10 Songs by 10 Artist You Might Not Know, But Should

Looking for a new artist to jam to? Every week, iTunes gets flooded with hundreds of new artists releasing their debut music. Although it just isn’t possible to listen to everyone, I try to listen to a good variety. Some of these artists I just randomly found; others were promoted by other artists. Some of them are hit writers and are attempting to break into artistry. Without further ado, here are 10 songs, in no particular order, that you should listen to if you haven’t yet!

Hooch by Drew Green

What Do I Know by Robert Counts

Old School’s In by Heath Sanders

Burn ‘Em All by Kameron Marlowe

Bad Day to be a Beer by Walker Montgomery

Hot Beer by Dillion Carmicheal

Cheers by Ernest

Dicked Down in Dallas by Trey Lewis

Happy Ever After by Jon Langston

Here Goes Nothing by Muscadine Bloodline


Robert Counts is About To Tell You What He Knows, And You Should Listen

           Sony Music Nashville is on a roll right now. Their roster has some great artists such as Luke Combs, Chris Young, Brad Paisley, Tyler Booth, Jameson Rodgers, Drew Green, and Brooks and Dunn. All of these artists either are historically great or are up and coming. Still, either way, they have some bangers and are worth listening to. However, my current favorite jam isn’t by any of these artists.

           Robert Counts has been releasing music since 2019. I don’t know a lot about him, and I haven’t done a ton of research into him, but I know that he just released a massive banger. “What Do I Know” is the ultimate crank up your radio and cruise around song. If your pissed off, you will want to get in a fight. If you’re out working, you will instantly want to work way harder. If you don’t have a beer in your hand, it will magically appear. This song is a jam.

           What I didn’t know about this song was who wrote it. As soon as I heard the song, I loved it, but then I saw that it was being re-released with Hardy on it. Want a hit in 2021? Release a Hardy song. But anyway, I thought it was random that Hardy was being added for a duet, but then I learned he was a writer. Hardy owns me. If he played sports, I would have to buy his jersey and wear it all the time. If he wanted to fuck me in the ass, I would just have to take it like a little bitch. Anything that Hardy puts out, regardless of if I know it or not, I love it. It’s something about how he spins country life in a way that isn’t really being done much right now. All Hardy does is take a generic country phrase, twist it in a way that sounds and feels original. Then he adds a rock beat behind it, and bam, you have a country banger. It’s not complicated, but he just does it so well, and no one else even tries to replicate it.

           Anyway, this is a Robert Counts’ article, not a Hardy one. He certainly looks the part on his Instagram. He has a lot of pictures of him hunting and playing guitar. He seems to be interested in continuing a country-rock path, which is he keeps turning out songs like “What Do I Know” is a great thing for country music. I’m not sure where the song is on the charts, I think it would be a crime if it wasn’t on the radio, but it probably won’t be because it breaks the rules. Radio likes mid-tempo boring stuff, and this is upbeat. It says words such as “redneck” and relies on things that rednecks do and like for lyrics. I hope that I’m wrong, and I hope that this summer, my local radio station can stop playing “I Hope” long enough to squeeze in “What Do I Know.” But it won’t, and that’s why I will just have to turn my radio up louder; I’ll expose the song my way.

           If you’re a hillbilly, this is a must listen to song. It doesn’t really matter what version you listen to; with or without Hardy, the song is phenomenal. Also, check out the music video posted below. If you feel the need to have testosterone pumping through you, regardless of what gender you are, this does it. It makes you want to wrestle a bear or tell your boss to fuck himself, although I don’t think Robert Counts would suggest either of these actions. I can’t wait for a full EP now that Counts has found his footing a little more!