Top 10 Justin Moore Songs

Thursday Thoughts with the Boots & Whiskey Podcast

Hey everyone!  Welcome back to another Thursday Thoughts here with the Boots & Whiskey Podcast.  As I am sure you are well aware of by now, this week we had JR the Handler on our show.  For those of you who don’t know who JR is he is the tour manager for Justin Moore and the co-host of the Justin Moore Podcast.  It was a great conversation if you haven’t heard it yet, go listen to it after reading this article.

Naturally we are going to count down the Top 10 Best Justin Moore Songs to date.  Like all our lists, many have been left off, many could be in different places on the list, but at the end of the day, this is what I think…let me know what you think!

10 – We Didn’t Have Much

This song is an absolute classic.  It tells an incredible story that I think many of us can relate too.  I know I sure as hell can relate to this.  As a kid, we weren’t wealthy by any stretch.  We were a pay check to pay check family, but I always had what I needed.  I definitely had it all and we didn’t have much.

9 – Kinda Don’t Care

I love the sentiment of this song.  The idea of, well damn I have been doing all this shit I don’t want to do because I have to and you get the moment where you just don’t give a shit and do what you want to do.  Regardless of what you do, good or bad it doesn’t matter and you don’t care.  As adults with kids and jobs and such, I am sure we can all relate, right? 

8 – You Look Like I Need a Drink 

Damn, another JM classic right here.  We’ve all been here right?  That moment you’re trying to break up with someone or tell someone something you maybe don’t want too cause it’s going to hurt their feelings.  And all you can think is “You look like I need a drink.”  When you can sense bad news is coming and you just need that drink to ease whatever is about to come.

7 – With A Woman You Love

Well hell, this is my song to my wife for sure.  It took me a long time to get this one folks.  It’s not always perfect and it’s not always easy, but forever with her won’t be long enough that’s for sure.

6 – Bait a Hook

So I love this song even though the type of guy JM sings about in this song is not me, in the slightest.  I am maybe the most worthless male on the planet.  I own it.  It is what is is.  I am terrible at fishing; I don’t own a truck (yet) and can barely change a fucking tire.  BUT I think all of these things are important to know in life and well I don’t care that I am 35, I am learning still dammit! HAHA.  In today’s climate it’s important for men to strive to be men. 

5 – If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away 

This song hits me right in the feels.  I am sure it hits many of you too.  We all have those people we miss who have passed on.  This is on the list to the ones I miss and love.  Wish I could talk to ya’ll again.

4 – Airport Bar

This is just a fun ass song.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I love deep album cuts and I feel that this song is one of those for sure.

3 – Til My Last Day

This song needs no explanation, right?  Especially after number 7

2 – Jesus and Jack Daniels

I guess this is another deep track off the same album.  Definitley one of my favorite country songs of all time.  The imagery and story of this song is absolutely incredible and I am sure many can relate.  Turn this one up! 

1 – The One’s That Didn’t Make It Back Home 

This….this song is the song that made my oldest son fall in love with JM.  This song still makes me cry every time it comes on.  I don’t care how many times I hear it, I don’t care how old it is now, every time it comes on, the hair on my arms stands and I can feel the rush of grief come over me.  This may sound like terrible feelings but I assure you they aren’t.  It reminds me every time of the men and women and families who sacrifice so much for all of us here in this beautiful country of ours.  This song is for you.

Damn this was a hard list.  If I must say, my all time favorite album from JM and really in country music over the last ten plus years has to be ‘Late Nights and Longnecks’.  To me, every song on that album is a hit or at least should be.  I can’t put that album on and not listen to it straight through without skipping a single song.  

I missed some great songs on this list as well like one of my favorites ‘Hank It’.  It’s one of the best songs ever in honor of Bosephus himself.  

Cheers ya’ll

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10 Country Artists Who Like to Party

            Let’s fucking go. What country artist do you want to get fucked up with? In the past, it was well documented that artists had major drinking and drug problems. Today that doesn’t seem to be the case because of PR people and all that stuff. Still, I can’t imagine that there are no fun partying country people in 2022. Saying that these are the 10 artists that would be the most fun to party with. I don’t have much evidence, but based on what artists put out on the gram. Without further ado, here is the list.

10. Riley Green

Fuck Riley Green and how perfect he is. He’s attractive, has the voice of an angel, hunts, and has amazing flow. Why wouldn’t you want to go out on the town with him? He will get all the ladies coming in flocks, and guys, can we blame them? My man seems like he is always sipping on something. Also, the fact that he’s still single all points to a Riley Green being a fun ass night.

9. Luke Combs

 I don’t know if Luke Combs is rowdy or not. Based on his past teaming up with Upchurch, plus his ability to shotgun a beer, I would have to say he is. On top of this, he has a solid posse around him. His wife is hot as fuck and I’m sure she has friends that are equally as attractive. I imagine that after a good show he can get fucked up and have a good time.

