Top 10 Morgan Wallen Songs

Morgan Wallen is a force in country music. My man had to take 2021 off because Bobby Bones canceled him and all the little sheep radio stations followed, but he’s back. “Sand in My Boots” is working its way up to #1, and “7 Summers” got canceled in the top 20 but it should be a #1. Morgan Wallen is sitting pretty after getting over his “go away period” (fuck Bobby Bones.) Now we look back at his top 10 songs in his young career. If you have a problem with the list, let us know. If you hate our #1 pick, most people will listen to that song before your about to go out on the town. It’s an absolute fucking hype song. That’s what we are here to do, fuck your emotional songs with feelings. I want music to hype me up. That’s what we are doing here, telling you what Morgan’s best 10 songs are, not the ones the “reviewers” say they are. Let us know what you think, and don’t forget… gaht

10. Redneck Love Song

9. Chasin’ You

8. Somethin’ Country

7. Up Down

6. Still Goin’ Down

5. Sand in My Boots

4. Whiskey Glasses

3. More Than My Hometown

2. Silverado for Sale

1. Whatcha Know ‘Bout That


10 Country Artists Who Like to Party

            Let’s fucking go. What country artist do you want to get fucked up with? In the past, it was well documented that artists had major drinking and drug problems. Today that doesn’t seem to be the case because of PR people and all that stuff. Still, I can’t imagine that there are no fun partying country people in 2022. Saying that these are the 10 artists that would be the most fun to party with. I don’t have much evidence, but based on what artists put out on the gram. Without further ado, here is the list.

10. Riley Green

Fuck Riley Green and how perfect he is. He’s attractive, has the voice of an angel, hunts, and has amazing flow. Why wouldn’t you want to go out on the town with him? He will get all the ladies coming in flocks, and guys, can we blame them? My man seems like he is always sipping on something. Also, the fact that he’s still single all points to a Riley Green being a fun ass night.

9. Luke Combs

 I don’t know if Luke Combs is rowdy or not. Based on his past teaming up with Upchurch, plus his ability to shotgun a beer, I would have to say he is. On top of this, he has a solid posse around him. His wife is hot as fuck and I’m sure she has friends that are equally as attractive. I imagine that after a good show he can get fucked up and have a good time.

8. The Tim Montana/Michael Ray crew

  A little less known than others, Tim Montana is hilarious. If you follow his Instagram, you would see he is hilarious and I imagine he would be any less fun in person. Scrolling through his page, you see many photos of the long hair wildman rocking Pit Vipers, or kissing another dude because he lost a bet. He might also be sitting in a bathtub playing with toy cars and drinking… a lot. He also has hung out with ZZ Top leadman Billy F. Gibbons, Kid Rock, and Michael Ray.

 Speaking of Michael Ray, I’m not sure when exactly I flipped my opinion on his music, but I’m happy I did. His first album was on the pop side of country music, but his newer stuff is fantastic. He has a little bit of image repair to do because of his early stuff, but I could see him being very popular in the future. These guys combined, along with the legends mentioned above would be an insane night.

7. Ryan Upchurch

 So I will say this with a little caveat. Church isn’t much of a drinker and I’m not much of a smoker, so our particular types of partying might not match up perfectly. Saying that though, I can’t imagine an “on night” of Upchurch wanting to throw down is beatable by much. My man pretty much calls his shot and grinds his way to whatever he wants. I want to be a part of that, whether it’s going down to Broadway in Nashville or having some of the boys over to the house for a wild night in.

6. Justin Moore

  Justin admits that he isn’t the wild partier that he used to be. Still, I can’t imagine that on the right night he doesn’t have it in him. My guy passed out one night after recording his podcast under his desk. He has many times had to apologize for being too drunk. Justin and his tour manager, JR, have often talked about nights after the show being hammered and calling legends like Brantley Gilbert, Tracey Lawrence, and more after a show. I wouldn’t expect to wake up in a ditch on a night out with Justin, but I don’t think their’s anything wrong with that.

5. Dustin Lynch

  Dustin is like Riley Green in terms of he’s a good-looking dude who can sing and all that crap that girls love. In the past, he has had a few smoke showgirls in his life, although he is single at the moment. He seems like a chameleon, and that’s why he ranks so much higher than Riley Green. My man has done it all. He’s partied on a yacht in Marina Del Rey and chainsawed and cut trees down on his farm. That’s the guy I want to chill with, the guy who has been everywhere. I met Dustin Lynch one time. His ability to make a 30-second conversation seem like he finds you interesting is incredible.

