Obituary of Taylor Lewan

We are sad to announce the passing of Taylor Curtis Lewan of Nashville, Tennessee. Taylor passed from complications of a torn ACL on September 19th, 2022. The play, in which you can’t even see him going down, is below for you to watch. Taylor is #77 on the Titans, the one with the unbelievably skinny legs on the offensive line.

Yes, Taylor will be missed. His impact on the city of Nashville since his arrival has been nothing less than distinguished. Taylor is the longest tenured Titan right now, joining the team in 2014. He watched them transform from a perennial loser to a yearly playoff contender. He anchored the team in 2020 when the Titans defeated the Patriots and sent Tom Brady out of New England. From his PED suspension in 2019, to allowing 5 sacks to his daddy Chandler Jones in the 2021 season opener, to getting penalties at the worst possible time in games, #77 has given Titans fans plenty to make noise about. Chandler Jones, who might’ve missed Taylor more than anyone last week when his Raiders played the Titans wanted to include this short quote.

“Taylor, you were you a great son to me and I’ll miss you forever. Without you on the left side, I was only able to get 0.5 sacks last week as opposed to the 5 I got on you. I’d do anything to have you back. P.S. I’ll send your wife and kids a nice Christmas gift this year.”

Not just on the field, but off the field. The former Pro Bowler will be survived by his podcast partner, William Earl Compton III. William, aka “Playoff Willy,” “Payout Willy,” “Year 10 Willy,” or simply, “Will” is Taylor’s well documented best friend. Upon hearing about Taylor’s injury, he stopped his campaign to be the new Nebraska football head coach and memorialized his deceased best friend. He promptly posted various memes on Twitter, such as this one.

Will is also in a unique position to add a new cohost to his popular podcast, “Bussin with the Boys.” Will hasn’t made a public statement about the search yet, but sources have heard him saying,

“It’s amazing having the freedom to pick a new podcast host. Taylor was great to help start the podcast because he funded the project in the beginning, but now that he’s gone, I can get someone with actual talent to fill his chair. Taylor, I love you and I miss you, but now the boys are going to the moon.”

Asked who was likely to fill in for the deceased Taylor, Will commented this.

“I haven’t actually made a list of who I want, but the boy George Kittle has to be a front runner. Not only is he way more talented than Taylor was, he said he would work during the season. With Kittle, my back wouldn’t hurt 6 months out of the year from having to carry the show.”

Upon hearing that I was writing this obituary, Will wanted me to include this quote.

“If Titans GM, Jon Robinson is reading this, I know you have an extra roster spot now. The boy feels pretty good right now, Year 10 good in fact. I’ll be expecting the call.”

Taylor has made a huge impact on my life without even knowing it. He allowed me to watch my Giants beat the Titans in the seasoner opener of the 2022 season. He didn’t have to, the Titans are much more talented than the Giants. But I know he told Randy Bullock to miss the game winning field goal so I could feel joy. The selflessness he showed by letting a Connecticut boy who traveled down to Nashville for the game is something I can never repay.

He’s someone I really look up to in content as well. The boy is the only person in the world who has to take a break from a #1 podcast to get paid $15 million to play a children’s game. Taylor lived a life of fantasy, built by his hard work and dedication to his crafts. Sure, there might’ve been some arrests involved, but sometimes you have to take the bad with the good. Taylor, the world won’t be the same without you.

To honor Taylor Lewan’s memory, Will Compton stepped up to hold a celebration of life in his honor. The event Will be held October 23rd at ACME Feed and Seed on Broadway in Nashville. It’s an open invite, but, Will has made in mandatory that in lieu of flowers everyone must buy Bussin merch because in his words, “That would’ve been the boys dying wish.”

– Rest easy Taylor, you will be missed by all.


Don’t be a Whiskey Douche

Thursday Thoughts with the Boots & Whiskey Podcast

Hey everyone!  Welcome back to another Thursday Thoughts here with the Boots & Whiskey Podcast.