8. The Tim Montana/Michael Ray crew

  A little less known than others, Tim Montana is hilarious. If you follow his Instagram, you would see he is hilarious and I imagine he would be any less fun in person. Scrolling through his page, you see many photos of the long hair wildman rocking Pit Vipers, or kissing another dude because he lost a bet. He might also be sitting in a bathtub playing with toy cars and drinking… a lot. He also has hung out with ZZ Top leadman Billy F. Gibbons, Kid Rock, and Michael Ray.

 Speaking of Michael Ray, I’m not sure when exactly I flipped my opinion on his music, but I’m happy I did. His first album was on the pop side of country music, but his newer stuff is fantastic. He has a little bit of image repair to do because of his early stuff, but I could see him being very popular in the future. These guys combined, along with the legends mentioned above would be an insane night.

7. Ryan Upchurch

 So I will say this with a little caveat. Church isn’t much of a drinker and I’m not much of a smoker, so our particular types of partying might not match up perfectly. Saying that though, I can’t imagine an “on night” of Upchurch wanting to throw down is beatable by much. My man pretty much calls his shot and grinds his way to whatever he wants. I want to be a part of that, whether it’s going down to Broadway in Nashville or having some of the boys over to the house for a wild night in.

6. Justin Moore

  Justin admits that he isn’t the wild partier that he used to be. Still, I can’t imagine that on the right night he doesn’t have it in him. My guy passed out one night after recording his podcast under his desk. He has many times had to apologize for being too drunk. Justin and his tour manager, JR, have often talked about nights after the show being hammered and calling legends like Brantley Gilbert, Tracey Lawrence, and more after a show. I wouldn’t expect to wake up in a ditch on a night out with Justin, but I don’t think their’s anything wrong with that.

5. Dustin Lynch

  Dustin is like Riley Green in terms of he’s a good-looking dude who can sing and all that crap that girls love. In the past, he has had a few smoke showgirls in his life, although he is single at the moment. He seems like a chameleon, and that’s why he ranks so much higher than Riley Green. My man has done it all. He’s partied on a yacht in Marina Del Rey and chainsawed and cut trees down on his farm. That’s the guy I want to chill with, the guy who has been everywhere. I met Dustin Lynch one time. His ability to make a 30-second conversation seem like he finds you interesting is incredible.

4. Buck Commander boys

You might be asking who exactly the Buck Commander boys are. That’s a valid question. Country artists Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Tyler Farr, plus baseball players Tombo Martin, Ryan Langerhans, Adam LaRoche, and who could forget Willie Robinson make up the squad. First off, these guys have the highest net worth of anyone on the list. This means the best alcohol, the coolest experience, and the nicest stuff. Saying that I do have a caveat to that. I only have these guys this high if we are at deer camp. That eliminates the huge mansions, the nice cars, and all that shit. It forces these guys to be boys and chill with the boys. On their TV show, I’ve seen them pull crazy pranks like destroy rental cars, and often wake up hungover to get out to the stands. It would be a shit ton of fun.

3. Kid Rock

This man doesn’t need much of a description, does he? He’s Kid Rock. My man has out-partied the number 1 partiers on this list. He also put one of them behind bars unintentionally. Every celebrity ever has a wild story about partying at his house, or him partying somewhere. The rapper gone rocker gone country singer is someone I would expect to wake up cuddled up to like a tiger or some shit like that after partying with for the night.

2. Hank Williams Jr.

 Similar to Kid Rock, I would expect to die after one night with Hank. I would expect to walk up to the man, be handed a bottle of whiskey, and then wake up the next morning not remembering a fucking thing. But man, what a great few minutes of pounding that whiskey it would be.

1. Morgan Wallen/Hardy/Ernest

  So the boys get to number one because this is a combination of people I could actually hang with, plus the fun factor. Morgan Wallen’s parting habits have been well documented over the past few years. To be honest I don’t think he’s changed much since all the backlash, which is perfect. Hardy was arrested for smashing car windows not all that long ago. Ernest is out and about about his drugs and drinking habits. On the Theo Von podcast, “This Past Weekend,” he talked about how he spent most of the time hungover on the couch while the other two wrote “More than my Hometown.”

  I feel like most people would be in the same boat as me that these guys are the “party guys” on the current generation of country stars. Florida Georgia Line were the guys before, but since being wifed up they seem to have calmed down a little. I imagine these guys are fucking reckless, and will likely get you either arrested or very close to it.


New Music Roundup

           Due to Covid, 2020 pretty much didn’t see any music released. Artists like Hardy still pushed an album out, and other artists like Dustin Lynch released music right before the pandemic that pretty much was just lost. 2021 has been the complete opposite, as everyone seemingly everyone has released new music. Alan Jackson, Chris Young, Clay Walker, Florida Georgia Line are among dozens of artists with new albums this year. The end of 2021 and 2022 will continue to see that trend, with many artists releasing new singles from upcoming albums. With that being said, let’s look at artists that should be releasing music within the next few months.

