Why You Need to Add Drew Green to Your Playlist

Something new that we wanted to start in 2022 was to promote artists that are up and coming or underappreciated. We are doing this because there are a lot of talented folks out there that don’t get the radio airplay they deserve. It might be because they have to “unique” of a sound, to “country” of a sound, or they don’t sound like Sam Hunt. Saying all that, here is the first artist of the year!

If you know anything about this guy, you’ve probably heard this before… Skeeeeeeewwwwww!!! First off, if you’ve never been drunk and yelled that, try it. Drew Green, the guy who made it up, is up. The thing that I like about Green is that he isn’t trying to sell himself as the next George Strait. He makes the music he likes based on his influences, which include country but also other genres. That might make his songs less Johnny Cash and more Dr. Dre sometimes, but there’s plenty of room for that. His lyrics are redneck. Most of them are about working all day and partying all night, his roots in Tennessee, or the classic love songs. His modern-day comparison would be Florida Georgia Line.

Drew Green had a unique road to where he is now. One night, at a local bar he was playing a few cover songs. What he didn’t know was that the owner of the world-famous “Tootsies Bar” was in the crowd. The next thing Green knew, he was a house singer in Nashville while finishing up school. When Green graduated college he got an “adult job” at a bank job and left “Tootsies.” That was the end of his dream though, as upon getting a promotion, he said fuck it, and moved to Nashville full time. Then he got his job back at “Tootsies” and continued his dream of being a songwriter.

After grinding for five years, Green finally got his lucky break. He got his first major cut, the song “Colorado” on Florida Georgia Line’s “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country” album. As a result of this, he signed with Cornman Music on a publishing deal. This helped solidify his decision to dedicate his life to country music as the right one. But that is far from where his story ends, in fact, it is just the beginning.

In June 2020, he signed a deal with Sony Music Nashville. If your wondering why you’ve heard of Sony but don’t know why, let me name some of Green’s label mates. You might have listened to Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, Kane Brown, Brad Paisley, or Chris Young before? They are all on Sony.

Being on Sony has led Green to release a few singles so far as an artist himself, and where we are today in his young career. In 2020 Green released “Dirt Boy Volume 1” featuring the song “Little More Be Alright.” That EP was followed up with its successor, “Dirt Boy Volume 2” in October 2021. This song features the single “Hooch.”

Want to see Green on tour? Click here! At the time of writing this he just wrapped up opening up for Mitchell Tenpenny, but more dates should be here soon!

Still not sold on this guy? I challenge you to listen to some of my favorite songs he’s released. “Woods” on “Vol. 1” was the first song that hooked me. It’s super hip-hop, but it spoke to a life that a lot of us have lived. Then follow that up with “Dirty Money,” a song where Green raps in parts. Next on “Vol. 2” give “Get Up and Get It,” and “Hooch” a chance. Green has not released a bad song yet. These songs are the best example of what makes Green and unique in 2022. If you want to know what else we’ve said about Green in the past, click here!