PBR Worcester Rumble, As Written By Official Media

Recently, the good folks at PBR gave little ole Beats, Beer, Bonfires media passes for the Worcester Rumble. For those who don’t know, the Worcester Rumble is a part of the PBR Velocity Tour. The Velocity tour is the second-highest level you can ride at in PBR, AAA in baseball terms. A lot of the riders on this tour are on the rise to the top. The Rumble was insane, the people at PBR were great, and if you haven’t checked out bull riding, go do it. Congratulations to Casey Coulter, the only rider of the night to ride both of his bulls and won the entire event.

Casey Coulter holds up his trophy for winning the Worcester Rumble, a huge golden belt buckle.

But honestly, this isn’t why we are writing this article. Beats Beer Bonfires and its half-ass makeshift staff got media passes. That’s right, while other media folk were in the front row with multi-thousand-dollar cameras, dressed all “nice” and “presentable,” we were sitting there, iPhone in one hand, cold beer in the other. One of our top writers, Brody (check out his top article here… oh wait he hasn’t written one yet), used the occasion to live his cowboy fantasy. Yes, he only media member in a cowboy hat, despite growing up and living in the suburbs. Our makeshift photographer, Kayla, forgot to bring a camera and missed almost every good shot she possibly could with the iPhone.

Lucky for these rookies I was able to step in and take charge. By taking charge I mean I drank the most beer at the event. I also encouraged my employees to drink more but was disappointed by their low consumption numbers. Yes, we were very obviously rookies, and everyone knew it, but we definitely had the most fun. Isn’t that what our blog is about anyway?

When the bulls got a little fiesty, the events cowboy was tasked with roping them and bringing them back to the chute

As we continue to find our footing, two things are for sure. First, PBR is the most underrated sport in the country. If you want to feel like a Dutton for a night, but don’t live in the West, go to PBR. Second, we want to show up at more events. PBR, Trucks Gone Wild, concerts, sporting events, anything like that we want to be at. That does take money, however, and if you want to see us thrive, please help out!

First, support our shop. If we sell these shirts, we can invest in making new designs. Don’t let this first edition sell out without getting one yourself. Second, if you have a business that you think would look good on our website, we are accepting advertising. The more income we get, the better writers we can get, the better equipment we can get, the cooler shit we can do.

Unidentified bull rider goes for a ride (he was ok)

Back to PBR though, now that I am a super fan since going to two events, I have some predictions for the year. My boys have to be Kyle Oliver and Boudreaux Campbell. Campbell hasn’t had his dream year and is currently sitting on 40th in the world. Still, the 23-year-old has plenty of time left to turn it around and make the World Finals. He also owns Campbell Cattle Company, (no free shoutouts Boudreaux) a badass brand y’all should check out.

Kyle Oliver is having his best season ever and is currently sitting 3rd in the world. Oliver won the first event I was at this year in New York and hasn’t slowed up much since. He hasn’t finished any events outside of the top 12 in 2022, an impressive feat. They both might have a huge problem though. Jose Vitor Leme has rocked up to #4 in the World after a late start to the season. The PBR World Finals are in Fort Worth Texas this year, they run from the 13th all the way until the 22nd.

Bull attacks a bull fighter, who was evasive and dodged the 2,000 pound beast.

Thanks again to PBR for such a badass opportunity in Worcester. I never thought I would be front row for free to any event, and I hope that doesn’t smarten up and deny us a media pass in the future. Guess what fuckers, we are building something, and thanks to great organizations like PBR, we will continue to do that.


These are the 10 Hottest NASCAR Wives and Girlfriends

            Click here to see the 2023 Edition of the list!

We decided to rank the hottest Nascar wives! The NASCAR season is finally coming back! With a new generation of car, new drivers, and old faces in new places, it’ll be sick to see who can adapt and overcome to be the 2022 champion. Last year, Kyle Larson absolutely drove out of everyone’s lives to win the title, can he repeat? Can Hendrick stay as dominant as a team as they were last year? Or will the new cars level the playing field and create a new dominant team?

            As tradition has it with a new season opening, we decided to rank the wives and girlfriends of the drivers. To qualify, the driver had to be in the Monster Energy Series and be a full-time driver. Just like other articles of this type such as our PBR hottest wives’ article and hottest country singers’ article, this stipulation might have led us to missing some beautiful people, but we didn’t have all the time in the world to dig through every driver behind the wheel of a modified car. Again, I am just the messenger, and these results were compiled from multiple voters of both male and female variety. Without further a due, here are the hottest women of NASCAR entering the 2022 season!