Brantley Gilbert 

           Sitting on his latest single, “Worst Country Song of All Time,” Brantley, Hardy, and Toby Keith are grinding up the charts as we speak. The single is the first off his upcoming project, and hopefully, we see it by the end of the year. “Fire and Brimstone” will be two years old in October, a good indication that it will be replaced with fresh music very soon. “Brimstone” didn’t reach the level of success of some of Brantley’s past albums, with songs like “Fire’s Up” not making it past the mid-’40s and “Hard Day’s” dying in the high 20’s. It did breed “What Happens in a Small Town” being a number one, but that song won’t go down as a favorite of Brantley Gilbert’s biggest fans. 

           I’m not sure if Brantley will still try for radio success or if he might transition to just making music for his fans. I’d like to see him go back to his rock roots a little more, making music that sounds closer to Lynyrd Skynyrd than George Strait is his bread and butter. I’ll always buy his shit, though, so I’m excited to see what happens with his next album whenever it comes out. 

Cody Johnson

           October 8th is the day! “Human: The Double Album” will finally be released. To date, nine songs from the album have already been released, ranging from classic Cody Johnson jams such as “Til You Can’t” to slower, more meaningful songs like “God Bless the Boy.” It also features the legend Willie Nelson on “Sad Songs and Waltzes.” Like Brantley Gilbert, Cody’s last album “Ain’t Nothin’ to It” came out in 2019 and spawned three singles, with “On My Way to You” reaching the low teens, “Nothin’ on You” and “Dear Rodeo” both dying in the ’40s. 

           Like Brantley Gilbert, Cody Johnson isn’t out there trying to make radio country music. If Gilbert is Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnson is George Strait. He makes very traditional country music, proudly repping his Texas roots and mixing traditional country sounds with modern-day storylines and relatability. I would argue that Johnson is the most underrated artist in modern music. Hopefully, “Human” can be Cody’s huge radio breakthrough, and he can start country music’s renaissance. Still, even if not, it will be a fantastic album that his fans will truly enjoy.   

Cole Swindell

           Cole Swindell, for me, is something of a guilty pleasure. I admit that he is basically just a Jr. version of Luke Bryan, but I just like the guy for some reason. I get excited when he releases new music, and a new album has to be coming soon. “Single Saturday Night” finally topped the charts recently, after about a year and a half. His new single is “Some Habits,” a slow ballet where he talks about how some habits can’t change from being single to being in a relationship. It’s a good song, not my favorite, but it seems like it’s trying to be the opposite of “Break Up in the End.” Two singles recently usually mean that an album is on the way. I’m willing to bet early quarter one of 2022 will be the release of it. 

Dierks Bentley 

           This will be an interesting case; what will Dierks Bentley do with his new album? He basically is on record saying that he released “Gone” to stay relevant in these weird musical times. “Beers On Me” is his current single, featuring Hardy and Breland, and will probably make its way to the top of the charts. What makes this interesting is that I don’t think Dierks cares to release a radio country-friendly album; I think he wants to do another bluegrass album. He released the live album “Live from Telluride,” which features “Pride (In the Name of Love),” which he does as bluegrass. 

           “The Mountain” was released way back in 2018, so Dierks is due for a new album. With his second single climbing, I would expect any day for a preorder to come up. I just hope that he makes the album he wants, not the one that the record label tells him to make. Dierks Bentley has grinded to being one of the top names in country music very quietly. I think Dierks will fade much better than artists like Luke Bryan will; he makes more timeless music that mixes relevancy and reflection of who Dierks really is. 


           Hardy is about to change country music. 33 artists, 14 songs, 14 weeks, one album. Mixtape Vol. 2 is here. Almost every artist who is remotely relevant is on this album. Highlighted by Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore, Dierks Bentley, David Lee Murphy, Jon Pardi, and of course Ernest and Morgan Wallen, this album is going to be fucking insane. Hardy is literally taking over country music right now. My man has fifteen songs on country radio that he wrote, two features with Dierks and Brantley, and his own single climbing. He writes everything for everyone. 

           Hardy has to be on cloud nine right now. He recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Caleigh. He is opening for Jason Aldean on his “Back in the Saddle” tour, and everything he touches turns to gold. I don’t think he’s going to slow down either in 2022, as he will get his second number one with “Give Heaven Some Hell” and hopefully a third with another song off “A Rock.” 

Jason Aldean

           “If I Didn’t Love You” with Carrie Underwood is going to be a smash. Aldean knows that he can pretty much release anything and have it be a number one, but he also knows what his fans want. He usually stays in his lane with a big guitar sound and rocking songs. I would expect more of the same on this next album. The next album will also be his tenth career album, a massive accomplishment for the artist of the decade for the 2010s. I think the artists that came out in the late 2000s are doing something cool and teaming up a little bit more. Aldean, Underwood, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert are all a part of that generation who know they are the cream of the crop and taking advantage as they know their best days are probably behind them. 

