Obituary of Taylor Lewan

We are sad to announce the passing of Taylor Curtis Lewan of Nashville, Tennessee. Taylor passed from complications of a torn ACL on September 19th, 2022. The play, in which you can’t even see him going down, is below for you to watch. Taylor is #77 on the Titans, the one with the unbelievably skinny legs on the offensive line.

Yes, Taylor will be missed. His impact on the city of Nashville since his arrival has been nothing less than distinguished. Taylor is the longest tenured Titan right now, joining the team in 2014. He watched them transform from a perennial loser to a yearly playoff contender. He anchored the team in 2020 when the Titans defeated the Patriots and sent Tom Brady out of New England. From his PED suspension in 2019, to allowing 5 sacks to his daddy Chandler Jones in the 2021 season opener, to getting penalties at the worst possible time in games, #77 has given Titans fans plenty to make noise about. Chandler Jones, who might’ve missed Taylor more than anyone last week when his Raiders played the Titans wanted to include this short quote.

“Taylor, you were you a great son to me and I’ll miss you forever. Without you on the left side, I was only able to get 0.5 sacks last week as opposed to the 5 I got on you. I’d do anything to have you back. P.S. I’ll send your wife and kids a nice Christmas gift this year.”

Not just on the field, but off the field. The former Pro Bowler will be survived by his podcast partner, William Earl Compton III. William, aka “Playoff Willy,” “Payout Willy,” “Year 10 Willy,” or simply, “Will” is Taylor’s well documented best friend. Upon hearing about Taylor’s injury, he stopped his campaign to be the new Nebraska football head coach and memorialized his deceased best friend. He promptly posted various memes on Twitter, such as this one.

Will is also in a unique position to add a new cohost to his popular podcast, “Bussin with the Boys.” Will hasn’t made a public statement about the search yet, but sources have heard him saying,

“It’s amazing having the freedom to pick a new podcast host. Taylor was great to help start the podcast because he funded the project in the beginning, but now that he’s gone, I can get someone with actual talent to fill his chair. Taylor, I love you and I miss you, but now the boys are going to the moon.”

Asked who was likely to fill in for the deceased Taylor, Will commented this.

“I haven’t actually made a list of who I want, but the boy George Kittle has to be a front runner. Not only is he way more talented than Taylor was, he said he would work during the season. With Kittle, my back wouldn’t hurt 6 months out of the year from having to carry the show.”

Upon hearing that I was writing this obituary, Will wanted me to include this quote.

“If Titans GM, Jon Robinson is reading this, I know you have an extra roster spot now. The boy feels pretty good right now, Year 10 good in fact. I’ll be expecting the call.”

Taylor has made a huge impact on my life without even knowing it. He allowed me to watch my Giants beat the Titans in the seasoner opener of the 2022 season. He didn’t have to, the Titans are much more talented than the Giants. But I know he told Randy Bullock to miss the game winning field goal so I could feel joy. The selflessness he showed by letting a Connecticut boy who traveled down to Nashville for the game is something I can never repay.

He’s someone I really look up to in content as well. The boy is the only person in the world who has to take a break from a #1 podcast to get paid $15 million to play a children’s game. Taylor lived a life of fantasy, built by his hard work and dedication to his crafts. Sure, there might’ve been some arrests involved, but sometimes you have to take the bad with the good. Taylor, the world won’t be the same without you.

To honor Taylor Lewan’s memory, Will Compton stepped up to hold a celebration of life in his honor. The event Will be held October 23rd at ACME Feed and Seed on Broadway in Nashville. It’s an open invite, but, Will has made in mandatory that in lieu of flowers everyone must buy Bussin merch because in his words, “That would’ve been the boys dying wish.”

– Rest easy Taylor, you will be missed by all.


Dalton and the Sheriff’s Top 10 Songs

Thursday Thoughts with the Boots & Whiskey Podcast

Hey everyone!  Welcome back to another Thursday Thoughts here with the Boots & Whiskey Podcast.

Today we are brining you some of the best Dalton & The Sheriff’s songs according to me!  

