Don’t be a Whiskey Douche

Thursday Thoughts with the Boots & Whiskey Podcast

Hey everyone!  Welcome back to another Thursday Thoughts here with the Boots & Whiskey Podcast.

Today is going to be a bit of a rant.  It’s not even going to be about country music.  This is going to be a rant about what else we should be doing on this show and talking about whiskey.

For the record, in the next few weeks we will be brining the whiskey stuff back full force.  I talked to Chris, my whiskey counterpart the other day, and we’re ready to go!  We have some exciting shit happening in the whiskey world of things in the coming months and next year so stay tuned for some cool ass announcements there.

Ok…. here goes.  

First, whiskey douches, piss off…I am here for the taste and what I want to try and nothing else.  I don’t care about barrel proof; I don’t care about any of the intricate workings of the whiskey/bourbon/rye what have you.  With that being said…do I still have your attention?  No?  Good fuck off.  

For those of you who are still here…. welcome!!!!  This is going to be about what I want to see here in my area of the world and why I can’t get certain things in the liquor stores around me. 

Hell this may even just be a list of things I haven’t seen in stores either dude to allocation or they can’t ship it here for some reason or another.

FIRST.  Nelson’s Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey.  GOD DAMN…. this shit is good.  I love a good Tennessee Whiskey.  I don’t for the life of me understand why whiskey douches don’t like it.  It’s incredible.  It’s delicious and doesn’t feel like you’re pouring gasoline down your stomach and it has a taste.  I know I pissed many off here saying bourbon doesn’t have a taste.  We’ll get to that hold on.  Nelson’s has a bit more of a kick than Jack Daniel’s does, but it is my favorite we have tried so far.  A big shout out to them for sending it our way.  We found it in New York last weekend and had to pick up a bottle because our first is almost gone.

SECOND.  TX Whiskey.  ABSOLUTELY INSANE HOW GOOD THIS SHIT IS!!!!!!!  Ya’ll need to ship your stuff up here to Massachusetts.  We got a bottle.  They won’t return our emails and we gave one hell of a review.  I think we got something we shouldn’t have and got someone fired which is the worst feeling in the world, but this stuff is absolutely fantastic. Yes, I am calling them out for not responding.  At least tell us “hey sending you a bottle was a mistake, we’re sorry, here’s another.”  Something anything I don’t care!  But if you can get it and wanna send us some…shoot us an email….Legit….

THIRD; and probably final – Eagle Rare 10 year.  We can get it here, but good fucking luck finding it.  Goddamn secondary market and allocation bullshit.  I had the chance to have this at a bar not long ago.  Fell in love immediately and I am not a huge bourbon guy.  I know…I know…. But my god.  That’s all I can say…My God.  I hope to get my hands on a bottle soon though.

This weeks thoughts is quick.  I wanted to get out some of my favorites so far.  I have loved everything we have had, but these stand out! 

Like I said, stay tuned for more whiskey fun!  We like to drink and be stupid here so stay tuned! 

Cheers ya’ll

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Chris Lane at Bold Point Park Review

Concert Review Time

Hey everyone!  Thanks for checking out this review of Chris Lane and Dalton & The Sheriff’s at Bold Point Park in East Providence RI!

As always, a HUGE thank you to our friends over there a Bold Point and Waterfront Concerts for having us at all these shows and letting us be a part of what they’re doing there.  We absolutely love this venue right on the water, great place to see a show with the city skyline behind you and a very intimate setting.  Absolutely love it!

We have already done a Chris Lane review earlier this year on our YouTube page: … this was the first YouTube review we did…maybe we will get back there soon.  Probably should.  

This show was much different than that.  No big production, nothing fancy.  There was smoke and such, but nothing crazy.  But we will get to Chris’s set here in a minute.

First, I wanted to talk about another band we have reviewed; Dalton & the Sheriff’s.  You can find that review here: .  Again another show that was completely different this time around. 

Historically the guys in Dalton like to bust my chops about the over abundance of covers the first time I saw them.  Well, this time. Only 1 … and a half!  I saw the guys backstage before the show and it was the first thing, they said to me.  I found it pretty comical.  Before the show we got to hang and shoot the shit and catch up and I appreciate those guys so much for having me and letting me hang out, it was a blast.