10. Alexa De Leon

Career: N/A

Husband: Tyler Reddick

Instagram: alexa.deleon_

9. Erin Blaney

Career: N/A

Boyfriend: William Byron

Instagram: erinblaney

8. Kari Witt

Career: Business Owner

Boyfriend: Cole Custer

Instagram: kari_witt

7. Jordan Fish

Career: Entrepreneur

Husband: Denny Hamlin

Instagram: xojordanfish

6. Julia Piquet

Career: Interviewer

Boyfriend: Daniel Suarez

Instagram: juliapiquet

5. Jenna Petty

Career: Student

Boyfriend: Harrison Burton

Instagram: jp123dancer

4. Marissa Briscoe

Career: N/A

Husband: Chase Briscoe

Instagram: marissabriscoe_

3. Ashley Busch

Career: Owner Monarch Reign

Husband: Kurt Busch

Instagram: mrsashleybusch

2. Gianna Tulio

Career: Hooters Model

Boyfriend: Ryan Blaney

Instagram: giannatulio

1. Madyson Joye

Career: N/A

Boyfriend: Rickey Stenhouse

Instagram: madysonjoye


These Are The 10 Hottest PBR Wives for 2022

            Welcome to the new Beats Beer Bonfires, where today we will feature the hottest PBR wives. The one where we report on the hard-hitting shit that the other people are too afraid of reporting on. The first order of business is to cover a new sport, and probably the most badass one in the world. Anyone who has ever been to a PBR event knows that this is just a fact. Any psychopath who is stupid enough to get on the back of a 2000-pound animal that wants to murder you for our entertainment is cool in my book.

            We already did our PBR season preview that you can see here. This article is to get to know the riders a little better, and by that we mean the women behind them. These women live lives where they go watch their husbands literally get mauled by bulls every weekend. That’s fucking crazy. In fact, George Strait literally wrote a song about how a women couldn’t live that life and left a guy, yet he still made Cheyenne.  

Not every bull rider’s wife or girlfriend qualified for this list unfortunately. To get on the list, the rider had to be in the top 50 in the PBR world rankings, mostly because there are hundreds of riders, and this is only a part time job right now. The rankings are not mine, but they were compiled by a vote of a large variety of people, I am simply the messenger here. Some of them are social media influencers Without further a due here are the top 10 first ladies of the top bull riders in the world.

10. Kaitlyn Davis

Career: Owner of Reign Lashes

Husband: Cooper Davis (3rd in the World)

Instagram: kait.davis

9. Isabella Sant’Ana

Career: Dental Surgeon

Husband: Luciano De Castro (46th in the World)

Instagram: isabellasantanav

8. Flavia Barbosa

Career: N/A

Husband: Dener Barbosa (7th in the World)

Instagram: flaviaperecinb

7. Amanda Leme

Career: Veterinary

Husband: Jose Vitor Leme (1st in the World)

Instagram: maandarodrigues

6. Cealie Petri

Career: Business Owner

Husband: Jesse Petri (17th in the World)

Instagram: cealiepetri

5. Aline Montanha

Career: N/A

Husband: Claudio Montanha Jr. (19th in the World)

Instagram: alinefmontanha

4. Taylor Pritchard

Career: Owner of Tans by Taylor

Boyfriend: Boudreaux Campbell (6th in the World)

Instagram: taylorpritchard

3. Raelee Melancon

Career: N/A

Husband: Cole Melancon (35th in the World)

Instagram: raeleemelancon

2. Kaitlyn Burkham

Career: Royal K MagnaWave

Fiancé: Mason Taylor (11th in the World)

Instagram: Kaitlyn.burkham

1. Kaitlin Teel

Career: Owner Shop Teel

Husband: Cody Teel (18th in the World)

Socials: kaitlinteel


Chase Rice Goes on “Bussin’ with the Boys” and Tells All

Chase Rice, I fucking love you. If you’re reading this, your fucking country, I know you know that, but you’re an absolute badass. Why am I saying this? Well, on the most recent episode of “Bussin’ with the Boys,” Chase Rice proved that he really doesn’t give a shit what you think. On the podcast, he discussed everything from getting shit from fellow artists about playing a show way too early to being compared to Johnny Cash to admitting to releasing shitty songs in the past. I highly suggest listening to this episode, I’ve always liked Chase Rice, but I fucking love him now.