These guys are absolutely incredible and a Boston heavy act from playing Harborlights (or whatever it’s called this year) last summer to playing the beautiful new MGM Music Hall Fenway this coming Saturday (get your tickets now) to the Bell in Hand to Fete Music Hall in Providence to Nashville to shitty gigs in Mississippi, just to say they made the drive.  These guys have been everywhere!  Go see them whenever they are near you, or take the trip to New England, it will be worth it….trust me.

But here is our Top 10 Dalton & The Sheriff’s Songs:

PS) ‘Luckier By Half’ is the best album from anyone in the last 10 years, and no not just locally.  These songs could be interchanged anywhere.  They’re all great…but let’s try here.  I don’t think many of these will have a commentary.  I mostly want you to hear this music honestly.

10) Cheap Guitars 

9) The Strummer 

8) Cheap Seats

7) Take My Hand

6) Bones

5) Her Good Name

4) A Few More Almosts

3) Flying Blind


1) Sunday Nights

I honestly don’t have much to say about these songs because I think they say enough on their own.  The top 5 really hit me right in the feels because I feel it personally when I hear these songs.  I am curious as to what you think of them as well!  What songs did I miss?  What songs are on here do you think shouldn’t be?

I hope to see you all Saturday!  Feel free to say hey!

Cheers ya’ll

Thank you all for reading along and listening to the show.  Check us out on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter all of the above.  And check out our website at


Morgan Wallen and Hardy Concert Review

Concert Review Time

Hey everyone!  Thanks for checking out this review of The Dangerous Tour featuring Morgan Wallen, HARDY, and Kameron Marlowe.

I know I have been beating ya’ll over the head with all things Morgan Wallen and company lately, but this will be the last thing on it for a while.  Unless something major happens.

First a big thank you to Live Nation and Morgan Wallen’s team for having us out to the show on Thursday August 11, 2022 at the Xfinity Center (aka Great Woods) in Mansfield MA.  It was a great night and a nice 20K sell out for the guys.  Love to see a country show sell out here in Boston.  

We got there a little early for some tailgate cheese burgers and some Miller Lites, because who doesn’t like to start a show that way?  After a couple burgers and libations, we made our way to the box office to pick up the tickets.  Now, we never know where the tickets will be.  For Tim McGraw we were in Section 8, small club shows we typically have General Admission which honestly, we could be sitting on the moon and we are just so humbled and appreciative of the opportunities to do all of this.  We get to the box office and we find out it was Morgan’s team that issued the tickets, so a big thank you there!  The seats were incredible as you can see from the photos below.

I had to get there in time for Kameron Marlowe.  I’ve been a big fan of his for a while now and although some things fell through with him this past weekend.  We won’t hold it against him.  We’ll still give a good review because it’s what is deserved.  I am teasing brother, but in all seriousness incredible to see him live.  

Marlowe played 8 songs in total.  He played all of the songs most people would know if they listen to country music from ‘Sober as a Drunk’ to his biggest hit to date ‘Giving You Up’.  Every song and every line were delivered with ease and excitement.  It was nice to see such a great talent get the chance to open for such a huge tour.  I see Kameron really exploding in the next year or so.  Kameron is going on tour this fall and if he’s coming near you, he is a must see.  I would list out the setlist like I am going to do for the others, but I can’t find a reliable source on it, but if you have it, please let me know and we’ll update the article! 

Now, do I need to tell you much about HARDY?  Everyone knows my new found love for this dude.  We saw him back in April acoustic and he killed.  The expectations were high here.  Needless to say, he did not disappoint.  Not one bit.  He played all the songs you would expect as you can see from the setlist below:

  1. Sold Out
  2. TRUCK
  3. BOOTS
  7. Jack
  9. God’s Country

(Blake Shelton cover)

  1. 4X4

This is a solid set by all means!  I am not sure he could have picked a better 11 songs.  Some songs I love were left off like ‘ROCK’ but it is what it is.  Can’t win them all.  HARDY’s full band energy is unmatched.  Absolutely unmatched.  This dude brings it every time to every show.  He may be the best song writer in the game right now.  He could have played two hours and never would have been upset about it.  He may have stole the show….shhhh wait, don’t be mad….keep reading and I will explain.

After HARDY, we had the man himself, Morgan Wallen.  I have to say, it was great to see Morgan on this huge tour.  His set was well orchestrated and the song choices were stellar.  He played for about 2 hours as well, which is another thing you don’t see much anymore.  Most headliners give us an hour and a half if we’re lucky.  From the looks of it, the set was the same every night, which is fine.  I get it.  The set that night was as followed: Thanks to setlist fm for the setlists.