4. Buck Commander boys

You might be asking who exactly the Buck Commander boys are. That’s a valid question. Country artists Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Tyler Farr, plus baseball players Tombo Martin, Ryan Langerhans, Adam LaRoche, and who could forget Willie Robinson make up the squad. First off, these guys have the highest net worth of anyone on the list. This means the best alcohol, the coolest experience, and the nicest stuff. Saying that I do have a caveat to that. I only have these guys this high if we are at deer camp. That eliminates the huge mansions, the nice cars, and all that shit. It forces these guys to be boys and chill with the boys. On their TV show, I’ve seen them pull crazy pranks like destroy rental cars, and often wake up hungover to get out to the stands. It would be a shit ton of fun.

3. Kid Rock

This man doesn’t need much of a description, does he? He’s Kid Rock. My man has out-partied the number 1 partiers on this list. He also put one of them behind bars unintentionally. Every celebrity ever has a wild story about partying at his house, or him partying somewhere. The rapper gone rocker gone country singer is someone I would expect to wake up cuddled up to like a tiger or some shit like that after partying with for the night.

2. Hank Williams Jr.

 Similar to Kid Rock, I would expect to die after one night with Hank. I would expect to walk up to the man, be handed a bottle of whiskey, and then wake up the next morning not remembering a fucking thing. But man, what a great few minutes of pounding that whiskey it would be.

1. Morgan Wallen/Hardy/Ernest

  So the boys get to number one because this is a combination of people I could actually hang with, plus the fun factor. Morgan Wallen’s parting habits have been well documented over the past few years. To be honest I don’t think he’s changed much since all the backlash, which is perfect. Hardy was arrested for smashing car windows not all that long ago. Ernest is out and about about his drugs and drinking habits. On the Theo Von podcast, “This Past Weekend,” he talked about how he spent most of the time hungover on the couch while the other two wrote “More than my Hometown.”

  I feel like most people would be in the same boat as me that these guys are the “party guys” on the current generation of country stars. Florida Georgia Line were the guys before, but since being wifed up they seem to have calmed down a little. I imagine these guys are fucking reckless, and will likely get you either arrested or very close to it.


Texas Country Music Artist of the Year Award 2022

From north of the border to about as far as you can go south, we are ready to hand out our Texas country music artists of the year awards! Like the Canadian awards, the Texas awards are based on the Texas charts. As a result of this, Parker McCollum, Cody Johnson, and Granger Smith aren’t going to qualify for these awards. Don’t worry though because plenty of names will be recognizable still. Aaron Watson, Cody Jinks, and the Josh Abbott Band are all among the list of nominees for the various awards.

Texas Group Artist of the Year

As mentioned before, the biggest name of these nominees outside of Texas is the Josh Abbott Band. They did a song with Carly Pearce a few years ago before she hit it big, which leaked out a little bit into the mainstream. The Randy Rogers Band is the second biggest group of the bunch. They actually have a bigger social media following than the Josh Abbott Band. The other two nominees are Darrin Morris Band and Mickey and the Motorcars. They are much smaller but still had big years in Texas last year. Now let’s see who won!

Darrin Morris Band

Josh Abbott Band

Mickey and the Motorcars

Randy Rogers Band

Congratulations to the Josh Abbott Band on winning this one! Last year the Josh Abbott Band had two number 1 songs, with “Settle Me Down” and “Real Damn Good.” At the end of last year, they released a new album “The Highway Kind,” so they likely won’t have another album this year. They are touring as well, although unfortunately they pretty much stay in the south. Congratulations to the Josh Abbott Band for winning the 2022 Texas Country Band of the Year Award.

Female Artist of the Year

Hands up, I do have to admit that I don’t know much about any of these artists. I did try to capture the top names in Texas music, and I hope that I did that for those who know better. I did find out during this process that Holly Tucker was on Team Blake in season 4 of the voice. She did very well and finished 6th overall. That season produced Danielle Bradberry and The Swon Brothers. The other three have been making waves in Texas, and the hard work has gotten them to this point.

Ariel Hutchines

Holly Tucker

Kylie Frey

Sarah Hobbs

There you have it, I apologize for not having more buildup, but you guys gave Holly Tucker the win. It might be because of “The Voice” appearance. It also might be that she is doing a great job building her career down south, but Holly Tucker takes the win.

Male Artist of the Year

The final artist of the year award is for the men. This one was last because it was the most competitive and features the biggest names. Aaron Watson has made a massive career for himself while also staying independent. Casey Donahew and Jon Wolfe have been grinding for a long time and it’s paying off. Cody Jinks has one of the biggest underground cult followings in the entire country as well. This was a fun one to follow.

Aaron Watson

Casey Donahew

Cody Jinks

Jon Wolfe

Ok well, it wasn’t as fun to watch as I expected. Aaron Watson dominated the category. Although he is murdering it in Texas, he likely benefited from his national success. You might remember a few years ago when “Outta Style” was all over the radio. 2022 should be another huge year for Watson as he will likely have a new album. The Texas continue eats his stuff up as well. Congratulations to Aaron Watson on winning the 2022 Beats Beer Bonfires Male Artist of the Year!