Top 10 Morgan Wallen Songs

Morgan Wallen is a force in country music. My man had to take 2021 off because Bobby Bones canceled him and all the little sheep radio stations followed, but he’s back. “Sand in My Boots” is working its way up to #1, and “7 Summers” got canceled in the top 20 but it should be a #1. Morgan Wallen is sitting pretty after getting over his “go away period” (fuck Bobby Bones.) Now we look back at his top 10 songs in his young career. If you have a problem with the list, let us know. If you hate our #1 pick, most people will listen to that song before your about to go out on the town. It’s an absolute fucking hype song. That’s what we are here to do, fuck your emotional songs with feelings. I want music to hype me up. That’s what we are doing here, telling you what Morgan’s best 10 songs are, not the ones the “reviewers” say they are. Let us know what you think, and don’t forget… gaht

10. Redneck Love Song

9. Chasin’ You

8. Somethin’ Country

7. Up Down

6. Still Goin’ Down

5. Sand in My Boots

4. Whiskey Glasses

3. More Than My Hometown

2. Silverado for Sale

1. Whatcha Know ‘Bout That


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