  1. Up Down
  2. Dangerous
  3. Still Goin Down
  4. You Proof
  5. Silverado for Sale
  6. 7 Summers
  7. Country A$$ Shit
  8. Somebody’s Problem
  9. Chasin’ You
  10. 865
  11. Sand in My Boots
  12. Cover Me Up (Jason Isbell cover)
  13. Thought You Should Know
  14. Flower Shops (Ernest Keith Smith cover)
  15. He Went To Jared (with HARDY)
  16. Warning
  17. This Bar
  18. Don’t Think Jesus
  19. More Than My Hometown
  20. The Way I Talk
  21. Encore:
  22. Heartless
  23. Whiskey Glasses

As you can see, solid solid setlist for sure.  I would have liked to have seen a little more variety in the set, but when you have the biggest album in the universe, you play what’s off of that album.  Makes total sense to have the setlist this way, I am just being a shit.

I mentioned earlier, that HARDY stole the show.  He did, and I say this because one I think Hardy is a better song writer and overall better artist.  I like Morgan Wallen, don’t get me wrong, as any of you know who follow us, knows, I am big Team Wallen guy.  My biggest gripe and again, can’t do anything about it, is that this exact show is all over YouTube.  You could watch the whole thing start to finish and not see a different show.  I don’t understand the folks that go back-to-back nights of tours like this because that’s exactly what you get.  I am not saying it’s bad, I just wish there was a little variety night after night, but I get you can’t do that in a lot of cases on a major HUGE tour like this.  I don’t take that away from the performance at all, the performance and show were incredible.  

Would I see Morgan again?  Absolutely!  Would I rather it in a smaller venue, yup!  But that’s also my preference too.  It will be a long ass time til we see Morgan Wallen in a small venue show and that’s amazing for him and a testament to his talent and success.  I look forward to seeing him again and again.

Thank you again to his team and to Live Nation and of course all of our friends at the Xfinity Center Mansfield.

Till next time ya’ll Cheers! 

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Beats Beer Bonfires is Going to Change Forever

What’s up everyone? Chris here, founder of Beats Beer Bonfires. I wanted to write a personal message to you guys about some changes that will be coming to the brand. I started BBB back in 2020 and have put my entire heart and soul into this brand. But it isn’t 2020 anymore, and covid is over. Life for everyone is getting back to normal, and my life is no exception. I’m sure you’ve seen that I continue to post stories pretty much every day. But I’m also sure you’ve noticed that I have been slacking on Instagram posts. I’ve only written like 1 blog in the past 2 months. With that being said, it’s time to start fading BBB out and replacing it. I want to give you something I believe will be a much more entertaining follow, my personal life. Let me talk you through my rational here.

As I mentioned, I started BBB way back in 2020. I’m sure if you follow me close enough you’ve seen my Whiskey Riff beef article. I’m not going to get back into it, but after I got a little taste of blogging for them, I fell in love with it. I started Beats Beer Bonfires to try and compete with them. That might have been an optimistic goal that hasn’t worked out, but I was able to make a name for my brand. Every time something happened, I fell more and more in love with the brand. I’ve talked to some incredible industry people, A list artists, and some incredible people all over the country. It’s been a great way for me to network. I loved writing at first and telling people my opinions even if they didn’t care. Most of all though, it was a fun way for me to be around country music, a genre I love more than any other. I’ve listened to so many artists I hadn’t heard of before this. Artists like Tim Montana, and Jade Eagleson, who have become favorites of mine.

So why am I phasing out BBB if I love it so much? Well, unfortunately life is getting in the way. First off, when BBB started, I had a few friends of mine on board, and some of them did write outstanding articles. However, as the brand grew and I needed more, they gave me less and eventually stopped writing at all. It’s hard to go up against Whiskey Riff and Taste of Country when you’re writing by yourself. (No shade I love all my friends.) Sure, I’ve had one off articles from the Maine Meat Collection and Up2Date country. But it’s not possible to be a one-person blogger when you’re chasing the top brands in the industry. The next reason that I’m fading BBB out is I’m not a huge fan of new music right now. I’ve loved some new artists, like Jelly Roll, Muscadine Bloodline, Bailey Zimmerman, and Jackson Dean. However, artists who were my favorite not all that long ago, like Jason Aldean, have been putting out shit music in my opinion. I also don’t care for Americana stuff. Zach Bryan has been taking the genre by storm, but he isn’t my type, so I don’t want to talk about him. It’s hard to write about a genre that you aren’t excited about.