Today is going to be a bit of a rant.  It’s not even going to be about country music.  This is going to be a rant about what else we should be doing on this show and talking about whiskey.

For the record, in the next few weeks we will be brining the whiskey stuff back full force.  I talked to Chris, my whiskey counterpart the other day, and we’re ready to go!  We have some exciting shit happening in the whiskey world of things in the coming months and next year so stay tuned for some cool ass announcements there.

Ok…. here goes.  

First, whiskey douches, piss off…I am here for the taste and what I want to try and nothing else.  I don’t care about barrel proof; I don’t care about any of the intricate workings of the whiskey/bourbon/rye what have you.  With that being said…do I still have your attention?  No?  Good fuck off.  

For those of you who are still here…. welcome!!!!  This is going to be about what I want to see here in my area of the world and why I can’t get certain things in the liquor stores around me. 

Hell this may even just be a list of things I haven’t seen in stores either dude to allocation or they can’t ship it here for some reason or another.

FIRST.  Nelson’s Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey.  GOD DAMN…. this shit is good.  I love a good Tennessee Whiskey.  I don’t for the life of me understand why whiskey douches don’t like it.  It’s incredible.  It’s delicious and doesn’t feel like you’re pouring gasoline down your stomach and it has a taste.  I know I pissed many off here saying bourbon doesn’t have a taste.  We’ll get to that hold on.  Nelson’s has a bit more of a kick than Jack Daniel’s does, but it is my favorite we have tried so far.  A big shout out to them for sending it our way.  We found it in New York last weekend and had to pick up a bottle because our first is almost gone.

SECOND.  TX Whiskey.  ABSOLUTELY INSANE HOW GOOD THIS SHIT IS!!!!!!!  Ya’ll need to ship your stuff up here to Massachusetts.  We got a bottle.  They won’t return our emails and we gave one hell of a review.  I think we got something we shouldn’t have and got someone fired which is the worst feeling in the world, but this stuff is absolutely fantastic. Yes, I am calling them out for not responding.  At least tell us “hey sending you a bottle was a mistake, we’re sorry, here’s another.”  Something anything I don’t care!  But if you can get it and wanna send us some…shoot us an email….Legit….

THIRD; and probably final – Eagle Rare 10 year.  We can get it here, but good fucking luck finding it.  Goddamn secondary market and allocation bullshit.  I had the chance to have this at a bar not long ago.  Fell in love immediately and I am not a huge bourbon guy.  I know…I know…. But my god.  That’s all I can say…My God.  I hope to get my hands on a bottle soon though.

This weeks thoughts is quick.  I wanted to get out some of my favorites so far.  I have loved everything we have had, but these stand out! 

Like I said, stay tuned for more whiskey fun!  We like to drink and be stupid here so stay tuned! 

Cheers ya’ll

Thank you all for reading along and listening to the show.  Check us out on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter all of the above.  And check out our website at


We Want to Feature Your Farm or Ranch!

We want to feature your farm! One thing that we wanted to start doing in 2022 was getting more involvement from our readers. We also, as mentioned in our 2022 preview, wanted to branch out a little more from country music. What does that equal out to? We want to promote farms!

How to get in contact with us…

All you have to do is contact us here or DM us on Instagram. If we don’t reply its just because we didn’t see it, so make sure to contact us until we get back to you.

What does that mean for you?

We want to promote farmers and all the hard work they do to keep our country running. We don’t care how long you’ve been doing it, what you do it for, or how big your farm is. If you grow crops, raise cattle, raise poultry, or anything else that is farm or ranch-related we want to promote you! 

What do we ask from you?

We only want one thing in return for sharing… share us! Promote the article that your farm is a part of to your friends and have them share it. If you REALLY want to, send us some merch and I will promote it and wear it with pride! 

What do we need from you? 

All we need is a fact sheet of your farm, whatever you want to tell us. The year started, what you do, what you’ve done, a history of the farm, what you want to do in the future, whatever you want. I will include all that information in the article, but I can only include what you give me, so be very detailed. 

