Obituary of Taylor Lewan

We are sad to announce the passing of Taylor Curtis Lewan of Nashville, Tennessee. Taylor passed from complications of a torn ACL on September 19th, 2022. The play, in which you can’t even see him going down, is below for you to watch. Taylor is #77 on the Titans, the one with the unbelievably skinny legs on the offensive line.

Yes, Taylor will be missed. His impact on the city of Nashville since his arrival has been nothing less than distinguished. Taylor is the longest tenured Titan right now, joining the team in 2014. He watched them transform from a perennial loser to a yearly playoff contender. He anchored the team in 2020 when the Titans defeated the Patriots and sent Tom Brady out of New England. From his PED suspension in 2019, to allowing 5 sacks to his daddy Chandler Jones in the 2021 season opener, to getting penalties at the worst possible time in games, #77 has given Titans fans plenty to make noise about. Chandler Jones, who might’ve missed Taylor more than anyone last week when his Raiders played the Titans wanted to include this short quote.

“Taylor, you were you a great son to me and I’ll miss you forever. Without you on the left side, I was only able to get 0.5 sacks last week as opposed to the 5 I got on you. I’d do anything to have you back. P.S. I’ll send your wife and kids a nice Christmas gift this year.”

Not just on the field, but off the field. The former Pro Bowler will be survived by his podcast partner, William Earl Compton III. William, aka “Playoff Willy,” “Payout Willy,” “Year 10 Willy,” or simply, “Will” is Taylor’s well documented best friend. Upon hearing about Taylor’s injury, he stopped his campaign to be the new Nebraska football head coach and memorialized his deceased best friend. He promptly posted various memes on Twitter, such as this one.

Will is also in a unique position to add a new cohost to his popular podcast, “Bussin with the Boys.” Will hasn’t made a public statement about the search yet, but sources have heard him saying,

“It’s amazing having the freedom to pick a new podcast host. Taylor was great to help start the podcast because he funded the project in the beginning, but now that he’s gone, I can get someone with actual talent to fill his chair. Taylor, I love you and I miss you, but now the boys are going to the moon.”

Asked who was likely to fill in for the deceased Taylor, Will commented this.

“I haven’t actually made a list of who I want, but the boy George Kittle has to be a front runner. Not only is he way more talented than Taylor was, he said he would work during the season. With Kittle, my back wouldn’t hurt 6 months out of the year from having to carry the show.”

Upon hearing that I was writing this obituary, Will wanted me to include this quote.

“If Titans GM, Jon Robinson is reading this, I know you have an extra roster spot now. The boy feels pretty good right now, Year 10 good in fact. I’ll be expecting the call.”

Taylor has made a huge impact on my life without even knowing it. He allowed me to watch my Giants beat the Titans in the seasoner opener of the 2022 season. He didn’t have to, the Titans are much more talented than the Giants. But I know he told Randy Bullock to miss the game winning field goal so I could feel joy. The selflessness he showed by letting a Connecticut boy who traveled down to Nashville for the game is something I can never repay.

He’s someone I really look up to in content as well. The boy is the only person in the world who has to take a break from a #1 podcast to get paid $15 million to play a children’s game. Taylor lived a life of fantasy, built by his hard work and dedication to his crafts. Sure, there might’ve been some arrests involved, but sometimes you have to take the bad with the good. Taylor, the world won’t be the same without you.

To honor Taylor Lewan’s memory, Will Compton stepped up to hold a celebration of life in his honor. The event Will be held October 23rd at ACME Feed and Seed on Broadway in Nashville. It’s an open invite, but, Will has made in mandatory that in lieu of flowers everyone must buy Bussin merch because in his words, “That would’ve been the boys dying wish.”

– Rest easy Taylor, you will be missed by all.