The final and main reason that I am phasing out BBB is simply time. In 2020 I was a 23-year-old who had just graduated college. I started a job as an Assistant Vegetation Management Coordinator for my local power company. Nothing was happening because of the Fauci Flu. Now it’s 2022, and since BBB didn’t blow up the way I had hoped, I need to decide on how I want to split up my time. I’m working my ass off for a promotion, and then I come home and stress about trying to grow the brand. It’s time to stop for now. I need to get back into doing things outside of growing BBB that I love to do. So, what will my Instagram and the brand look like going forward?

First off, I’m going to phase BBB off the Instagram and make it my own personal page. If you want to unfollow me for that, I completely understand. But you should give me a chance. I’m going to still talk about country music, like I said I love the genre. If I find music I love, I’m still going to share it. I’m also going to keep doing the best things BBB had been doing. I love doing brackets, top 10’s, and things of that nature. I’ll keep experimenting with new things, like I did with the hot takes, and album track rankings. Even though the profile picture won’t be the BBB logo, and the name is going to change, BBB will be at the heart of what I do.

So, what will this new page look like? Well, my name is Chris Reel, so that will be what it’s called. I’ll never call myself a country boy or redneck, that’s for you to decide. But, I will be doing things that relate to what that demographic of people love. I love competing in truck pulls and mud bogs. I love fishing and am learning how to hunt. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, country music will be there. I also love sports, my favorite teams are the Yankees, Heat, Giants, and Devils. I love gambling and will be talking about that. I want to continue to create content, so I might fuck around with interviewing people. I’ve talked to the Boots and Whiskey Podcast about working together on a project. I’ve talked to other friends about doing something cool together. This page is really just going to be what BBB was supposed to be at the end of the day. It never was supposed to be a “country music page” because there are so many it gets watered down. Instead, it was supposed to be a redneck lifestyle brand.

I think my personal life will also be interesting to people. Justin in 2022, I have traveled to Buffalo, Tampa, Charlotte, New York, Boston, Miami, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. This isn’t to mention some stuff I have planned in the second half of the year. I’ve been to PBR events, NFL games, Yankees games, a Heat and Marlins game, I’ve done so much cool shit. I’m looking for a house in the worst economic time to buy a house in the history of the world. I’ve been in a relationship for a long time with an amazing girl. I’ve been learning how to improve mental health and use your brain as a weapon. I’ve been learning how to be a healthier person. I want to take people inside all these things because I know I’m not alone.

This was sort of a long-winded way of saying BBB is going on hiatus, but I want to be very clear of one thing. I’m very proud of what I’ve done, and this isn’t a failure. It’s a great project that is happening at a bad time. I’m going to build off the fruits of my labor and what BBB has given me. I’m going to continue to blog until January and share all the content that you’ve come to know and love. Could BBB come back someday? Absolutely, and I hope it does! But in the next month, say goodbye to the page normally known as BBB and hello to the new page, Chris Reel.


“South of the Dirty South” Brantley Gilbert and Jelly Roll Changed the Game

            We are the #1 outlaw page in country music. We just made Whiskey Riff cry themselves to sleep, and now I am declaring this page #1. We don’t yet have the numbers, but we have the attitude. As a result of the events from the past few days, we are being heavily watched. Every day I look and see another page, or another “country influencer” is viewing my shit. People I used to dream of doing content with now have eyes on me. It’s too bad because most of them hate me now, they think I’m a wild card. This truth of the matter is I’m really not. I called out some bullshit and the people who made an entire brand around calling out other people’s bullshit couldn’t handle it. They blocked me, sent me a very rude message that quickly got unsent, and told all their buddies that I’m a terrible person.