Another option is to write your own. If you choose to go that route, I will not change or edit anything, but I will make sure to give you all the credit. If that’s what you want, feel free to let me know! 

When will your farm be posted? 

The goal is to do a “farm Friday” every week. That gives us a total of fifty-one weeks this year to promote fifty-one farms. We will post them as they come in order, so the sooner we get your message the sooner you will get promoted! 

This is a genuinely free and easy promotion of your brand and what you do. As an FFA alumnus, I understand the importance of farming. In 2022, farmers get a lot of unnecessary shit without any praise for keeping the country fed. We want to do whatever we can with the small following we have to change that. 


2022 Year Preview

  Here we go… Beats Beer Bonfires 2022 edition! Happy New Year Y’all! It’s great to know that we made it through another Covid year and are on to 2020 two… I mean 2022 of course. Anyway, we aren’t here to go down that political rabbit hole. Let’s reflect on last year and talk about what’s going to happen moving forward. Although we started writing in 2020, this year we made some huge moves towards growth. First off, we moved the website to WordPress, which is a million times better for making a website than our previous site builder. We wrote and posted over 100 articles, ranging from the EPAs attempts to destroy the aftermarket car market, to Kelsea Ballerini being the hottest woman in country music. Speaking of Kelsea, we had our first beef as a blog with her over Instagram. From that we learned that we don’t want to be trolls, but hype men for the people and music we like. Kelsea, I apologize for calling you out.

          First off, 2022 will be a big year to grow the socials. Last year we got to 2,100 followers, this year… 100K is the goal. We can’t do it alone though, we need you to like, share, follow, and tell your friends about all our content. We realize that we have been inconsistent this past year, but that’s about to change. In fact, we have 5 months’ worth of content almost completed. One thing that we are learning is that to be at the top of your game you have to be obsessed with the content. We are always trying to learn how to make better content, and hopefully that shows up as time goes on.

           The content is going to change too. We never wanted to be an only country music website, we want to get into everything that good ole boys like me love. Trucks, beer, tractors, farms, forests, fishing, hunting, and more WILL be covered in 2022. Like sports? How about PBR, NASCAR, and of course, the four major sports leagues, MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL will all be present in some capacity. Events? We are going to travel to at least 1 NASCAR race and more if they will have us, the PBR event in New York, Trucks Gone Wild, and the SEMA Auto Show.

           With all that being said, country music will still be a major player on the website. First off, it’s something that a lot of us have grown up on and love. We want to keep the greats like Johnny Cash, Waylon, and Merle, all alive and relevant forever. We want to support artists like Justin Moore who the national media ignores for no good reason. Artists like Riley Green are making fantastic music, but get ignored by radio because it isn’t pop enough. But, we do like to turn up sometimes, and artists like Florida Georgia Line, Morgan Wallen, and Hardy are still going to be present on the website. 

           Let’s be real here, if you’re a true redneck you don’t box yourself into doing things a redneck should do. That’s exactly the demographic we are after. Other “country music” or “country people” driven sites are fooling you. They don’t know what it’s like to go sit on a tailgate around a bonfire in the middle of a pasture on a Friday night. We do that shit. They think that if your pickup truck plays anything but country music from 1940, you’re a poser pussy. Guess what, we listen to everything from rap to country and most of our friends do too. We grew up going to school all week and then working all weekend, they didn’t.

           This isn’t a website that is going to spread hate. This is a site that is going to take country back for country people. Ya know what Dustin Lynch, Jon Pardi, and Jon Langston did over Covid? They all worked their properties, grew crops, and created habitats for hunting. Like their music or not, that’s country shit. Not to call anyone out, but there are PLENTY of “country people” who didn’t do that. Keith Urban doesn’t farm or do any outdoor work, yet his airplay time is way more than the real blue-collar folk. 