Justin Moore

           2021 will go down as a massive year for Justin Moore. He now has ten career number ones as “We Didn’t Have Much” topped the charts. He released “Straight Outta the Country,” an absolute smash record, even if the numbers don’t necessarily back that. He already announced a new single from a new album that will probably drop in 2022 as well. Moore is touring arenas right now all over the country. While I don’t see him jumping up to the level of popularity as Luke Bryan, I think he has a chance to have even longer-term success if he stays in his lane and keeps doing what he’s doing right now. I could see him going down as someone on the same level as Tracy Lawrence, someone who had an excellent career with a few all-time great songs but maybe overshadowed by George Strait and Alan Jackson for most of his career. He just got onto “Mixtape Vol. 2” with Hardy, which speaks to the state of his career right now as well. He can be the “country guy” in a time where pop is ruling the country airwaves. 

Thomas Rhett

           Another guy with a double album on the way, Rhett, released “Country Again (Side A)” was released early in the summer. He hinted that “Side B” will be out before the end of the year, and “Redneck Be Like” has been released as a single. “Side A” was his best album ever, so hopefully, “Side B” is more of the same. “Be Like” is much poppier than anything on the first side, but if you can get over the fact that it isn’t the next great country song, it’s actually fun to listen to. I think “Side B” will produce more great music, and Thomas Rhett might be angling himself to be one of the faces of country music for a long time with Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs. 


10 Artists Upchurch Should Team Up With

Obviously, it’s been no secret that Upchurch has made it his life mission to take down mainstream country. However, he had massive success teaming up with a country legend in Clay Walker. This got me thinking, who are other artists that Upchurch could team up with that would not only benefit him, but benefit both artists? I tried to pick artists who are wild cards or outlaws. Artists who failed at making it into the traditional country mold or have similar followings to Upchurch. Here are my picks.

10. Tyler Farr

            Tyler Farr came on strong, with “Redneck Crazy,” “Whiskey in My Water,” and “A Guy Walks into a Bar.” Then his career sort of went the wrong direction, and he hasn’t had a hit since. The thing with Farr though is that despite not having radio success in almost ten years, he still is relatively relevant. Currently he is on Night Train Records, Jason Aldean’s label under the Broken Bow umbrella. That might stop this from ever happening, but let’s look at why it could be good.

            Tyler Farr already has appeared on multiple songs with Colt Ford. “Chicks, Trucks, Beer” was on his first album, and “My Truck” was on Colt Ford’s “Love Hope Faith” album. Upchurch is definitely a less PC version of Ford, so it would be a step further than that sort of clean rap, but instead of fighting to be relevant to an entire country maybe try to become relevant in a new lane. Tyler Farr has always come across to me as a real redneck, so why not join Upchurch and appeal to that crowd?

9. Trey Lewis

            Anyone ever hear of “Dicked Down in Dallas?” Listen, if Trey Lewis can turn his success from this song into long term radio success, then good for him. But there isn’t much precedent for viral songs like this to the artist into radio success long term, but never say never. However, if Trey Lewis doesn’t make it on radio, why not dip back into what made him famous? Lewis and Upchurch in a room together could lead to hilarious music. “Dallas” will make Lewis have a career in music forever if he wants it, but I think aligning with underground country rap would help him with peak popularity.

8. Florida Georgia Line

            This will probably never happen, just saying it up front. However, the band that lead Nelly to put out a “country” EP could lead the charge in bringing country rap truly mainstream. I also think there’s a chance that Upchurch wouldn’t want to work with FGL, so that dynamic would be interesting, but I think they could make some magic. Imagine the heat that Upchurch could bring to “Cruise” if he was on it instead of Nelly. Just let that set in. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think this would be a sick combo.

7. Trace Adkins

            If it wasn’t for his newest album, Trace wouldn’t be on the list. However, since then he has released music with both Pitbull and Snoop Dogg. Trace has been a polarizing figure in country music for much of his career, but I don’t think he really gives a shit. “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” is a song that will forever live in infamy as one of the weirdest jams in country music history. What does Trace have to lose by teaming with Upchurch?

            It would actually be perfect. Upchurch would gain because he would get another legit huge name on one of his songs. Although it isn’t Alan Jackson like he might prefer, Trace is a respected name that never really had his “countryness” doubted. It might be worth it for the two to go in together on a song.