With that being said, this review has NOTHING to do with our friendship or the way they treat me and have treated me.  But this was the best sounding live show I have seen in a long time.  Not for an opener or local (regional act) but everyone.  They were spot fucking on.

They opened the night with an hour long set too, that NEVER ever happens in these situations so I was psyched to hear and see that.  I know I said I was going to put in setlists for the reviews, unfortunately I don’t have one for them.  I guess I could have asked, but this article is too far gone and written to stop and start again or add it in.  Maybe we’ll add it to the article if we get it.  

I will say, if you’re anywhere and they are too, GO SEE THEM!!!!  You won’t be disappointed.

After a relatively quick stage change, or maybe it was quick because I was socializing, it was time for Chris Lane.

The last time I saw him he was great.  High energy, great sound, so on and so forth.  Unfortunately, this time some of that was lacking.  The energy was there.  100% can not take that away. However, his voice sounded like shit.  It was horse and he sounded just sick, which he may have been but the vocal range was not there that night.  Not even close.  I made mention about it to a friend that saw him two nights later and said his voice was fine, so maybe it was just a bad night vocally.

The band was great, and we got some great photos as well!  Overall, the crowd was definitely into it which is always the point.

I do want to mention the set list and the timing of Chris’s set.  From what I gather, Bold Point as a 10PM curfew which is totally fine and great.  He went on at 8:10 ish and got off stage at exactly 9:30. A hour and twenty-minute headlining show.  Not to mention half of it was covers.  I bet you’re starting to see a pattern with me.  Chris Lane has several albums out with at least 10 songs on them.  PLAY YOUR ORIGINALS AS A HEADLINING ACT!!!!!

If you can’t get a full set of originals then please stop headlining and doing big tours.  You want to throw in one or two, fine!  Great!  But HALF THE SET?!?!  

Anyway, I don’t want these reviews to sound negative because it isn’t I just have my preferences on set list choices for headliners haha.

Overall, it was nice to see Chris again and always great to see our friends in Dalton & the Sheriff’s.

We have some more shows coming so stay tuned for those reviews coming soon!

Till next time ya’ll Cheers! 

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Is Cody Johnson the Modern King of Country Music?

Thursday Thoughts with the Boots & Whiskey Podcast

Hey everyone!  Welcome back to another Thursday Thoughts here with the Boots & Whiskey Podcast.

Today I want to talk about Cody Johnson.  COJO if you will and I will probably refer to him as such through this article.

Living in Massachusetts, we don’t get a healthy dose of what I call “authentic” country music.  We get pop country, which is great.  It has its place and, in these markets, out here, that’s what sells.  We have had COJO on the radio out here when he has had his radio hits with ‘Til You Can’t’ which was Number 1 a while ago as well as ‘On My Way To You’.  But that’s two songs out of his whole catalogue.  Two songs that although great, miss the absolute genius that this man is.

Cojo has been doing this thing for a while now.  Those of you who know his story, know his origins of being a real rodeo cowboy out of Texas and being an absolute bad ass.  If you haven’t yet, go check out ‘Dear Rodeo: The Cody Johnson Story’ I believe it’s still on Amazon Prime, definitely worth a watch.  It gives you his whole story, which I don’t have the memory to serve it justice.

Now, back to the lack of COJO in New England.  Some may say, “well he did open of Zac Brown Band” yes, he opened for ZBB.  That’s not a headlining ass kicking show.  To me this is where I am sure COJO shines.  Now mind you, I have never seen him live and hope to someday soon, but I can’t imagine an opening set from him would be the experience I am looking and hoping for.  If memory serves, he also opened for the King at Gillette Stadium as well when he was here a few years ago.  If you don’t know who the King is, then you don’t know Country Music.  Again, an opening slot, I am not interested in that, I want a full show.

Some may say I am being picky and you’re goddamn right.  If I am going to see who I consider the ‘new King’ of country music I am seeing a headlining show.  End of discussion.

I call Cojo the ‘New King of Country’ because I truly believe he is.  This guy is the real deal.  Just listen to his catalog of songs, every song is a country song even the radio songs.  They talk about life, love, and family.  It talks about day-to-day blue collar working man (or women) beer drinking, whiskey shootin’ America.  I LOVE IT!!!!

