Beats Beer Bonfires is Going to Change Forever

What’s up everyone? Chris here, founder of Beats Beer Bonfires. I wanted to write a personal message to you guys about some changes that will be coming to the brand. I started BBB back in 2020 and have put my entire heart and soul into this brand. But it isn’t 2020 anymore, and covid is over. Life for everyone is getting back to normal, and my life is no exception. I’m sure you’ve seen that I continue to post stories pretty much every day. But I’m also sure you’ve noticed that I have been slacking on Instagram posts. I’ve only written like 1 blog in the past 2 months. With that being said, it’s time to start fading BBB out and replacing it. I want to give you something I believe will be a much more entertaining follow, my personal life. Let me talk you through my rational here.

As I mentioned, I started BBB way back in 2020. I’m sure if you follow me close enough you’ve seen my Whiskey Riff beef article. I’m not going to get back into it, but after I got a little taste of blogging for them, I fell in love with it. I started Beats Beer Bonfires to try and compete with them. That might have been an optimistic goal that hasn’t worked out, but I was able to make a name for my brand. Every time something happened, I fell more and more in love with the brand. I’ve talked to some incredible industry people, A list artists, and some incredible people all over the country. It’s been a great way for me to network. I loved writing at first and telling people my opinions even if they didn’t care. Most of all though, it was a fun way for me to be around country music, a genre I love more than any other. I’ve listened to so many artists I hadn’t heard of before this. Artists like Tim Montana, and Jade Eagleson, who have become favorites of mine.

So why am I phasing out BBB if I love it so much? Well, unfortunately life is getting in the way. First off, when BBB started, I had a few friends of mine on board, and some of them did write outstanding articles. However, as the brand grew and I needed more, they gave me less and eventually stopped writing at all. It’s hard to go up against Whiskey Riff and Taste of Country when you’re writing by yourself. (No shade I love all my friends.) Sure, I’ve had one off articles from the Maine Meat Collection and Up2Date country. But it’s not possible to be a one-person blogger when you’re chasing the top brands in the industry. The next reason that I’m fading BBB out is I’m not a huge fan of new music right now. I’ve loved some new artists, like Jelly Roll, Muscadine Bloodline, Bailey Zimmerman, and Jackson Dean. However, artists who were my favorite not all that long ago, like Jason Aldean, have been putting out shit music in my opinion. I also don’t care for Americana stuff. Zach Bryan has been taking the genre by storm, but he isn’t my type, so I don’t want to talk about him. It’s hard to write about a genre that you aren’t excited about.

The final and main reason that I am phasing out BBB is simply time. In 2020 I was a 23-year-old who had just graduated college. I started a job as an Assistant Vegetation Management Coordinator for my local power company. Nothing was happening because of the Fauci Flu. Now it’s 2022, and since BBB didn’t blow up the way I had hoped, I need to decide on how I want to split up my time. I’m working my ass off for a promotion, and then I come home and stress about trying to grow the brand. It’s time to stop for now. I need to get back into doing things outside of growing BBB that I love to do. So, what will my Instagram and the brand look like going forward?

First off, I’m going to phase BBB off the Instagram and make it my own personal page. If you want to unfollow me for that, I completely understand. But you should give me a chance. I’m going to still talk about country music, like I said I love the genre. If I find music I love, I’m still going to share it. I’m also going to keep doing the best things BBB had been doing. I love doing brackets, top 10’s, and things of that nature. I’ll keep experimenting with new things, like I did with the hot takes, and album track rankings. Even though the profile picture won’t be the BBB logo, and the name is going to change, BBB will be at the heart of what I do.

So, what will this new page look like? Well, my name is Chris Reel, so that will be what it’s called. I’ll never call myself a country boy or redneck, that’s for you to decide. But, I will be doing things that relate to what that demographic of people love. I love competing in truck pulls and mud bogs. I love fishing and am learning how to hunt. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, country music will be there. I also love sports, my favorite teams are the Yankees, Heat, Giants, and Devils. I love gambling and will be talking about that. I want to continue to create content, so I might fuck around with interviewing people. I’ve talked to the Boots and Whiskey Podcast about working together on a project. I’ve talked to other friends about doing something cool together. This page is really just going to be what BBB was supposed to be at the end of the day. It never was supposed to be a “country music page” because there are so many it gets watered down. Instead, it was supposed to be a redneck lifestyle brand.

I think my personal life will also be interesting to people. Justin in 2022, I have traveled to Buffalo, Tampa, Charlotte, New York, Boston, Miami, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. This isn’t to mention some stuff I have planned in the second half of the year. I’ve been to PBR events, NFL games, Yankees games, a Heat and Marlins game, I’ve done so much cool shit. I’m looking for a house in the worst economic time to buy a house in the history of the world. I’ve been in a relationship for a long time with an amazing girl. I’ve been learning how to improve mental health and use your brain as a weapon. I’ve been learning how to be a healthier person. I want to take people inside all these things because I know I’m not alone.

This was sort of a long-winded way of saying BBB is going on hiatus, but I want to be very clear of one thing. I’m very proud of what I’ve done, and this isn’t a failure. It’s a great project that is happening at a bad time. I’m going to build off the fruits of my labor and what BBB has given me. I’m going to continue to blog until January and share all the content that you’ve come to know and love. Could BBB come back someday? Absolutely, and I hope it does! But in the next month, say goodbye to the page normally known as BBB and hello to the new page, Chris Reel.


