Year!

Congratulations again to all our winners. Jade, Tenille, and High Valley all had monster years in 2021, and deserve this recognition. For those who didn’t win, it takes a huge year to even make the top four, so congratulations on that! 2022 will be a new year, and this award isn’t going anywhere, so let’s see how it shakes out in 2023!


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