6. Josh Thompson

            Thompson never really had radio success as an artist, but for anyone who knows his music, its fucking fantastic. I honestly think of him as Morgan Wallen, just ten years to early. After trying hard and being disrespected, he gave up and went into song writing. Recent songs to his credit include “One Margarita” “Drowns the Whiskey” “I’ll Name the Dogs” and “Ain’t Always the Cowboy” among many other hits. I think that he could write a good ole hit with Upchurch, something that mixes “Black Sheep” with some of his more country songs. Josh Thompson isn’t the household name that some of the other people on the list are, but I think the quality of this song would be better than anyone.

5. Kid Rock

            This is where the list turns into artists, I think who would be cool to team with Church to artists that I actually could see making it happen. Imagine the guy who helped get Morgan Wallen in trouble one time teaming with the guy who publicly said the Morgan Wallen drama was a bunch of bullshit. The guy who has been in trouble with the media at least 1,000 times, yet still has one of the best bars in the entire city of Nashville. The guy has a song called “Bawitdaba” where the first minute and a half he just yells his name. He also did the exact same thing Church did, going from rap to rock to country. He had a few hits like “All Summer Long” and “Picture.” I think a night of Upchurch and Kid Rock together would be great for Instagram as well. I think the rap song that would come out of these guys coming together would be fucking amazing.

4. Wheeler Walker Jr.

            This combination would be absolutely electric. The guy behind the songs, “Fuck You Bitch,” “Drop ‘Em Out” and “Eatin’ Pussy/Kickin’ Ass” combining with the guy behind songs like “Rolling Stoned.” I can only imagine what type of music would come out of these two smoking a bunch of weed and writing together. Wheeler Walker hasn’t had music out in a few years now, and, his next album will probably get him canceled the day its released, but it’ll be fantastic. The best thing about these guys is that they don’t give a shit about cancel culture. They aren’t trying to be offensive to anyone, but they don’t have a filter either and will say exactly what they feel. They are almost uncancelable however because of that, they are just going to keep coming back.

3. Craig Campbell

            I really think this is going to happen, and I think I created this if it does. Craig Campbell is the definition of having bad luck in his music career, yet he has managed to stay relevant because of his talent. His song “Keep them Kisses Coming” was on its way to #1 when his record label abruptly closed, and the song dropped off the chart. A few years later he released “Outskirts of Heaven” which was easily the best song of 2016, yet the radio deemed it “to country” and it didn’t gain radio traction.

            Backed by a new investor, Campbell has the freedom to pave his own career path. His new song “Never Mine” was sent to radio, but unfortunately since radio is just a bullshit record label game, it probably won’t get the airtime it deserves. Recently, Campbell teamed with Cypress Spring and Demun Jones on the song “Take Me Back” which is a fantastic country rap song. Campbell has done a number of other features on underground artists like Kristen Kelly and Justin Lee Partin.

            So why should an Upchurch combo come as a result of this? Upchurch recently teamed with another artist that feels like he is similar to Campbell at this stage of his career in Clay Walker. Walker had a few number ones in the 90s, and has had a fantastic career, but his newer music doesn’t sell the same as it did in his prime. I think Campbell also matches this and is a big enough name that it would bring attention to Upchurch’s music. Both artists could receive bumps from teaming up, plus I think the song that would come out of it would be fantastic.

2. Brantley Gilbert

            I don’t want a Church/Gilbert country song. Give me a Creeker 3 hard core rock song from these guys. Let’s be honest, no one turns to Gilbert to get a fix of traditional country music, we listen to him because he’s modern-day southern rock. I want to see the two guys just absolutely tear it up. Unfortunately, this will never happen, because of one name, Big Machine Records. Big Machine will never let Brantley do music with the guy who is trying to take them down, so this will have to be a dream that stays just that. If you want to get a fix of what it might sounds like, just play “Read Me My Rights” and “Hillbilly Psycho” at the same time, and then imagine a crossover.

1. Justin Moore

            This one was easy and let me spoil it by just repeating Big Machine Records with Justin as I did Brantley. But damn the song would be amazing. Upchurch regularly names Justin in his songs, “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” comes to mind. I think the fanbases between the two are very similar, so it would produce good numbers. Justin is only thirty-seven, so he probably has at least another eight years of relevance, but eventually the radio will move on. This could be a cash cow for Justin, turning into the biggest name that is willing to work with country rap artists. It makes a lot of sense for the two to come together, but unfortunately, like Gilbert, it’ll be a long time if it ever happens. If you want to hear this combo together, listen to “Black Sheep” with “Jesus and Jack Daniels.”


The Best Mullet in Country Music Bracket Results

           First off, thank you all for voting. Round one of this bracket saw something like 50 people vote per poll, and by the end, over 80 people had voted per poll. Listen, 80 isn’t a lot, and I understand that, but it’s a start, and I truly am thankful for everyone who takes time out of their busy day just to vote. With that being said, here is how each round went. Who do you think has the best mullet in country music?

