10 Songs by 10 Artist You Might Not Know, But Should

Looking for a new artist to jam to? Every week, iTunes gets flooded with hundreds of new artists releasing their debut music. Although it just isn’t possible to listen to everyone, I try to listen to a good variety. Some of these artists I just randomly found; others were promoted by other artists. Some of them are hit writers and are attempting to break into artistry. Without further ado, here are 10 songs, in no particular order, that you should listen to if you haven’t yet!

Hooch by Drew Green

What Do I Know by Robert Counts

Old School’s In by Heath Sanders

Burn ‘Em All by Kameron Marlowe

Bad Day to be a Beer by Walker Montgomery

Hot Beer by Dillion Carmicheal

Cheers by Ernest

Dicked Down in Dallas by Trey Lewis

Happy Ever After by Jon Langston

Here Goes Nothing by Muscadine Bloodline