Country DJ’s and Country Clubs? Why it Might Not Be So Bad…

Have you ever been to a club? Let’s be honest here, we all are supposed to hate clubs. The beer is overpriced, the music sucks, and it’s overcrowded and not fun. However, there is one undeniable thing, if you go to the right one, the girls are Fuego. I understand that square dance bars exist, and if anyone has ever seen “Urban Cowboy,” you know that they can be a good time. However, I was at a city boy club, pre-Covid, of course, and I realized we need a country version of this. It isn’t a bonfire on a Friday night, but hell, once in a while, rednecks just want to turn it up, but they don’t want to hear Hannah Montana cranking. Why can’t I want to hear a band like Alabama, but just remixed a little and turned up. Is it sacrilegious? Sure, but I can’t be the only one who feels this way.
In fact, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way; Jason Aldean also feels this way. He was the first artist that decided to bring a DJ on tour with him and let him rip it between sets. That DJ? Dee Jay Silver. Dee Jay Silver is incredible; he takes good music and adds that urban club vibe to it. I have to admit, I’ve heard some stuff that doesn’t slap, and it seems like he tries too hard, but usually, he hits it just right. Silver has a radio show on the weekend, but most people don’t listen to the radio anymore. For those people, like me, he has released music on iTunes. A few of his remixes that I have on my phone include “Dixieland Delight,” “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” and “Don’t Get Better Than This” by Alabama, Jake Owen, and LoCash in that order. Obviously, the Alabama one will be the most controversial. Still, as someone who isn’t a huge Alabama guy anyway, I feel like at least this puts Alabama in my ear.
What’s better, let an old artist’s music die, or live on as a remix with a pop track underneath it? That’s the debate. Some songs, such as “A Country Boy Will Survive” by Hank, shouldn’t be touched, in my opinion. I think this song will always survive as it is. However, other songs that might not have been as iconic, or maybe even died sooner than they deserved to, maybe a second life isn’t as bad. Just look at what Sam Hunt did with “There Stands the Glass,” a song from 1953 by Webb Pierce. Are people pissed off that Sam Hunt used that song in “Hard to Forget?” Absolutely? But did it give a song that is almost 70 years old a new life? It did. Personally, I hate the Sam Hunt song, but at the same time, I didn’t completely understand the hate that he got.
So all of that to say this, why not make a country club a thing? I know Nash Vegas has already started this, with bars like FGL House, but these clubs don’t play country music from what I’ve heard. I want to hear country music still when I go to a club; I just don’t want to hear slow depressing stuff. Why not play a song like “Riding Roads” by Dustin Lynch? It’s upbeat, it’s good, and I think it is a slight beat change from being a dance song. Pretty much any up-tempo Luke Bryan would also qualify for this. I think that there could be an opportunity to make this happen; it’ll just piss off a few fans along the way.
Once in a while, I want to roll up to a club, where the parking lot is full of pickup trucks. I want to walk in and order a bud light or whiskey and coke and not have to pay fifteen bucks for it. I want to be able to play pool, throw darts, or dance to something country. But I also want the music to be louder and more aggressive than “Chasing that Neon Rainbow.” I want to hear a DJ cutting it up on some Florida Georgia Line or Brantley Gilbert song. Will this ever happen? Who’s to say. But with the commercialism of Nashville over the past few years, why not give it a shot.
Now the biggest issue that I see with all this is that I don’t want city people pretending they are country. Don’t come in here and order your Miller High Life or your cocktail and wear a flannel shirt. That is the part of this idea I haven’t figured out yet and might be the weak point in this entire thing. Maybe the price of admission is shotgunning a beer? Maybe you have to take a swig of moonshine? I don’t know, but I definitely think that actual country folks could be down for this idea, and even though they won’t admit it, I think it would be successful.