           Chase Rice has had one of the most interesting lives of any artist in the industry right now. First off, he worked on a pit crew in NASCAR. That’s pretty sick, as you have to be extremely athletic and precise to be a good pit crew guy. Then he got bored of that, so he took on Survivor in 2010. He got runner-up on the show, and as a big survivor guy myself, it’s pretty hard to do better, as only a handful of people have won the show. However, after that, he decided to solely focus on music, and it wasn’t long before that started popping off for him.

           I’m not about to go through Chase’s entire discography, but I will say this. His first album “Dirt Road Communion: is fucking solid. The songs “Dirt Road Communion,” “You Ain’t Livin’ Yet,” and “Only a Country Girl” speaks to people who have had a rowdy Friday night in the middle of bum fuck nowhere.  “Livin’” especially has a cool meaning, as Rice explains how his town is much more different than the eye sees and how you need to become country to see the world in a country way.

           The album “Ignite the Night” is more pop-country than anything, but that being said, it has some bangers, including “Ready Set Roll” and “Do it Like This.” It also features “Ride,” which is an excellent song if you want to get a lady in the mood (and I know this works from experience.) Rice released a few singles that didn’t hit on radio following that album, but “Everybody We Know Does” is a fucking jam. “Lambs & Lions” produced some solid music, including “Lions” and “On Tonight.” His latest album was split into three parts, “The Album,” parts 1-3. I haven’t been as big of a fan of the songs on this album until the single “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.” Was released. I love this song, and I think that this song might be the next #1 hit in Rice’s career. I also think that Chase Rice might have a few jams on the final installment of “The Album.”

           The real reason that I think Rice is a badass is because of his farm. His farm, called “Twin Eagles Creek Farm,” is just another in a long line of farms owned by country artists, including “Ozara Farms” and Luke Bryan’s farm. However, this one might be the baddest of the lot, as it has bison. That’s right, BISON!!! Can you name another country artists who own bison? I can’t. That’s fucking badass; I don’t care what you say; Chase Rice is country. He could release a cover of a Drake song tomorrow, and I would say this man is country. I don’t know where or when so I can’t completely give credit or even confirm this story, but I heard that he used to work on the farm, and then when he got a little bit of money, bought half of the farm, and then when he got more money bought the other half. That hits the feels for me, as I worked on a farm, and I wish more than anything when it went up for sale, I could’ve bought it. Sadly that wasn’t the case, and it was sold to someone else. Despite knowing the property better than probably anyone in the world, I am not allowed on it anymore.

           The other thing that makes Chase such a badass is how he handled his critics of his concert last year. If you don’t know, Rice performed an “extremely reckless” concert last year in June where apparently thousands of people packed into a tiny venue to watch Rice perform, not giving a fuck about CDC guidelines. Rice never apologized or acknowledged this; however, that changed on the “Boys” podcast. He said that the concert followed all CDC guidelines at the time, and under 1,000 people were at the concert, which had a capacity of at least a few thousand. Artists such as Kelsea Ballerini and Maren Morris took to social media to talk shit about Rice for the concert. However, Rice had a simple response, basically saying they have his number, and if they have an issue with it, they should hit him up directly instead of going to social media.

           It’s true; going to social media is bullshit and a weak move. It’s safe; when you have a million followers, you can expect eighty percent of them to be on your side. It creates a void in country music that just isn’t necessary; if you have a problem with something, address it, person, to person. Maybe if Kelsea and Maren had just hit him up, he would’ve talked to his team and decided that concerts weren’t a good idea. It would’ve said face and drama for all involved. One quote really stuck with me, though, when he said that he would still be open to talking to them despite how they handled the situation, he didn’t hate them, and they make badass music.  I thought that was absolutely standup. Barstool basically gave him a platform bigger than Ballerini and Morris, and he took the high road.

           Are you not convinced? Chase Rice is the real deal. He isn’t Sam Hunt, or Breland, or Dan and Shay. He wants to be Eric Church, Johnny Cash like over those artists. He wants to make music that is timeless over music that is good today but shitty tomorrow. I respect the hell out of that. I think we need to give Rice more respect, and for anyone who listens to “Bussin’ with the Boys,” they would agree. Also its worth noting that Rice was able to pay his band throughout the pandemic. Chase Rice, if you’re reading this, please let me come visit your bison farm.