Round 1

Ricky Skaggs 56%  vs. Hardy 44%

Riley Green 81% vs. Justin Moore 19%

Joe Dirt 42% vs. Tracey Lawrence 58%

Joe Diffie 75% vs. Billy Ray Cyrus 25%

Travis Tritt 62% vs. Blake Shelton 38%

Marty Stuart 53% vs. Jade Eagleson 47%

Alan Jackson 92% vs. Theo Von 8%

Ernest 8% vs. Morgan Wallen 92%

Takeaway: I would say that six of them went how I expected out of the eight matchups, and one of them I wasn’t really surprised by. I agreed with and voted for Joe Diffie to beat Billy Ray Cyrus, but I expected Billy Ray to make it more interesting than he did. When I asked people for opinions, Billy Ray and Morgan Wallen were the two most popular names I got. Maybe it’s just a result of my following that people picked the true country singer over the pop-country cross-over, but the 75-25 breakdown shocked me.

Also, shout out to Ernest for voting on the poll. If you noticed, he only got 8% of the votes over his boy Morgan Wallen, but he voted for himself over Morgan Wallen, which he was one of only three to do that. He also voted for Theo Von over Alan Jackson, which might be a homer vote because the two are friends but put him on the wrong end of the two worst votes in the round. Despite that, I appreciate the effort and attention from Ernest.

Round 2

Alan Jackson 70% vs. Riley Green 30%

Morgan Wallen 85% vs. Ricky Skaggs 15%

Joe Diffie 87% vs. Marty Stuart 13%

Travis Tritt 53% vs. Tracey Lawrence 47%

Another round of minimal surprises, in my opinion. Riley Green getting 30% of the vote was a pleasant surprise since I figured Alan Jackson would totally dismantle him. Also, Tracey Lawrence was ahead of Travis Tritt for probably 20 out of the 24 hours possible, but in the end, Tritt was able to take the lead and move on.

Round 3

Morgan Wallen 61% vs Joe Diffie 39%

Travis Tritt 23% vs. Alan Jackson 77%  

      I’m not really surprised by either of these, but I will say that I thought that Joe Diffie would’ve beat Morgan Wallen out. Personally, I voted for Wallen; if we are talking mullet for mullet, he is famous for it and deserves to go rounds due to that. That brings us to an exciting finale, between the biggest name in country music of the 2020s and the biggest artist of the 1990s (in my opinion.)

Round 4

Morgan Wallen 29% vs. Alan Jackson 71%

           Is anyone shocked by this result? I expected it to be a little closer of a result, but overall I would’ve bet money on Alan Jackson winning. That will unfortunately wrap up the end of the mullet bracket. IF you want to read something else like this, HERE is the barfight bracket I did last month. What should be next? DM me suggestions and let’s get this deal rocking!


Brian Dozier is a Country Star

            If you don’t know Brian Dozier, you don’t know baseball, this isn’t the article for you. If that’s the case, click here and go back to the home page. This week on “The Justin Moore Podcast,” JR and Justin Moore hosted Jameson Rodgers, an up-and-coming singer who has a number one with “Some Girls” and the rising hit “Cold Beer Calling My Name.” Jameson is an interesting guy; he talked about playing baseball and his time as Southern Miss. However, one huge thing jumped out at me, his relationship with one of my favorite baseball players Brian Dozier.

           For those who don’t know, Dozier was a primer star of the Twins in the 2010s and helped fill the void of Joe Mauer’s struggles and injuries at the end of his career. He was an All-Star in 2015 with the Minnesota Twins and won a World Series in 2019 with the Nationals. He never really hit for average, his career average was .244, but he had a five-year run with the Twins where he hit at least 20 home runs before being traded to the Dodgers. Dozier never had the best stats, but he always played hard and earned the respect of everyone in the MLB. I had the privilege of interacting with him when the Twins were playing the Red Sox at Fenway. I was a few rows back with my girlfriend from the field on the Twins dugout side, wearing a Joe Mauer jersey (my all-time favorite player.) Dozier and Torii Hunter both happened to walk by, and both signed a hat I was wearing. They were extremely friendly, and for a player in the twilight of his career, and one at the height of his popularity to come over and talk for a minute left a significant impression.

           Jameson had a much more intimate relationship with Dozier; in fact, he lived with him. Brian Dozier grew up in Fulton, Mississippi, and went to Southern Mississippi for college. He was a star there and went on to be drafted in 2009 by the Twins. Jameson Rodgers got the chance to live with a bunch of baseball guys because he was a baseball guy himself, playing in junior college. One of his teammates and friends went to Southern Miss, and when Rodgers transferred there, he was allowed to live with the baseball guys, and the rest was history. In fact, Brian Dozier played lead guitar in a college band with Rodgers! Who knew that Dozier was such a multitalented guy.