From the videos I have seen of his shows he’s also not afraid to speak his mind and give his thoughts.  I know I am being a bit of a hypocrite because I publicly say all the time, I don’t want to hear their thoughts and opinions, but the way he does it, and makes it come across is that we are all in this together regardless of views and beliefs and even though he has his, he’s accepting of others as well.  It’s fucking incredible!  More people should take this stance at their shows instead of living in their own bubbles and spewing their belief system onto their audience.  Let them decide what’s best for them.  Anyway, I am not going down this rabbit hole.

Cody carries himself with such grace and a reputation that exceeds that.  This man is what all country artists should be.  I mean that sincerely.  There’s no controversy, really, there’s no trax, there’s no bullshit in the music.  It’s clean, crisp, and country through and through.  It’s rock n roll … to a point … with songs that have a bigger message than I think we really can comprehend.  

This New King of Country needs to start being taken more and more seriously all over the place.  Hell, I could be wrong and maybe he is, but I am going by what I see here in Massachusetts.  Regardless, COJO is the face of this genre to me, and he should be to all of us.

Cheers ya’ll

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Country Music’s New Power Trio is a Problem

Thursday Thoughts with the Boots & Whiskey Podcast

Hey everyone!  Welcome back to another Thursday Thoughts here with the Boots & Whiskey Podcast.  Sorry we missed last week, but with all the reviews and shit, I didn’t want to bombard you with more!

So tonight, we get to see the Dangerous Tour with Morgan Wallen, Hardy, and Kameron Marlowe.

To say the excitement is there would be an understatement.  A big Thank You to Live Nation for this opportunity. We will be doing a full review that will be out I am sure next week.  But for today, I wanted to talk about the Ernest/Hardy/Wallen trio.

I have said it and said it now twice in Ernest reviews that his live show has A LOT to be desired.  With that being said, I honestly think, as a solo artist, he has some of my favorite songs in country music right now.  Tunes like, ‘Cheers’; ‘American Rust’; ‘Sugar’; ‘Flower Shops’; ‘Tennessee Queen’; the list goes on and on.  These songs are absolutely fantastic and very much country in sound and in story-telling.  When it comes to a songwriter, I don’t think Ernest Keith Smith, gets enough credit.  Sure he has written the forementioned tunes but has written so many other songs for other artists.  

We obviously know the Morgan Wallen songs he has written from ‘Heartless’ to ‘Somebody’s Problem’ (which is one of my favorite MW tunes) and others.  He has even written for Chris Lane, Kane Brown, and Florida Georgia Line.  Ernest has writing credits on some of the biggest songs in country music over the last few years.  Like I said, Ernest is an artist the genre is sleeping on and the masses are sleeping on as well.  Just wait for Ernest to BLOW UP!  You heard it here for on the B&W Podcast Blog.

We then of course have HARDY.  Oh Michael Hardy, this dude…fuck.  This dude has the star power, the song writing and the vocal chops to hold his own in country music and rock and roll.  Remember back in April we saw HARDY acoustic in Boston and he blew the roof off of Big Night Live.  I can not wait to see him full band later tonight.  I have HIGH hopes for that portion of the show.

Let’s talk about HARDY’s song writing and what he brings to this trio.  He has solo hits like ‘Sold Out’; ‘Give Heaven Some Hell’; ‘Truck’; ‘A Rock’; the list goes on and on and on.  Not to mention all the tunes on HIXTAPE Vol:1 & 2.  Those two albums alone are killer from start to finish.  I would argue that out of the three HARDY is the MOST Rock N Roll.  Obviously country music elements like the story-telling and the topics he sings about, but the overall sound is nothing short of a big Rock N Roll production.  Which is also sort of nice for those of us who grew up in the 90s and early 2000s and that’s what the staples were from Audioslave to Nickelback (yes Nickelback, fuck you, they were great for what they were) it’s incredible to have that energy in the music.  When you listen to everything he’s done so far, you can tell HARDY has what it takes all around, top to bottom.

He’s written songs for Blake Shelton, Morgan Wallen (obviously, it’s what the fucking article is about), Chris Lane, LOCASH, Jameson Rodgers, and so on.  He’s really making a mark on the genre and some of the best artists in the game today.  Also, don’t sleep on Jameson Rodgers.  He’s coming for ya too.  His popularity is gaining traction but look out in the next year or so for Jameson.  Goddamn.

