Country 92.5 Concert for Kids is Here!

I’m so fucking pumped to be in the crowd for the annual Country 92.5 Concert for Kids tonight. The lineup is absolutely badass. The venue, Cadillac Ranch, is my favorite bar in all of Connecticut. Most importantly they have plenty of cold (insert beer brand) that will be flowing. For these charity events, such as this one that I attended a few weeks ago, they pack the shit out of the place. I’m not sure that the fire department would be happy with how many bodies are in the place, but its for kids so it doesn’t matter… right? Also, if any 5 of the artists in this article read this, shots on me after the show.

Anyway, the event is run like an authentic Nashville writer round. 4 artists are up on the stage at once, just a guitar and a mic. They each take turn singing one of their songs, and then move down the line. Generally, each artist will sing 3 songs. Obviously, this varies, but I expect this to be how it works tonight. Like I mentioned, the lineup is stacked. Connecticut local and stud Jordan Oaks is going to open the show. Last time I went the opener performed a full hour, so Jordan will have plenty of time to make an impression on the audience. After Jordan, Meghan Patrick, George Birge, Shane Profitt, and Russell Dickerson are the “headliners.” Each of these artists are stars, or will be stars of the genre very soon. Let’s set each of these artists up, and I’ll promote the shit out of them until they like Beats Beer Bonfires.

Jordan Oaks, the CT boy, is up first. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jordan before as he opened up for Brantley Gilbert a few months back. He went out on the stage and faced a few thousand people with just a guitar and his voice. He crushed. I quickly became a big fan of Jordan because of his set. Now it’s time for round two, and while the stage and audience might be smaller, the pressure of performing in front of the radio station surely won’t be any less. I expect Jordan to not only kill it but win a lot more fans over like he did to me last time I saw him.

Meghan Patrick might be the biggest name on the stage that no one has heard of. She is a superstar north of the boarder. For some reason though, American Radio doesn’t like to play the studs that come out of Canada. Hopefully Meghan can break that bad cycle. Meghan is a badass, half of her Instagram is dedicated to either hunting or shooting her bow. Get more girls like this on my radio and I’ll support the hell out of them every time. It’s worth noting that Meghan is married to a country music star, Mitchell Tenpenny. You might remember that my girlfriend actually met Mitchell in Nashville, when he was blackout drunk and she wasn’t to far behind. I’ve never seen Meghan live, and don’t know a ton about her music if I’m being honest, but I’m ready for the Cadillac Ranch to get rednecified when she takes the stage.

George Birge has been all over the map to get to this point. The Texan started his career with Waterloo Revival. They had mixed results over there time as a duo, but in 2021 George and his partner Cody Cooper decided to go different directions. George than struck gold, as he wrote a little parody song called “Beer Beer Truck Truck” based off a viral Instagram. The song caught fire, and George was on his way. Following that, George was apart of a duet with a moderately well-known artist named Nelly. The duo released a song called “Someone Somewhere” off of his Heartland album. Following that he released my personal favorite George Birge song, “That Drink” with the legendary Neal McCoy. Now George is working on his new single “Cowboys Talkin’” and I think it’s a smash. I’m excited to see what George performs tonight!

I’m a huge Shane Profitt guy. I honestly believe he slid right into the role Luke Combs left behind as the loveable deep voiced rednecky dude. Shane is only 22 years old, yet he has a top 20 country song with “How it Oughta Be” and its still rising. He has still yet to release a song I didn’t enjoy, but my favorite has to be “Country Boys.” I expect big things from Shane, and I expect him to be fantastic live. Let’s hope that we finally are getting a full album soon, and let’s see where Shane’s young career goes from here!

The “headliner” of the event is Russell Dickerson. Now I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest Russell Dickerson guy out there. Not to say I think he’s bad, he just tends to release a lot of love songs whereas those aren’t my cup of tea. That being said, I’m a sucker for an artist that can perform live. Russell is the definition of a grinder, and I respect the hell out of it. It took him a lot of work to go from opener for David Nail back in 2011 to being a major player in country music today. I’m sure I’ll sing every word of every song, and I’m sure I’ll be pleasantly surprised with Russell. Sidebar, I think he’s a hell of a dude. Everytime I hear an interview with him, he’s talking about how much he loves his wife and kids. I’ll never root against that guy.

Now that we are up to speed on the event, I have something to ask. We don’t want to be just another blog; we want to have fun with this thing. What should be include at the end of articles to make them better? Superlatives? Like who is the best drinker out of the group? (I’d bet George) Most likely to pay off your bar tab? (Russell) Should we do something else? Let us know! Also please don’t call me a hero, because i’m not… but I will be drinking a lot of beer tomorrow… for the kids ya no.