I don’t care if any of these aforementioned “influencers” want to work with me anymore. They are more than welcome to reach out, but there are only two groups of people in this “country music page war:” either your on my side or your in my way. This article isn’t about that though, and as far as I’m concerned, the war is over and I’ve won it. This article is about another outlaw, one with a much bigger following and cultural relevancy than I am right now. On the day that my war started, Brantley Gilbert did something I never imagined I would ever see a mainstream country artist do.

First if you haven’t yet, go listen to “Son of the Dirty South” by Brantley Gilbert. Don’t even leave the page, just click play below.

 It’s a fucking jam. If you don’t know who the other guy is in the video, and if you’re reading this you probably do, but let me introduce you to Jelly Roll. For those of you who don’t know the story of Jelly Roll, its fucking insane. If you have time watch this video, or go listen to the podcast, I promise you it’s worth it. If you don’t have time, skip to the next paragraph and I’ll give you a very brief and undetailed summary.

Jelly Roll was born in Antioch, a Nashville suburb known for being rough. A lot of people are products of where they grow up, and for a long time Jelly Roll was no exception. Heavy drugs, and jail time were a common theme for him growing up. However, Jelly Roll knew he wanted better for himself. He began rapping, and through collaborations with other Tennessee rappers, he grew his following into millions of people. Since then, he has been able to straighten out his life, now has a family, and wants to use his well-earned fame and fortune to show kids in prison they can make it in this world. He is proud of where he is from and instead of turning his back on it, he is embracing it and trying to make a difference.

            It really is an amazing story, but that’s not what this article is about either. This is about how he grinded his way onto a song with Brantley Gilbert. Brantley Gilbert has always been an outlaw with a bit of a soft side. His discography bounces between rebellious party songs like “Kick it in the Sticks” to softer more emotional songs like “Bad Boy.” He very rarely sings songs that the average radio listener will appreciate because he isn’t pop country. His music probably belongs on heavy rock/metal radio than anything. Yet his themes relate to those who did grow up in the country. Think of him as of a better version of Jason Aldean who didn’t sell out.

            Brantley is at a fork in his career it feels like. He hasn’t had a successful radio hit since “What Happens in a Small Town” back in 2019. His song “Hard Days” which felt like a monster to me, stalled out in the high 20s. His last album “Fire and Brimstone” was ok but compared to his other music it felt like a miss. I think Brantley might be at the end of his country music radio days. But does he need country radio? Until recently, an artist named Eric Church didn’t have much radio success, and he is one of the biggest names in the genre. Brantley has a monster following of very loyal fans. He sells out the biggest venues in the country still, I’m not sure compiling more #1 songs need to be his priority anymore.

            Instead, he should do exactly what he is doing. Gilbert has put out 5 songs over the past year. “The Worst Country Song of All Time,” “Gone But Not Forgotten,” “How to Talk to Girls,” “Rolex on a Redneck” and “Son of the Dirty South.” Each song speaks to a different part of his audience. None of the songs have gone viral or anything, but they each serve a purpose. At this point Gilbert should just drop an entire album including these songs and call it the “Redneck Tapes.” They don’t have to serve as radio singles, just let the fans have them on their playlists and jam to them.

This approach has done something, likely unintentional, but it still has given Country Rap legitimateness. It no longer is just a underground subgenre that Music Row can ignore. The world has produced its first mainstream star in Jelly Roll. Does Adam Calhoun follow and hop on a Jason Aldean song? Probably not… but all the sudden its possible. Honestly a song of Jason Aldean and Calhoun rapping about gun rights would be insane, but it will NEVER happen. Does Upchurch come out and rap on a Justin Moore song? Again, not likely, but it feels possible now. Big Machine Records released a song with Jelly Roll on it. Maybe I’m making more of a deal of this situation than it is, but it feels like a genre changer.

            Now don’t misread what I’m saying, Brantley isn’t the first mainstream country artists to work with a country rapper. Clay Walker and Upchurch did “For a Little While” together in 2020. Craig Campbell and Demun Jones did “Take Me Back” in 2019. The difference though is Craig wasn’t on a major label, and Clay’s peak was the 90’s. In my opinion neither moved the needle as much as “Son of the Dirty South” will. This song put Music Row in Nashville on notice that Country Rap has finally arrived.