Now Morgan Wallen.  Where do we even start.  Oh, I know where.  Probably for my initial annoyance of him.  Before ‘Dangerous’ came to the masses.  My oldest song used to sing ‘Whiskey Glasses’ at the top of his lungs every day every chance he could.  Needless to say, the song got old, and my resentment for MW was very prominent at the time.  Off of Wallen’s debut album ‘If I Know Me’, there were several great songs, including ‘Up Down’ which is much better without FGL, ‘The Way I Talk’ and as we mentioned ‘Whiskey Glasses’.  

Morgan started to get noticed with this album from 2018 and I am probably speaking out of turn, but fame hit Wallen like a ton of bricks.  As he’s getting going, a pandemic forces him to stop, get off the road, and produce one of the best albums in the last ten years with ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’.

I remember hearing this album for the first time and loving songs like ‘Sand in My Boots’; ‘865’; ‘Your Bartender’ and hell pretty much every other song on the album.  There was something about the songs and how the blended and the sentiment of these songs.  The sense of heartbreak, the feeling of figuring out life, and navigating a world we don’t know how to until faced with certain situations.  

This bad boy of country is no stranger of controversy and I think a lot of these songs give us a glimpse as to why that is.  Remember back before the “incident” he was supposed to be on SNL and got pushed because he went to a party in Alabama.  He’s a young guy with the world by the proverbial balls and not to mention a huge Fame and constant media attention.  What did we really expect?  Honestly, what did we expect.  

Now, I wasn’t going to acknowledge the elephant in the room when talking about Morgan Wallen and his comments to his friend drunk at his home.  But I need to.  I also know I am probably going to piss some people off with what I am about to say, especially seeing the horse has been beaten to death, but I feel it important to say.  

Do I support or think it’s ok to use racial slurs?  No of course not.  In this house, my kids know better than to say words like that and how they make others feel.  And that goes for all derogatory terms towards anyone.

Do I think Morgan Wallen is a racist because he said the “N Word”.  Not in this life time or the next.  This is a PERFECT example of throwing stones at glass houses.  Everyone crying to cancel Morgan and all the shit that was said or tried to be done to him was insane.  You CAN NOT look yourself in the mirror and say “I am free from this mess because I have never said one thing that could be seen as off color or insensitive to someone else.”  If you’re saying “well yes I can.”  You’re full of shit or a complete saint that has their one-way ticket already punched and laminated in gold.  

I truly believe that’s why there’s been such a rally behind this guy.  I think the masses knew his intentions and saw a little of themselves in the situation.  The difference he’s famous, the majority of people aren’t.

I am psyched to see this show tonight.  I am psyched to see MW sell out Great Woods in Mansfield, MA.  I can’t wait to report back to yall how it was. 

Cheers ya’ll

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LANCO at Off the Rails Concert Review

Concert Review Time

Hey ya’ll !!!   We have FINALLY caught up on all our reviews!  This one is actually current and not even a week old as I am writing it!  We had the pleasure and opportunity to cover LANCO at Off the Rails in Worcester, MA on July 29, 2022!

First off, a HUGE thank you to Amy and the staff at Off the Rails.  This place is absolutely incredible!  If you haven’t been you need to go!  It legit is a slice of Nashville in Worcester.  They have a great menu with Nashville inspired food and they have our favorite, a hell of a whiskey selection.  Every Wednesday you can see our dear friend Jared Reinert there in the dining room along with many other local acts throughout the week.  Don’t miss this place.

Now, I am going to get a little somber, but this was our first trip back to Off the Rails since the sudden passing of our friend here at the show, Eric Lindquist.  Eric was the man over there at Off the Rails.  He did It all.  Most importantly to us, he gave us a chance.  He allowed us to come to shows and get a glimpse into the venue world looked like and how to do all the behind-the-scenes stuff and gave us an idea on what we needed to do to do the Concert Review portion of this show.  

Luckily, we now have someone in Amy who is just as great as Eric to bring us back to the Off the Rails family and we are ecstatic to be a part of it all.  So, stay tuned for many more shows from this incredible brand-new venue in Central Massachusetts.