           Look people, country life is meant to be fun and rewarding. Let’s not let people who heard a John Denver song one time but live in the middle of a city tell us what country is. In 2022, we are going to take country back. Were taking being rednecks, hillbillies, farmers, blue-collar and all that shit back! We are going to listen to George Strait, then Upchurch right after and it’s going to be fantastic. We are going to go jump in a mud puddle for no reason. We are going to shoot guns before President Brandon tries to take them all away from us. We are going to drink too much beer or whiskey and piss some people off. We are going to do it all. Welcome to Beats, Beer, Bonfires 2022 edition.


Jelly Roll is Ryman Auditorium Bound

Jelly Roll is a pretty badass dude. While I am no expert on the man’s history, I did listen to this episode of “Bussin with The Boys” where he dives deep into his past.

For those who don’t know Jelly Roll’s music, it’s in a similar lane to that of Adam Calhoun, Struggle Jennings, and Upchurch. Some of his most popular songs are “Save Me,” “Creature” and “Fall in the Fall.” He has never really given a shit about fitting in or doing what will make him famous or rich, instead he has paved his own way. Interestingly enough however, that path he is paving has now taken him to the mother church of country music, the Ryman.

A few days ago, Jelly Roll at the Ryman. As a guy who grew up in Nashville, you could see during his set the emotions of performing at a place he grew up right down the road from. Most outlaw artists such as Jelly Roll hate record labels and mainstream country, but at the end of the day the Ryman is a different level. If an institution like that recognizes you, you’ve made it to a certain level. Jelly Roll might not be a household name, but the guy has 717k followers on Instagram and ten years of music behind him, so he’s very well established and ready to take the next step. Could that step be radio? He mentioned that he has radio friendly enough music that he might shoot his shot with.

Could Jelly Roll be the guy that pushes country rap to the next level? He just might be. With Adam Calhoun seemingly moving on from the game, Upchurch wanting to stay on the path he is on and doing it his way, Jelly Roll might be the guy that infiltrates mainstream country and flips it on its head. Now, if you’re like me, you don’t necessarily want country rap being the next phase on country radio. I would rather turn on the station and hear steel guitar and southern twang, BUT if we are acting like Dan + Shay are the biggest stars in country music, than country rappers deserve to be there just as much.

Country rap is on the up and up, and Jelly Roll’s latest accomplishment is noteworthy. The mother church of country music is recognizing Jelly Roll and his music. That’s massive, and it would be sick if he brought out the other boys that night. I haven’t seen any of these guys live in concert yet, but as the genre grows the tours will follow. I think it would be absolutely badass if they did a tour together, or even if Jelly Roll and Upchurch teamed up and Struggle Jennings and Adam Calhoun did it and went on tour. On social media, these guys are similar size or bigger than artists selling out arenas, why not give it a shot? Congratulations to Jelly Roll! Lets see whats next!


The Machine Gun Kelly Concert Saga

I’ve wanted to see a Machine Gun Kelly concert for awhile now. Machine Gun Kelly has been around quite a while. At least long enough to see him at Warped Tour in 2012 (I feel like I’m WAY too young to already date myself). He has been mostly hip-hop music throughout his career, and to me, he has been very good. MGK didn’t fully develop his vast popularity until the drop of Tickets To My Downfall (spoiler alert, there is an article here talking about it!). I was determined, as were many people, to see him perform TTMD live, and the tour just so happened to be coming to The Big E, which is local to me. Getting tickets is the first step, right? After that, you make plans and just enjoy the show. Well… if only it was that easy. 

I found out on April 29th MGK was coming to The Big E in September, the day before tickets went on sale, April 30th at 10 am. I was working third shift (11 pm to 7 am), but I knew after work I HAD to stay up to get a chance of a lifetime. That is exactly what I did, and the headaches started. At 10 am, the Big E website decided it didn’t want to do anything that morning and crashed. It was down for nearly an hour at this point, and I had no idea at all if it was just me or the thousands of people that also wanted to go. I stayed persistent and finally, after an hour and a half, got the 7 tickets I ordered for my friends and me into the cart. Then, the checkout cart crashed 8 times as I counted. I finally got a payment receipt just after 12 pm, exhausted but triumphant. At that point, I went to bed for my 3rd shift that night. All that’s left is to plan and go, right? COVID numbers were down, I had plenty of work time, I was not worried about going.