            Jelly Roll is having himself a year. Not only is he on this song, but his song “Son of a Sinner” is rapidly moving up the country charts. In just 16 weeks (at the time of writing this article) the song sits at 23 on the country charts. That’s a pace faster than established artists like Gabby Barrett, Lee Brice, and Zac Brown Band. What is the secret to this rapid rise into country? Simple, “Son of a Sinner” is simply the BEST country song that has come out in a long ass time. It’s very raw, its painful, its truthful. This isn’t a song that can get written in a writer’s room. This is a song that your soul truly has to be hurt to write. It makes other country songs sound manufactured because you can hear Jelly’s past pain in his singing.

If that isn’t enough to prove his talents, it doesn’t stop there. He just topped the rock charts with his song “Dead Man Walking” in early 2022. I’m not sure if an artist has ever had 2 different songs that both go #1 in 2 different genres off the same album before. If it has, I’ve never heard of it. If you’re the type of person whose idea of country is listening to Walker Hayes while drinking an overpriced fruity drink at the club, you probably don’t know Jelly Roll. But he’s about to change country music forever.

            I started this article out talking about outlaws. People who act all tough but can’t take pushback. The truth of the matter is that only history can tell us who the outlaws are. Will Beats Beer Bonfires actually go down as the #1 outlaw country music page ever? You never know I guess. Does Brantley Gilbert releasing a song with Jelly Roll truly make him an outlaw when Jelly Roll is already closing in on the top of the country radio chart? Clearly in my mind it does, but we won’t know until we see what happens next. But outlaws are having a moment. Adam Calhoun, and Upchurch, my eyes are on you next, because a movement is happening, and I’ll be watching every second of it.


PBR Worcester Rumble, As Written By Official Media

Recently, the good folks at PBR gave little ole Beats, Beer, Bonfires media passes for the Worcester Rumble. For those who don’t know, the Worcester Rumble is a part of the PBR Velocity Tour. The Velocity tour is the second-highest level you can ride at in PBR, AAA in baseball terms. A lot of the riders on this tour are on the rise to the top. The Rumble was insane, the people at PBR were great, and if you haven’t checked out bull riding, go do it. Congratulations to Casey Coulter, the only rider of the night to ride both of his bulls and won the entire event.

Casey Coulter holds up his trophy for winning the Worcester Rumble, a huge golden belt buckle.

But honestly, this isn’t why we are writing this article. Beats Beer Bonfires and its half-ass makeshift staff got media passes. That’s right, while other media folk were in the front row with multi-thousand-dollar cameras, dressed all “nice” and “presentable,” we were sitting there, iPhone in one hand, cold beer in the other. One of our top writers, Brody (check out his top article here… oh wait he hasn’t written one yet), used the occasion to live his cowboy fantasy. Yes, he only media member in a cowboy hat, despite growing up and living in the suburbs. Our makeshift photographer, Kayla, forgot to bring a camera and missed almost every good shot she possibly could with the iPhone.

Lucky for these rookies I was able to step in and take charge. By taking charge I mean I drank the most beer at the event. I also encouraged my employees to drink more but was disappointed by their low consumption numbers. Yes, we were very obviously rookies, and everyone knew it, but we definitely had the most fun. Isn’t that what our blog is about anyway?

When the bulls got a little fiesty, the events cowboy was tasked with roping them and bringing them back to the chute

As we continue to find our footing, two things are for sure. First, PBR is the most underrated sport in the country. If you want to feel like a Dutton for a night, but don’t live in the West, go to PBR. Second, we want to show up at more events. PBR, Trucks Gone Wild, concerts, sporting events, anything like that we want to be at. That does take money, however, and if you want to see us thrive, please help out!

First, support our shop. If we sell these shirts, we can invest in making new designs. Don’t let this first edition sell out without getting one yourself. Second, if you have a business that you think would look good on our website, we are accepting advertising. The more income we get, the better writers we can get, the better equipment we can get, the cooler shit we can do.

Unidentified bull rider goes for a ride (he was ok)

Back to PBR though, now that I am a super fan since going to two events, I have some predictions for the year. My boys have to be Kyle Oliver and Boudreaux Campbell. Campbell hasn’t had his dream year and is currently sitting on 40th in the world. Still, the 23-year-old has plenty of time left to turn it around and make the World Finals. He also owns Campbell Cattle Company, (no free shoutouts Boudreaux) a badass brand y’all should check out.