The venue itself holds a couple of hundred people and is a great place to see an intimate show of some of your favorite artists!  And who knows, maybe we can get some of our friends from our show to come to Worcester and play too!

OK!  On to the show!

We got there a little early and were able to see sound check of LANCO and their opener, a local guy named Eric Marcs.  It was really cool to see sound check in a small club.  I have seen it in bigger places but small like that was interesting to see the interactions between the band and the local sound guys.

My friend Samantha came to help on this show take pictures, that we will be posting soon!  A big thank you to her!

Now, we did get to see a few of Eric Marc’s tunes, which sounded great, but during his set we were with LANCO getting an interview and podcast episode we have now released!  Go check it out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, legit anywhere! We had a great time with those guys and the episode came out absolutely fantastic! A big thank you to them and their TM Max and Amy at Off the Rails for getting it set up for us.  Cheers to you all!

Once the interview was over, it was time for LANCO to hit the Off the Rails Stage!  We were super close to the stage and everyone who has ever been to a show that close, you know the sound isn’t perfect.  So I moved around and the guys sounded absolutely incredible.  They brought stadium sized energy to a small intimate venue.  It was incredible.  A few songs in and the guy’s lost power on stage so there was a brief intermission while they got that cleared away.  Show biz is crazy sometimes! 

I thought this little delay would take some of the wind out of the crowd and the band, but no one missed a beat.  True professionals right here for sure.

The show started about 8:40 and LANCO walked off stage about 10:30 give or take a few minutes.  The show flew by.  They did a nice little acoustic performance in the middle of the crowd which I always love to see!  It makes it special for people for sure, especially the ones in that area.

From start to finish, the crowd and band were in line, the energy was incredible and of course they played all their hits and some other great songs as well.  Nothing missed, I can’t even believe how incredible it was.  I was very pleasantly surprised how great they were.

This was our second time seeing them, the first was opening for Luke Combs ironically enough across the street from Off the Rails at the DCU Center a few years before that.

I can’t wait to get back to Off the Rails and to see LANCO again.

Again a HUGE thank you to everyone who made this night a huge success!

Till next time ya’ll Cheers! 

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Country 102.5 Music Fest feat. Dierks Bentley and Elle King

Concert Review Time

Hey ya’ll !!!   I have been super busy and totally slacking on these concert reviews and getting them on YouTube and such so I am just going to just make blogs for them and maybe later on do a whole “End of Summer Shows” recap?  I don’t know yet, but this review is about Country 102.5s Country Music Festival featuring Dierks Bentley, Elle King and Travis Denning.

First off, I have to thank everyone at Country 102.5 here in Boston for this experience.  A big thank you to my dear friend and show Alum Alison Sawhill for having me as her guest the night of the show.  This experience was unlike any other I have ever been a part of.  This station knows how to treat its guest, I will say that!

The night started with the opportunity to be a part of some interviews for the DJs on their shows.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get there that early, but we were able to take part of the mingling with the other guests.  The radio station, like I said treated us right and the hospitality was absolutely incredible.  The seats weren’t bad either!  I mean really whenever you’re invited to a show or get the chance to cover a show, it doesn’t matter where the seats are.  I even got to meet some great friends while I was there as well!  A big shout out to them!

Now, to the show.  First off as Travis Denning.  If you haven’t seen Travis or know who Travis is…get on that bus right now and check him out.  It amazes me he isn’t bigger than he is.  We saw him open for Brothers Osborne last year and he’s only gotten better!  To me, his set wasn’t long enough and he should have been the second headliner, but that’s my bias for sure.  He has a local kid Matt Davidson playing guitar for him as well.  We have reached out to the Denning camp several times for interviews and timing hasn’t been right.  We gotta get this guy on!

After Travis was Elle King.  I am still in absolute shock she is Rob Schneiders daughter.  Totally took me by surprise when I learned this little factoid at the show.  You all know Rob Schneider, he’s been in almost every Adam Sandler movie to date.  Anyway, I have to say this.  I was hugely disappointed that Ashley McBryde had to cancel her time on this part of the tour.  However, Elle was pretty good.  I didn’t see her full show as I was mingling and doing other things that we needed to do, but she was definitely entertaining and a great way to Segway into Dierks Bentley.  I am not really sure what to say about Elle King because her music doesn’t speak to me much.  ‘Exes and Ohs’ is a cool tune and so is ‘Drunk’ but it’s not what I would consider country sounding.  It’s rock and roll for sure.  She has a soulful voice, she just doesn’t speak to me.  I don’t get the country connection.  But that’s always my complaint here huh?  It’s not ‘country enough’.  Whatever, I don’t think it is.