           Brian Dozier went on to play for the Padres and Mets following his world title with Washington, but he unfortunately never really caught on with either club and was released. He retired in February of 2021. Dozier didn’t have a long career as he played professionally for just nine years, but he really did everything someone can do in a professional career. Now it might be time for Dozier to start a new career. He is just 33 years old and already has band experience, so it might be time for him to move to Nashville and join Rodgers’s band. I would love to be a fly on the wall for some of the parties at Southern Mississippi, and I wonder what the other guys who lived with Jameson and Brian are doing because they were surrounded by talent. But for now, here is a highlight package of Brian Dozer hitting bombs!


Justin Moore Releases “Straight Outta the Country” and We Reviewed (and loved) It

           First off, let me just say that I’m so fucking hyped for this album. My new best friend and (not to flex) but Justin Moore’s tour manager, JR, keeps saying that if this isn’t my new favorite Justin Moore album, then I need to message him. JR, we both know that I’m stupid enough to do anything with a few beers in me. With that being said, I will be typing this article live as I hear the songs for the first time. Going into the album, the smash hit “We Didn’t Have Much” and “She Ain’t Mine No More” have already been released, along with an acoustic version of “We Didn’t Have Much.” That leaves just five songs to be released at midnight on April 23rd. “Consecutive Days Alive” was performed on the Livestream from April 17th, so I have heard it, but not the studio version, just the live version. The song that excites me the most is the cover track “Straight Outta the Country,” written by Hardy.

A Hardy-written Justin Moore song might be the dream song for me, but I suppose we will find out at midnight. No pressure, but if this song disappoints me, I might plunge into a depression that I will never recover from. My favorite artist and my favorite songwriter teaming up and failing might just be the biggest lie I’ve felt in my life. The remaining songs include “Hearing Things,” “More Than Me,” and “You Keep Getting Me Drunk.” Without further a due, here is my official review of “Straight Outta The Country.”

Hearing Things

           Based on titles alone, I wasn’t very excited for this song. I’m not sure why I doubt Justin sometimes, but I always do, and he always makes me look like a fool. “Hearing Things” reminds me a lot of “Country Again” by Thomas Rhett because it’s about how Moore moves to a city and fucking hates it but is doing it for the money.

“‘Cause I’m losing mine, I think I’m going crazy, hearing things in my head life.

 Truck tires rolling on a gravel road, AM static on the radio

 Pine trees swinging and singing when the wind blows, I swear I’m hearing things like

 Muddy water rippling on the riverbank, the lonesome whistle of a midnight train

 It sounds crazy, I know, but I’m hearing things, and they’re calling me home”

           It’s the idea that although the city has more money, it isn’t worth giving up the lifestyle that country folk know and love. This is a roll the windows down and feel-good song. If you are driving past a farm, let the smell of cow shit fill the cab of your pickup. It is a song that says summer, and it’s a great kickoff to a great album.

Consecutive Days Alive

           As I had mentioned, I had already heard this song on the Livestream Justin Moore did a few weeks ago. Like “She Ain’t Mine No More,” this song is a song that I didn’t really love until I heard it in the collection of songs. But damn, I love it. This song, to me, sounds like it might be the radio follow-up to “We Didn’t Have Much” if this short album gets another single. The song is essentially a song saying that Moore has lived a life, taken many risks, done stuff he might not be proud of. Still, he is just happy to break his record for consecutive days alive at the end of the day—two songs in and two fantastic new songs.

We Didn’t Have Much

           This is the current radio single, sitting in the low twenties on the radio chart when I wrote this. It’s a very nostalgic song, talking about how simple life was when he didn’t have much. It then talks about how he realized that he loved the simplicity that he didn’t think he loved when he went off to try to get more money and improve his life. It’s a song about enjoying what you have despite your financial standing because the grass isn’t always greener.

She Ain’t Mine No More.

           An excellent old Justin Moore heartbreak song. What would a Justin Moore album be without a heartbreak song? As mentioned just a few songs ago, I wasn’t a massive fan of this song as a teaser, but now that I have the entire collection, it is growing on me. Moore sees his ex at a bar and very clearly isn’t over her, as seeing her triggers all these feelings of not having her anymore. However, it’s also clear that the girl is over him because she is partying it up and having a great time: a classic breakup song and another great one.

More Than Me

           This song is good; however, I admit that since I’m not a dad, I don’t feel like I’m the best person to review this song. I enjoy that it’s acoustic, and I think it’s a fucking great song to sing about kids. I do want to point out one little thing, is Justin Moore throwing some shade at his Razorbacks with the line, “Hope you get to see the hometown team win a little more than me?” We might be the first to call out the beef between the Arkansas Razorbacks and Justin Moore. Are you going to take that Sam Pitman? On a serious note, though, another great song, just one I don’t feel I can genuinely appreciate at this stage in my life.