Kyle Oliver is having his best season ever and is currently sitting 3rd in the world. Oliver won the first event I was at this year in New York and hasn’t slowed up much since. He hasn’t finished any events outside of the top 12 in 2022, an impressive feat. They both might have a huge problem though. Jose Vitor Leme has rocked up to #4 in the World after a late start to the season. The PBR World Finals are in Fort Worth Texas this year, they run from the 13th all the way until the 22nd.

Bull attacks a bull fighter, who was evasive and dodged the 2,000 pound beast.

Thanks again to PBR for such a badass opportunity in Worcester. I never thought I would be front row for free to any event, and I hope that doesn’t smarten up and deny us a media pass in the future. Guess what fuckers, we are building something, and thanks to great organizations like PBR, we will continue to do that.


Country Music Entertainer of the Year 2022

Sad news everyone, the Entertainer of the Year is the final award to announce (sad face.) In late January, we started unveiling the inaugural Beats Beer Bonfire Award winners. It started off with High Valley winning the first-ever Canadian Group of the Year. We saw winners from Texas, new artists, old artists, and everyone between win something. Now, it all leads up to this. The biggest award in the entire country that someone can win, is the Entertainer of the Year.

How does an artist get into this exclusive list of nominees? Well, the artist had to be a nominee for either Male of the Year, Female of the Year, or Group of the Year. When then narrowed the list down to four through voting on Instagram, and these are who we got left with. After we got these four, we narrowed the list down to two finalists, and then got the Entertainer of the Year.

Jason Aldean

Enter heavy drums and loud guitars, Jason Aldean is the first nominee for Entertainer of the Year. Aldean was already voted a winner by you guys, winner of the Beats Beer Bonfires Male Artist of the Year. Now he is competing for the biggest award we offer. Aldean is a household name. He won the 2010’s artist of the decade, and many Artist and Entertainer of the Year awards. He also was the best mainstream country rapper before Morgan Wallen came along. “Dirt Road Anthem” is one of a selection of massive country smashes Aldean has released. In 2021 he might have released another career song. “If I Didn’t Love You” with Carrie Underwood was a huge number one hit, as well as a nominee for our Song of the Year award. The song is off the first half of his new double album, “Macon” which was released in November.

Aldean is known for his electric shows, and he didn’t fail to put together the best lineup of any tour last year. Hardy and Lainey Wilson joined him on the “Back in the Saddle Tour.” Although Jason Aldean might not be the hottest name in country music. Despite this he still churns out number one hits single after single and will likely do it for years to come. Was that enough to get him the award though?

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan has spent a lot of time getting shit on for not being country. Look I get it, he didn’t do anything to help that narrative ten years ago. Today though he is more country than eighty percent of country radio. I’m not saying that as comparing Bryan to Johnny Cash at all, but he’s more country than Dan and Shay are by a mile. Bryan is here despite being royally fucked over last year. His tour lineup was supposed to have Morgan Wallen (ever heard of him?) on it. But, when Bobby Bones made Morgan Wallen “go away for a while” and everyone freaked out Wallen decided to not tour. Bryan recruited Dylan Scott to replace Wallen, and Caylee Hammock for the “Proud to be Right Here Tour.”

Bryan released a deluxe version of his “Born Here Live Here Die Here” album last year. It spawned the number one hit “Waves” as well as the current single “Up.” His other number-one hit song that was on the original version of the album was “Down to One.” Although he might never become of the traditionalist’s favorites, Luke Bryan will go down as one of the most successful country singers ever. We should at least respect that. Does his legacy plus his strong 2021 give him the edge in this category though?

Luke Combs

Coming into 2021, Luke Combs might have been the other Luke. He might be changing that though as Combs had a monster year. He had three number one songs “Better Together,” “Forever After All,” and “Cold as You.” One of those, “Forever After All” was our Song of the Year winner as well. On top of that, he has never not had a song go #1 on country radio.

As for touring, he headlined the “What You See is What You Get Tour” with Ashley McBryde and his good buddy Drew Parker. The tour came near me in December, but he’s still selling out everywhere he goes. The ticket prices for nosebleeds are $120 minimum. I would’ve loved to go, but that’s insane. I am happy for him though that he is commanding those prices (if I could get that I’d charge it all day.) Perhaps someday those prices will drop and I’ll be able to watch him live. With him and Morgan Wallen in line to be the next big names in country music, I don’t foresee that happening.

