Texas Country Music Artist of the Year Award 2022

From north of the border to about as far as you can go south, we are ready to hand out our Texas country music artists of the year awards! Like the Canadian awards, the Texas awards are based on the Texas charts. As a result of this, Parker McCollum, Cody Johnson, and Granger Smith aren’t going to qualify for these awards. Don’t worry though because plenty of names will be recognizable still. Aaron Watson, Cody Jinks, and the Josh Abbott Band are all among the list of nominees for the various awards.

Texas Group Artist of the Year

As mentioned before, the biggest name of these nominees outside of Texas is the Josh Abbott Band. They did a song with Carly Pearce a few years ago before she hit it big, which leaked out a little bit into the mainstream. The Randy Rogers Band is the second biggest group of the bunch. They actually have a bigger social media following than the Josh Abbott Band. The other two nominees are Darrin Morris Band and Mickey and the Motorcars. They are much smaller but still had big years in Texas last year. Now let’s see who won!

Darrin Morris Band

Josh Abbott Band

Mickey and the Motorcars

Randy Rogers Band

Congratulations to the Josh Abbott Band on winning this one! Last year the Josh Abbott Band had two number 1 songs, with “Settle Me Down” and “Real Damn Good.” At the end of last year, they released a new album “The Highway Kind,” so they likely won’t have another album this year. They are touring as well, although unfortunately they pretty much stay in the south. Congratulations to the Josh Abbott Band for winning the 2022 Texas Country Band of the Year Award.

Female Artist of the Year

Hands up, I do have to admit that I don’t know much about any of these artists. I did try to capture the top names in Texas music, and I hope that I did that for those who know better. I did find out during this process that Holly Tucker was on Team Blake in season 4 of the voice. She did very well and finished 6th overall. That season produced Danielle Bradberry and The Swon Brothers. The other three have been making waves in Texas, and the hard work has gotten them to this point.

Ariel Hutchines

Holly Tucker

Kylie Frey

Sarah Hobbs

There you have it, I apologize for not having more buildup, but you guys gave Holly Tucker the win. It might be because of “The Voice” appearance. It also might be that she is doing a great job building her career down south, but Holly Tucker takes the win.

Male Artist of the Year

The final artist of the year award is for the men. This one was last because it was the most competitive and features the biggest names. Aaron Watson has made a massive career for himself while also staying independent. Casey Donahew and Jon Wolfe have been grinding for a long time and it’s paying off. Cody Jinks has one of the biggest underground cult followings in the entire country as well. This was a fun one to follow.

Aaron Watson

Casey Donahew

Cody Jinks

Jon Wolfe

Ok well, it wasn’t as fun to watch as I expected. Aaron Watson dominated the category. Although he is murdering it in Texas, he likely benefited from his national success. You might remember a few years ago when “Outta Style” was all over the radio. 2022 should be another huge year for Watson as he will likely have a new album. The Texas continue eats his stuff up as well. Congratulations to Aaron Watson on winning the 2022 Beats Beer Bonfires Male Artist of the Year!