The Best Mullet in Country Music Bracket Results

           First off, thank you all for voting. Round one of this bracket saw something like 50 people vote per poll, and by the end, over 80 people had voted per poll. Listen, 80 isn’t a lot, and I understand that, but it’s a start, and I truly am thankful for everyone who takes time out of their busy day just to vote. With that being said, here is how each round went. Who do you think has the best mullet in country music?

Round 1

Ricky Skaggs 56%  vs. Hardy 44%

Riley Green 81% vs. Justin Moore 19%

Joe Dirt 42% vs. Tracey Lawrence 58%

Joe Diffie 75% vs. Billy Ray Cyrus 25%

Travis Tritt 62% vs. Blake Shelton 38%

Marty Stuart 53% vs. Jade Eagleson 47%

Alan Jackson 92% vs. Theo Von 8%

Ernest 8% vs. Morgan Wallen 92%

Takeaway: I would say that six of them went how I expected out of the eight matchups, and one of them I wasn’t really surprised by. I agreed with and voted for Joe Diffie to beat Billy Ray Cyrus, but I expected Billy Ray to make it more interesting than he did. When I asked people for opinions, Billy Ray and Morgan Wallen were the two most popular names I got. Maybe it’s just a result of my following that people picked the true country singer over the pop-country cross-over, but the 75-25 breakdown shocked me.

Also, shout out to Ernest for voting on the poll. If you noticed, he only got 8% of the votes over his boy Morgan Wallen, but he voted for himself over Morgan Wallen, which he was one of only three to do that. He also voted for Theo Von over Alan Jackson, which might be a homer vote because the two are friends but put him on the wrong end of the two worst votes in the round. Despite that, I appreciate the effort and attention from Ernest.

Round 2

Alan Jackson 70% vs. Riley Green 30%

Morgan Wallen 85% vs. Ricky Skaggs 15%

Joe Diffie 87% vs. Marty Stuart 13%

Travis Tritt 53% vs. Tracey Lawrence 47%

Another round of minimal surprises, in my opinion. Riley Green getting 30% of the vote was a pleasant surprise since I figured Alan Jackson would totally dismantle him. Also, Tracey Lawrence was ahead of Travis Tritt for probably 20 out of the 24 hours possible, but in the end, Tritt was able to take the lead and move on.

Round 3

Morgan Wallen 61% vs Joe Diffie 39%

Travis Tritt 23% vs. Alan Jackson 77%  

      I’m not really surprised by either of these, but I will say that I thought that Joe Diffie would’ve beat Morgan Wallen out. Personally, I voted for Wallen; if we are talking mullet for mullet, he is famous for it and deserves to go rounds due to that. That brings us to an exciting finale, between the biggest name in country music of the 2020s and the biggest artist of the 1990s (in my opinion.)

Round 4

Morgan Wallen 29% vs. Alan Jackson 71%

           Is anyone shocked by this result? I expected it to be a little closer of a result, but overall I would’ve bet money on Alan Jackson winning. That will unfortunately wrap up the end of the mullet bracket. IF you want to read something else like this, HERE is the barfight bracket I did last month. What should be next? DM me suggestions and let’s get this deal rocking!


The Guardians of Country Music Are Pissed

            The guardians of country music are pissed off, and they won’t let country music die any longer, well, at least without making an attempt to save it. Over the past year, multiple legends of the 1990s have released or announced new music. I can name Tracey Lawrence, Clay Walker, Travis Tritt, Clint Black, and the big one, Alan Jackson, off the top of my head. Jackson especially isn’t mincing words, as the album is called “Where Have You Gone” with a picture of him looking over Nashville on the cover. What did it take for this music to be released, though? Were artists just looking to pass the time in the pandemic? Or are they tired of hearing pop songs on country radio? Will any of this music actually make a difference, or will it be released and then sort of fade off into the distance? Let’s look a little deeper.

           Country music has always had a few different generations of superstars. The big names are Luke Combs, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, etc. There always is a place for a little bit of pop in-country; look at Billy Ray Cyrus and Shania Twain in the 90s. However, that’s the thing, there should be a little bit of pop in the country; right now, we have a little bit of country in pop. Right now, on country radio, we have four pop songs and an Eric Church song in the top five. That’s 20% of the top five that really belongs on country radio. It’s terrifying to think how far this problem has come; it isn’t just “Cruise” dominating the charts right now; it’s truly top to bottom filled with pop songs.

           Before, the current crop of superstars really were the artists of the 90s. The 2000s saw the rise of Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, and Tim McGraw. Still, besides that, it was sort of a transition between artists on the end of their commercial success like George Strait and the beginning of artists like Carrie Underwood’s career. We did see artists like Rascal Flatts start the pop trend, but they were really stand-alone at that time.

           This brings us to the big-name players of the 1990s. My favorite country music legend of all time is Alan Jackson, and he is releasing 21 new songs in just a few weeks. I think it will be a declaration of war on country radio. Although none of the songs will be number one, I’d be willing to bet that it will be the best collection of music we have seen in a long time. Alan Jackson doesn’t give a shit about mainstream, and he hasn’t for a long time. He was a part of “Murder on Music Row” with his buddy George Strait in the early 2000s, and maybe that song should make a resurgence. I can’t want to hear the album, and maybe for a minute, pretend that country music is alive and well, not on life support because of this terrible boyfriend country era we are in today.

           Travis Tritt is another monster name that released music this year. His new album “Set in Stone” is straight out of the 90s. The song “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That No More” is probably my favorite song on the album and is a song that throws major shade on new music. I do like the delivery, though. It doesn’t just sound like an old man saying, get off my lawn; it’s him saying music from artists like Merle Haggard will live on forever because it has soul. The entire album is fantastic, and it’s so fucking country it hurts.

           Clint Black released an album last year, “Out of Sane.” I admit I have never been the biggest Clint Black fan, but it’s a return to form for the artist. He admitted that he wanted to create a true Clint Black album that would fit in with his discography, not one that sells out to a pop sound. It does just that; if you were to put all of his music on shuffle, there’s no way you could pick out the songs from 2020 to 1990 if you didn’t know his music. Clay Walker has been in the news a little bit as well. He released the album “Long Live the Cowboy” in 2019, was on a song with Upchurch in 2020 called “A Little While,” and in 2021 is releasing another album, “Texas to Tennessee.” So far, the songs released from the new album are country to the bone. Tracey Lawrence is releasing three albums this year as part of a 30th-anniversary thing. He already released “Hindsight 2020, Vol 1” in April. The album features twelve songs, and although I haven’t gotten the chance to listen to it yet, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

           I hope that these aren’t the only artists that are pissed off right now. Brooks and Dunn haven’t come out with a new album in a long time, besides the tribute album they did. George Strait released “Honky Tonk Time Machine” in 2019, so we probably won’t get anything from the king anytime soon, but damn I want it. Joe Diffie passed away last year, but it would be amazing if he had a project in the works that could be released. Maybe a little something from John Michael Montgomery? Tracy Byrd? Let’s get the last great generation of artists into this. The music today is crap. Sam Hunt is a country music star, and he doesn’t even want to be. Rascal Flatts retired last year, and they are still being played. P!NK is on the damn chart, for crying out loud. Are we seriously saying that we have no place for Travis Tritt in country because P!NK and Justin Bieber are there? Get the fuck out of here, start putting good music on the radio and respect your listeners. The guardians of country music are angry, and they aren’t going to hide It anymore.