Thomas Rhett

I might be super high on Thomas Rhett. At the end of the decade, when he is 39 years old, he will be the third biggest name in the genre. It’ll be Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen in their own stratosphere, with Rhett lingering underneath them. Sure, in that time some new hottest thing will come up and challenge that, but Rhett is a low-key monster. Currently, Rhett is 31 and has seventeen number one songs. He has been relevant since 2012, ten years now, and he still has more staying power than everyone else in the genre. His live shows keep getting better and more energetic, the dudes an animal. If he doesn’t have a year or two where he is selling out stadiums someone in his management fucked up.

He had a big year for music in 2021 as well and set himself up for an even bigger one in 2022. His album “Country Again: Side A” spawned the singles “What’s Your Country Song” and “Country Again.” He then released a single from another new album called “Slowdown Summer” which is on the radio right now. Then he is going to release that album in February, and then “Country Again: Side B” at the end of 2022. Got it? As for touring, he had a pretty fire lineup. The “Center Point Road Tour” had Cole Swindell as its feature. It also has our Female Artist of the Year and top ten hottest female artists in country music Gabby Barret as the opener. When your opener is the biggest active name in country music, you know a tour is badass. But now that you’ve met the nominees, let’s get down to the winner.

2022 Beats Beer Bonfires Entertainer of the Year: Luke Combs

Shocked? Yeah, probably not. Of course, it’s Luke Combs! The father-to-be, husband to our hottest country music WAG, and Single of the Year winner, is a fan favorite and will be for a long time to come. Combs is due for a new album in 2022. We might not only see him repeat Entertainer of the Year next year, but dominate other categories. There is one potential roadblock lying ahead though. Some guy named Morgan Wallen is headlining a massive tour and releasing music to the radio again. 2021 was a good year for music, but 2022 is about to blow it away. For this year though, congratulations to Luke Combs. He is the first-ever Beats Beer Bonfires Entertainer of the Year!


Country Song of the Year: 2022 Edition

You guys reading this have a major soft side. Although 90% of songs on the radio today are love songs anyway, y’all voted 3 of them out of the 4 total nominees. The first newcomer nominee of the group, Jake Owen, makes his first appearance with “Made For You.” Congrats Jake, we are happy to have you. We also welcome Mrs. Carrie Underwood to the Beats Beer Bonfires nominee family for her duet with Jason Aldean. The other two artists are familiar faces, Luke Combs and Thomas Rhett. Now, for a song to be qualified for the award it had to top either the country airplay chart or the hot country chart in 2021 on billboards website. It then had to stay on top for at least two weeks. This qualifier was tough for artists like Morgan Wallen who had “Wasted on You” top the hot country chart for one week. Eric Church had “Hell of a View” also only peak for one week, as did Chris Young with “Famous Friends.” All three songs are amongst the biggest of last year but don’t make the cut.

So, what does that leave us with you might be asking? Well, we had 13 songs that made the cut and went into the bracket. From 13, we went to four, and they are…

Forever After All
Luke Combs

If I Didn’t Love You
Carrie Underwood
Made For You
Jake Owen
What’s Your Country Song
Thomas Rhett

The winner of this award might surprise you, but it won’t because it’s Luke Combs. I mean, the dudes a fucking living legend. Everything he touches turns to absolute gold. Not only did he have the winning song, but “Better Together” might’ve also made the final four had the two songs not run into each other earlier in the bracket. The question is, has Thomas Rhett surrendered the title of country music love song guy to Luke Combs?

Rhett had “What’s Your Country Song” as a finalist, but that was the only non-love song in the top 4. For a while, he was for sure the guy, with his wife Lauren as his muse. “Die a Happy Man” came out way back in 2015, which led to a string of honeymoon love hits. Relationships grow and evolve though, and what was once a young fling turns into marriage. Luke and Nichole are starting to enter the phase of life Thomas were in all those years ago. They are getting married and starting a family. Until their family starts though, expect the honeymoon phase might be in control of radio airwaves for the future. Luke Combs, once again, is a fucking monster. He won this award, and spoiler alert, you might be seeing his name again.