Of course, I didn’t think dumbass people would try to cancel the concert due to his name. Many people were worried by his name, which if you have listened to him before, you would know his name has nothing to do with firearms of any sort. Some people interviewing Western Mass News also pointed out vulgar language, the debacle surrounding the tickets, and the Big E’s limited seating for the concert itself. The backlash seemed to be everywhere, and I wasn’t at all sure what was going to happen if so many people didn’t want to see MGK perform at all. It all seemed very ridiculous to me, but that is pretty much the way of the world these days, and the Big E confirmed the concert was still on. So, I took the night off yesterday (also on 3rd shift this week) and went with my girlfriend, myself, and 5 good friends.

Let me tell you, this concert was worth ALL of the headaches and issues that seemed to lead up to it. In the opening part of the concert, MGK rose up out of what appears to be a prescription bottle of some sort (video of the opener does appear on my TikTok @Wrecked_DT, as well as youtube) and proceeded to play many songs he has had over the years. Most of “Tickets To My Downfall” was played, as well as a couple songs produced during covid, and some of his a little older, very popular hip-hop music. After roughly 2.5 hours, a sore throat, and a voice I couldn’t seem to find, we all left one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Not from Big E show, but from same tour.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to report of the Big E itself; other than every alcohol line was long, the cheapest Bud Light you could find was $8, and there were a lot of people (about 80,000 people on opening night). Also, parking was weird, but it’s not really surprising with all the people around. If you get a chance to go see MGK live, do it. He is one of the best live performers of this generation that you will EVER see. Hell, he bought 2 kids to sing with him and pulled a kid out of the crowd to TAKE OVER ON DRUMS for a song. He ate his first funnel cake on stage and proceeded to strum his guitar with it, comparing the feel on his fingers to “semen.” That may be because he was high for the concert (he smoked quite a bit on stage, but it doesn’t change the experience) but nonetheless, take the chance to go if you can. I promise you will NOT regret it. 


The “Field Of Dreams” Is A Dream No Longer

            I’ve hit a pretty severe writer’s block as of recently, and I couldn’t really place where it stemmed from. This was until I saw the Yankees and White Sox play in the Field Of Dreams game, and suddenly, I needed to talk about it. Based on a movie with Kevin Costner, the Field of Dreams was released in 1989, and the basic premise was one of the most memorable lines from the movie “if you build it, he will come.” This movie was legendary to any baseball fan, and now the dream has come true. Just a very short distance from where the movie was actually shot, The Yanks and White Sox teed up for what could be one of the best moments in baseball in recent history.

The intro didn’t disappoint anyone, as the first one through the corn was Kevin Costner himself, setting the cinematic scene for both teams to shortly follow. As both teams shake hands with Kevin, and they line up between 1st and 3rd base, Costner delivers an awesome speech to everyone in attendance, talking about the movie and the significance of the event. In an interview with the Fox broadcasters, he later goes in-depth as to his feelings with the whole event, including design and execution of making the entire thing possible. Then the actual game started, which was an edge-of-your-seat type game.

I won’t sum up the whole game, but it came down to 3 9th inning home runs into the corn to decide the winner. Liam Hendricks, arguably the best reliever in baseball to date, was on the mound for the Sox to close out the game in the Iowa cornfield. After a leadoff single, Hendricks locked down 2 outs, with Aaron Judge at the plate. In classic Judge fashion, he put a ball over the right-field corn for a 2 run shot, putting the Yankees within one. Liam proceeded to walk Gallo to bring up Giancarlo Stanton, whose only hit also came in the 9th, with another 2 run shot to put the Yankees up 8-7. Most people thought that the game was just over after that.