The man of the hour, Dierks Bentley.  For those of you who know me, Dierks is one of my top country artists of all time.  I know most of you just made a face.  But I absolutely love this dude.  Now, I will say this, the new Dierks releases.  No thanks.  But old Dierks.  Before 2019 Dierks.  Give it all to me.  He mixed it up with song choices between old and new and it was a great show!  I specifically loved the Hot Country Knights encore they did.  That was something I didn’t expect at all.  They did a tour I believe before Covid and I wish I saw it, or maybe it was planned for 2020.  I don’t remember but a full show of them would have been pretty sweet too!  

Dierks to me is timeless.  Maybe because he was the first person I really heard when starting to get into the genre or it was something else, but to me this guys is Gold.  Ha see what I did there cause his latest release is called ‘Gold’….don’t hate me.  I have now seen Dierks, three times and every time it gets better.  I look forward to the next time we see him!

Again a HUGE thank you to Country 102.5 and their team over there!

Till next time ya’ll Cheers! 

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Country Jam at Wojcik’s Farm Recap

Hey ya’ll !!!   I have been super busy and totally slacking on these concert reviews and getting them on YouTube and such so I am just going to just make blogs for them and maybe later on do a whole “End of Summer Shows” recap?  I don’t know yet, but this review is about Country Jam at Wojcik’s Farm in Blackstone Ma.  

Well, this show was something special if I do say so myself.  It was our first hosting gig as the Boots & Whiskey Podcast.  We were the emcee for the days events and it was an absolute honor.  This was year two of this festival and I think it has great potential to continue its growth.  Hopefully we can be a little more instrumental in some things for next year, but over the potential to be huge is there!

The local festival consisted of many local bar bands including: Wendy & The Cultivators; Bail Money; Trigger South; The Pub Kings; and the Goat Roper Band.  All of these acts were very gracious to us and we loved working close with them.  These bands are great bar bands and if you’re ever in the area and they are playing, go check them out.  

The days headliners were Houston Bernard and Timmy Brown.  We are honored to say that Houston played per our request and Timmy was the headliner last year and came back for year 2!  I found their sets to be very interesting and very different.

We knew what to expect with the bar bands listed above, cover songs that would get the crowd to sing.  They nailed it with that.  But with the headliners, you would expect originals, especially when both artists have plenty to fill a set.

Houston went on before Timmy as a Co-Headliner and played all originals which was great, maybe a cover or two which was to be expected.  In a setting like that, I believe that if you have originals and you have a name behind you, play your originals and get more people to know your name and your music.  You don’t want to be an original artist that plays covers, at least I don’t think so, at least in a full band stand out opportunity.  I thought Houston nailed this.  Just the right blend of a couple covers but didn’t over run the set.  

I am surprised to say that Timmy Brown did not do that.  Timmy played many covers which is disappointing because his originals are just as good if not better than some of the covers he played.  The album he released last year could have covered a whole set.  Again, I get it as to why you would play covers.  I totally 100% understand, but like I said, when you have a name and a bit of a following, play your originals.  You have originals for a reason!  Let the people hear them!!!

I thought all acts had great sets and really did their jobs with being entertaining and fun!

There are a few things we would like to see different for next year, but nothing major.  Many of these come from audience members and performers alike.

One, definitely need a new sound company.  The sound and tech portion of the show was less than stellar.  We heard it from practically everyone we spoke with about the show.  I don’t think it’s a negative thing, just something to improve on.  Another idea is to move the food closer to the stage area, I know on a hot day, it sucks walking to get food and back to your seat, so I get that.  I would even switch up the lineup.  Nothing against anyone who played but the same bands or artists can’t play every year or headline every year, it just gets stale.  The last thing we heard, was about the cost of getting in.  A big way to offset that would be to get a C Level Act to come and play and get some local “bigger names” to help draw a crowd, etc.  Now these aren’t complaints, this is a festival I am passionate about and want to see do well and succeed for many reasons.  One reason Vicki is a friend and former classmate and I want to see her visions come to life and be successful.  Another is that it’s in my hometown, I love seeing things do well at my hometown!  I think it’s great exposure for the farm and for the area!