Top 10 Independent Female Country Artists Right Now

Welcome back to this weeks Thursday Thoughts!   Today, we are going to countdown the Top 10 Female Independent Country Artists.

This list is going to be very similar to our first list.  The first list really pissed some people off, so there’s no doubt this one will too!  But hey guess what, this is based on a few things.  How you have treated me, talent, and how you conduct yourself in conversation and contact when we have it.  It’s really that simple.  Am I going to miss people? Yup!  Is it intentional?  Not in all cases.  If you were left off the list, honestly, it’s probably because I forgot, overlooked (not on purpose) or our connection just isn’t there.  Sorry, maybe you’ll be on the next list.  I did notice though tat all of these women except one has been on the show.  Interesting.  

Making this list was hard as fuck, no word of a lie, the numbering system is almost arbitrary as well.  I could go on for days about all of this, but this is the best list and best representation of Women in Independent Country music.

Ok here we go….

10) Kate Boytek –  What can I say about this West Virginia native other than, if you don’t know about her, what the hell are you doing?  Kate was on our show a while ago, and her conversation is one of my top 5 favorites when it comes to a conversation.  It was absolutely fantastic and everything this show is to be about.  She has some singles out there on the digital platforms you should check out.  She has quite the voice and a hell of a personality that really comes out in our episode!  Kate is a 10, ha, see what I did there, cause she’s also number 10 … no?  Fine whatever.  Anyway, check out Kate you won’t be disappointed.

9) Chelsea Sulkey –  Damn, yo Chelsea is MY GIRL!  She is the absolute sweetest and one of our first handful of shows I believe.  Her song ‘On Fire’ is probably one of my top 5 indie country songs of all time.  This girl is a power house!  If you follower her socials, you see she’s not afraid to deal with issues head on and she’s a goddamn super hero.  She’s always been super sweet to me and very responsive.  I am still a little upset she’s moved out of New York and I can’t see her in August when I am there, but I guess, another reason to take a trip to Nashville.

8) Kirstie Kraus – When I think about Kirstie I think about a young lady who absolutely works her ass off.  Her songs are fire, she helps with a rival podcast … I guess we’ll forgive you there … and just does her thing.  She has done a lot with us here as well.  Her take overs on our page have gotten some of the biggest views and we absolutely love talking to her and pushing what she has out.  Check out Kirstie, you won’t be disappointed.

7) Taylor Hughes – This weeks guest obviously is on the list right?  Hell yeah she is!!  Taylor’s powerhouse vocals and love for all things bourbon has her where she is.  She’s also been one of the most caring supportive people of us here at the Boots & Whiskey Podcast.  She gets back to us quickly and very grateful.  My favorite thing is being able to talk bourbon with her and learn so much I never had known before.  If you haven’t already go check out this weeks episode for more about her! 

6) Payton Howie – I had heard about Payton a year ago now.  Our friend Liam Coleman and her were roommates at one point if I remember correctly and he suggested we get in contact with her and my god are we glad we did.  This girl has a no BS approach to her career and her music.  She has an attitude that you don’t want to cross the wrong way.  She is fierce, independent and someone who won’t take no for an answer.  We love her attitude and her music and her desire and grit to keep going! 

5) Taylor O’Connor –  Tay Oco as she is listed in my phone, is a Massachusetts native who is an absolute sneaky powerhouse.  She’s played in all kinds of bad ass rooms in Nashville, and if you’re ever in the area check her out, because she’s not to be missed!  Her latest song ‘Back’ is absolutely fire and if you haven’t done so yet, go take a listen.  

4) Dariann Leigh – Maybe the best known or recognized name on the list in the independent world, Dariann is absolutely killing in Nashville.  She really has what it takes to be a “star” in the very near future.  She has a team that’s behind her 100% and her music just speaks for itself.  Dariann and I don’t have the “closest” friendship, but her talent alone has her in the top 5, not gonna lie.

3) Maddye Trew – Damn this is a hard one to put at number 3 only because her and I and her team have become sooooo close.  This girl could easily be number 1.  Why isn’t she then?  I don’t know?  Like I said the numbers are totally arbitrary.  Legit, this is the only person on this list that came onto the Spotify playlist and I had to re listen because I couldn’t believe her.  Her latest tune ‘Dear Loretta’ is the perfect love letter to a Queen from someone who surely can be a Queen someday.  Maddye is force and if she keeps releasing tunes at the level she is, damn, look out! 

2) April Cushman – The heart and soul of Swanzye NH!  April is probably the best song writer on this list.  Her latest album ‘The Long Haul’ is absolutely fantastic top to bottom.  She was just in Nashville playing some great spots and is moments from really breaking out and everyone knowing who April Cushman is.  IF you’re in Nashville and haven’t hear of April yet, do yourself a favor and check her out! 

1) Taylor Austin Dye – Here we are number one.  TAD as she is so affectionately referred to as, was one of the first episodes we did.  I have a huge soft spot in my heart for this girl.  She has done some absolutely incredible stuff over the last year musically as well.  Her social media presence is absolutely insane and she has everything in the works to be the next “big thing”

Did I miss your favorite female independent country music artist?  Sorry!  Send them my way and we can do another list soon!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see ya’ll next week! 

Cheers ya’ll

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