But that was only the top 9th inning. Liam gets the final out, and they go to the bottom of the inning. Zach Britton on the mound gets the first out and allows a free pass to Seby Zavala (who also hit a home run in the 4th inning) to bring up Tim Anderson. Anderson saw 1 pitch in the whole at-bat in the 9th, and it was all it took. Anderson deposited this ball into the corn in right field for a walk-off win for the White Sox. This game was a wild one, featuring a total of 8 home runs in the game, Jose Abreu hitting the first-ever in the 1st inning at the Field Of Dreams. Watching the movie as a kid, I always wondered if the movie would become an actual reality. I don’t have to wait to find out any more, the dream is real, and it was one of the most enjoyable MLB moments that I’ve been alive for. Tune in next year, as the dream is once again revived for a Reds vs. Cubs showdown


The New Ford Maverick Is Just What We Need, Kind Of…

Thank God for the Ford Maverick. The Maverick will hold a special spot in the world thanks to its all-wheel-drive (not 4X4) and two-foot bed. It’ll offer a 2.0L Eco-boost engine or a hybrid model with about 15 turtle power, plenty to pull around lots of truck things. I can see it now, an artist from New York City loading their sculpture into the back of the truck and hauling it to the exhibit. Then after selling it to some dumbass collector for 100 times what it’s actually worth (I respect the hustle) and then driving to the Dan and Shay concert with a cowboy hat on and goochie boots, screaming every word to “Tequila” while sipping on a Twisted Tea talking about “how country I am.”

           Anyone who has seen “City Boy Stuck” by Earl Dibbles Jr., aka Granger Smith, has a little Ford Focus gets stuck in the mud. Thanks to the Ford Maverick, Granger can redo the video and just throw the Maverick in it. Listen, I’m a Ford guy, and they are just the first of the companies to come out with the new “city truck,” but the branding sucks. If you want, you can put a singular bike in the bed with a bike rack. They also advertise a bed divider, but what the fuck reason would you have to divide the bed? Maybe if you had a water bottle that you didn’t want to roll around, it would be helpful, but nothing else will physically fit.

           Why do I like the truck so much? It’ll give plenty of people plenty of reasons to laugh at city boys. I can already see me having a conversation with one of these posers, saying, “Oh yea, I just got me a pickup, that new Maverick. I always wanted a truck but never really needed one, but this one gets 40 mpg and can haul anything I really need it to.” Then I can respond with, “bud, my tires are bigger than your entire truck” or “it isn’t a pickup if it can fit in the bed of my pickup.” I don’t see the desire for these new tiny trucks. Hell, the new F-150 has that five-foot bed, and that’s so tiny that it can’t even hold a fishing pole or a pallet in it. What do people do with this little amount of space?

           I’m sure that these trucks will probably sell very well. I’m not exactly sure why they would, but they will. It does have an onboard generator which is pretty cool, but at the same time, Ford advertises that it’s really good for pumping up bike tires… that’s neat. It’s not good at being stylish either, it makes the Ranger look good, and until now, I thought the Ranger was as generic-looking as the color white. It shares the underpinnings of the Bronco Sport and the Escape, which are both true blueblood vehicles. It’s perfect, really, having a fake truck sharing a platform with the fake Bronco.

           As I said before, it’ll sell. I don’t know why anyone would want these things, but they start at just 20 grand, so it’s a cheap pickup. I’m sure you won’t be able to find one on the lot for under 25 grand, but that’s significantly cheaper than any larger trucks on the lot. Even before the CDC destroyed the American economy, you couldn’t find a new F-150 for under 40 grand, and a Super Duty was over 50 easily. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for, so if you work at, say, a flower shop, and want to move a singular flower at a time, then this truck is for you. Ford just had a disappointing upset in the Truck Brand Bracket you can see here. However, if you want to say buy a six-pack of beer, I wouldn’t try to haul it with the new Maverick.