The whole idea has great potential and I look forward to doing more with-it next year, I hope anyway!

Till next time ya’ll Cheers! 

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Chris Young Concert Recap

Hey ya’ll !!!   I have been super busy and totally slacking on these concert reviews and getting them on YouTube and such so I am just going to just make blogs for them and maybe later on do a whole “End of Summer Shows” recap?  I don’t know yet, but this review is of the Famous Friends Tour!  This show had Ernest, Mitchell Tenpenny and Chris Young as our headliner.

This was the first of many shows we got to be a part of with our friends over at Waterfront Concerts and Bold Point Park in East Providence Rhode Island.  So, a BIG thank you to them for their amazing hospitality as well as our friends over at Live Nation!  Without these folks, this review wouldn’t even be possible!

So here we go!  

If you have watched the You Tube Reviews you know we have already seen Ernest when he opened for Chris Lane at the House of Blues earlier this year.  This take on Ernest is going to be eerily similar to that one.  I will say that I was psyched to see him again.  We just need to see Morgan Wallen to finish the trifecta with those guys.  I felt that this show and performance was much weaker than the last time.  It felt forced in some areas of the show and set.  There was a over whelming feeling the crowd was confused as to who he was or why he was singing songs off of Morgan’s album.  These folks that had this sentiment had no idea who he was or why he was, but they were the ones there early to get a good spot for Chris Young.  For myself, I thought that Ernest himself sounded great.  My biggest issue is still with his band.  He needs a real band.  They don’t look like they are actually playing except the drummer!  It all sounds and looks like it’s dubbed with a backing track.  Ernest could be the next big thing, but he has to do a better job at selling himself.  His songs are incredible and he needs to show that side of it.  I thought the song choices for this set were weak compared to the last time I saw him as well.  Overall, I thought Ernest’s set was just meh.  This bums me out because I absolutely LOVE his stuff.  This dude needs to get better at the live game or just write songs and release EPs.  

Once Ernest was over, we got to see Mitchell Tenpenny, who I have been wanting to see for years and he did not disappoint.  He was actually much better than expected.  His energy, his song choices, and his ability to move a crowd were all worthy of a headlining spot.  This dude can really perform and I loved every moment of his set.  The best part came when the set was just about over and the skies opened and the rain came coming down.  Tenpenny really ate that shit up and the energy in the whole place just erupted!  There’s not much more to say about this set other than it was fantastic and a complete joy and pleasure to see and hear.

After the two openers we get to Chris Young, the man we are here to see!  I have been a huge fan of his for years and I have wanted to see him for a long time.  His music and his lyrics just hit me in the feels.  He is a purist when it comes to the lyrics and that country music sound.  I absolutely love everything he has released and his catalog as a whole is absolutely incredible.

Now, with that being said the next part hurts my heart to even say out loud or in print because I do not want to come off as an asshole because I love Chris and what he’s doing.  BUT …. As a headliner, absolute snooze fest.  In all of my years seeing country shows and shows in general, I have never seen a headliner as boring as this and I have seen James Taylor.  It was like watching a statue sing.  I have to admit, it was not at all what I expected.  I am not used to a country artist standing in place like that at his age with the level of songs he has.  Even Ed Sheeran moves around and he’s by himself.  Hardy as sick as he was moved around more than Chris did.  It was so disheartening.  If we weren’t there in an official capacity that night for Bold Point, I would have left mid set and beat the traffic getting out.  The music and set list choice was great, but as a performer, would not recommend seeing live.  Sorry Chris, maybe it was an off night.  At least I hope so! 

A big thank you again to our friends at Bold Point and Waterfront Concerts for this experience.  If you’re in the area and want to see an outdoor show at a great intimate outdoor venue, check out Bold Point Park, you won’t be disappointed.

We will be giving away tickets to the remaining shows this summer including Chris Lane, Kip Moore, Jake Owen, and Brett Eldridge, so stay tuned on our socials and like and share and see if you win your way in to one of these great shows! 

Till next time ya’ll Cheers! 

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