Straight Outta the Country

           I have great news; I don’t have to do anything dramatic. I was so fucking nervous when I heard Justin Moore and Hardy had a song together. Obviously, it’s no secret Justin Moore is my favorite artist, and Hardy being my favorite writer/one of my favorite artists, it’s a combo I have wanted for a long time. “Straight Outta the Country” fucking slaps. It’s a bonfire song, it’s a song you jam to with the windows down, it’s a song you should always just listen to. To say it’s the best quality song on the album might not be fair, but it’s the best song that you want to crack a cold one to on a Friday night. Thank you, Hardy and Justin Moore, for putting out a song that I can listen to constantly on repeat forever. If anyone has an issue with it, they can go back to the city.

You Keep Getting Me Drunk

           For some reason, when I first heard this song, I didn’t think of this as a breakup song; I thought of it of it like an “I Can’t Love You Back” by Easton Corbin where the girl died. I don’t think this is the song’s meaning, but I got the feeling that the girl left more suddenly than a breakup. Then Moore just wanted to wake up and drink his feelings away because he didn’t get closure and never will. Again, this is probably not at all what Moore meant by this song. Still, the interpretation of it for me almost gives it another layer. A sadder song to finish off the album; it still is a great one.

           So that’s the “Straight Outta the Country” recap. It has seven great, really quality songs, plus an acoustic song. I wish Justin would put out another album with fifteen songs at once, but at the same time with “Late Nights and Longnecks,” and now this one, I’m wondering if these short and sweet albums improve the quality of the music. I mean, Luke Combs last album had twenty-three songs on it, and I have thirteen of them downloaded. Not to say the other ten are bad songs, but they just aren’t as good, in my opinion.

Justin Moore seems like he has found a formula that works. He has a few breakup songs, a few drinking songs, a few country anthems, and bam, that’s an album. Justin doesn’t need a bunch of shitty radio generic love songs; he doesn’t necessarily have something for everyone. I think Justin accepted that he isn’t going to catch George Strait for the most #1 songs of all time, so his attitude is fuck it, I’ll do what I want and be happy with my discography. For his fanbase, that is precisely what we want. Don’t lie to us, don’t give us shit, give us music that’ll make country artists from the 90’s proud.


Justin Moore has a New Album Coming, Plus Knows Our Website Exists!

Justin Moore and his cohost JR the Handler just dropped the biggest “Justin Moore Podcast” yet for personal reasons. At exactly 30 minutes, JR gives us a little shout-out and talks about an article I wrote ranking all of Justin Moore’s albums, which can be found here. The entire podcast will be posted below, and it’s worth a listen.

I also want to personally thank JR for being so supportive of our little website. We have had many little conversations on social media, and it has really been a driving force and motivation for me to keep going and expanding. None of the stuff we are trying to do here is easy. You don’t get a following overnight unless you have deep pockets, which we don’t, but when someone like JR talks about what you are doing, it makes you realize you are on the right track. As of the time I am writing this article, I have about 450 social media followers, which is less than the number of people who live in most country artists’ small towns, but just having that one person saying your name to thousands of country music fans is wild.

After this colossal thing happened, the duo went a step further and announced “Straight Outta the Country,” a new album. The album will be dropping on April 23rd and will feature eight tracks, including the single “We Didn’t Have Much.” At first, eight tracks don’t seem overwhelming, and honestly, I was a little disappointed that the album would be so short. However, Justin then dropped a little nugget that these eight songs might not be the only songs we will be getting this year. If we get, say, sixteen Justin Moore songs throughout 2021, that would be great. From the outside looking in, it seems like the covid pandemic didn’t affect when the new album dropped because he wasn’t due for one last year. However, I can’t help but feel a little bit frustrated because many other artists delayed albums till this year, which will saturate the market a little bit. Still, I am super pumped for the new music, and if it’s half as good as the last album, we are in for a treat.

Double albums seem to the trend right now, and the fact that Justin Moore is hopping on the trend solidifies that. Although Moore doesn’t really call it a double album or confirm it is a double album, it seems likely that this will be the case. Obviously, Morgan Wallen has shown that a double album can work. He released thirty songs back in January. Going into April, it is still the top-selling album on the planet. We have already seen Thomas Rhett announce “Country Again (Side A),” and last year, Granger Smith dropped “Country Things” in two parts. Chris Young has a double album coming as well. Now Justin Moore might be doing it next. I like this trend; when we get an album from a favorite artist, there comes a sadness level, knowing this might be it for a few years. However, in an era where we stream music instead of buying physical copies, why not release fewer songs every few months? The only thing that really screws this up is radio because it takes almost a year for a lot of songs to go number one, but besides that, I think this would be awesome.

So that was my morning. When you listen to a podcast, and you hear your own website’s name gets mentioned without warning, it’s a little bit of a pleasant surprise. Thank you, Justin Moore and JR, for the support, and hopefully, we can keep growing this thing to the level I believe it can reach! Also, remember, “Straight Outta the Country” is coming on April 23rd!